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  1. I was actually at the last *two* Twins playoff wins. I was living in NYC 2003-2006, and went to game 1 of both of the 2003 and 2004 series.
  2. I switched to YouTube TV when it did carry the RSNs. After 2020, I watch wherever I could find the game (Fox, FS1, ESPN, Apple+, YouTube), and I have MLB.tv (as a STH and t-mobile customer). As a partial plan STH, I get to maybe 30-35 games/season in person. For all the rest, if I really want to see a game I'll go to a bar, or try to do a self imposed media blackout until I can watch on MLB.tv (annoying and inconvenient). I listen to the radio broadcast most of the time, though. MLB is losing fans and viewers and def not attracting new ones with this nonsense. They can't afford to do that for the long term health of the game.
  3. Thanks for doing this! I look forward to the virtual playoffs!
  4. Max Kepler vs Trevor Bauer again! Hopefully Bauer will pitch one of the Reds games.
  5. Thanks for doing this! It is a fun diversion along with the classic games airing on FSN. I opt for upgrading starting pitching, although if a good deal comes around to strengthen the bullpen, I'm all for it.
  6. I'm not a fan of AJ, mainly because I remember him trying to spike Justin Morneau on a play at first. Plus, he always hit well against us after he was traded. Best thing about AJ was the trade and all we got in return! I HATE the Yankees - pretty much all of them just because they are the Yankees. A-Rod was higher on my list than Jeter, although I agree Jeter was way overrated on defense. A-Rod always came off as such a jerk, and he has done nothing to change my mind since, despite his competence as an analyst. Check out a documentary I saw last fall on the whole steroid scandal (with A-Rod prominently featured) called Screwball. Highly entertaining!
  7. I vote for bringing up Rich Hill or Michael Pineda. I'd also like to send down Brett Rooker and bring back Jake Cave - if we can do both. Pitching is the top priority, though. I really miss baseball, so thanks for doing this sim!!
  8. My favorite memory was the ironing the shirt while wearing it incident. LEWWWWW!
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