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  1. Anyone else old enough to remember 1987, and how we thankful that our 2023 Game 3 starter options are Ober, Ryan, and Maeda, and NOT Les Straker and Joe Niekro? In any case: Ryan starts Game 3; with Maeda close by should Ryan's short-leash require reeling in.
  2. Able to catch a few games of AK's at CHS Field. Even with their smaller spring crowds, hearing the ovations him and Jorge would get were always fun. And seeing him mash over the home run porch in right onto the roof is giving us visions of Jim Thome hitting the flagpole in right at Target Field!
  3. When Buxton is ready to play center again, Twins will have a right-handed DH or pinch-hitter off of the bench then.
  4. If the Twins' groundcrew could get away with it, they should hang this sign up all over the visitors' clubhouse and dugout next week when the Yankees are at Target Field.
  5. That had to be tough for Morneau to watch. Chisolm (edited: originally named Soler as the victim) sliding into second and taking a knee to the head... Flashbacks to 2010...
  6. May I add a couple? Both from 1991: - Mike Pagliarulo, Game 3 of the 1991 ALCS. Extra-innings to lead the Twins to a road victory over the Toronto Blue Jays, and retake the series lead 2-1. - Scott Leius, Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. First at-bat of the bottom of the 8th inning, tie game, pitcher's duel between Kevin Tapini and Tom Glavine. Glavine only gave up four hits all game; and the 4th was a game-winning homerun to the light-hitting Leius. Someone else mentioned Orlanda Cabrera's homerun from Game 163; a great inclusion. If the list was a Top 10, I think they'd be on there (nestled between a could of Killebrew's, I'm certain.)
  7. If the team on the field at CHS is not enough to keep us going back, the promos, theme games, and between-inning games will. Waiting for the next Bring Your Dog To The Park game, and Christmas in July!
  8. If MLB ever decides against allowing its players to participate in the World Baseball Classic against teams around the world, then they need to rename the World Series (which sees 29 teams from the United States of America and one Canadian team.)
  9. The Twins played in a very bad division in 1987; only one other team finished above .500 that season. If there was a Central division in 1987, Twins would have finished third behind Detroit and Milwaukee (an AL team back then.)
  10. I like to believe that history repeats itself; and the last time the Twins had a complete relaunch of their logos and uniforms was in the offseason before 1987... There was no social media then, but I'm sure there were many, many fans who were more upset at the Twins 16 year-playoff drought at that time than the new M logo at the time replacing the "TC" that the Twins had worn for a quarter-of-a-century at that time. Pass us the Kool-Aid, too. We've been sipping, but with Opening Day less than two weeks away, let's go ahead and chug now.
  11. I went to Anaheim last summer and sat in right field. Some Angels fan had the absolute worst heckling I've ever heard directed at Max. "Hey, Kepler! Watch out, they might hit the ball to you!" (Spoiler; the Angels did a couple of times, and Max caught them all.)
  12. If nothing else, I hope Miguel Cabrera gets the send-off he deserves as he makes the rounds for his final season. He was a Twin killer once-upon-a-time, and I have to believe he'll get some sort of farewell when the Tigers visit Target Field for the final time this season August 15-16.
  13. If the Twins carry the traditional five-man rotation, and there's only one off-day between the Season Opener and the Home Opener (that being the day after the Season Opener) then the #2 starter will open the season at home. But that also means then the Opening Day starter would not pitch against the reigning World Series champs (Astros) at home that first homestand (they'd pitch the lone night game against the White Sox.) So just some extra layers to work out.
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