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  1. I'd be there tomorrow, and wouldn't even think twice about it.
  2. With all due respect, Nick, I appreciate your right to voice your opinion, but I agree with the commenters who posted their thoughts that this isn't the forum for political discussions. Stepping over that line is a good way to lose readership in something you and your partners have worked hard to build.
  3. I am disappointed about giving up a live arm like Graterol, but trust that this is Falvey's "pitching guru" gene kicking in finding us the next Corey Kluber. Plus, it opens up a role in the pen for Fernando Romero to come in and prove his 100-mph fastball can be effective in the role we expected for Graterol. So in the end, I'll trust that this is a move by the FO to "go for it" in 2020.
  4. I like Donaldson as a player, but he has a bit of a reputation as being a PITA in the clubhouse. Atlanta reportedly had some issues with that early last year before a conversation between the manager and player got Donaldson to buy in and then they went on a run. Would he fit in this clubhouse?
  5. You make valid points on signing Odorizzi to a team-friendly extension now. I'm still in wait-and-see mode on Gibby.
  6. Neither of these trades make much sense to me. I'd have no problem giving up the four guys you mentioned in the first trade proposal, but I would rather offer that package for JT Realmuto than Greinke. The second one gives up two top-15 prospects and a solid starter prospect for a strikeout machine. No thanks. Plenty of those types of guys available on the FA market looking for a one-year deal.
  7. I just prefer to listen to Corey. Of course, I have to listen to Dan as part of the package, but his anecdotes and general smart-aleck attitude out weighs the "and we go to the ninth with the score the Twins 4 and the Indians 7" roughness.
  8. I hope this signals the end of Robbie Grossman in a Twins uniform.
  9. I know Joe hasn't turned out to be the HOFer we all hoped, but I think he still has gas in the tank and I'd love to see him return for 3 more years.
  10. We have to remember that he's just 25. He's just becoming a man, yet he's been a big-leaguer full-time for 3-4 years. I'm comfortable that he'll figure it out soon.
  11. So basically, what you're saying is that the Twins need to work on just a few key areas: outfielders, infielders, catchers, starters and relievers. If they can just get a few improvements in each of those few areas, they should be fine?
  12. Long home runs are fun, but meaningless. Remember Byung Ho or Kennys' epic blasts? Where are THEY now?
  13. It's hard to remember when Puck was so skinny (comparatively, that is).
  14. I was surprised to see him rate Balazovic so highly and Severino lower than I expected. However, a pretty rosy outlook quantity-wise, although not a huge amount of top-side quality.
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