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  1. He was already under under team control for all those years. So I wouldn't say it brings stability to the rotation. It just brings cost certainty. Which is good for them, in case he becomes a star. And good for him, if he flames out. Signing him now is just a gamble this price will become a bargain later. Which would be great. But the alternative was arbitration, not losing him.
  2. Super bargain fur the next Dallas Keuchel! And lifetime financial security for a guy two years from his first arbitration. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Now all that’s left is fur him to win the Cy Young award -- this year! Not a totally crazy sleeper pick, either, especially if Donaldson, Simmons and Buxton stay healthy. As a Twins fan, I am thrilled!
  3. I don't see why you would put a proven hitter like Arraez on the bench in favor of a AA player, no matter how talented he is. My opening day left fielder would be Arraez. And if not him then Rooker. People who say, If he was good enough to start a playoff game, how can you say he is not good enough to start in the majors, are actually making a case for Rooker, not Kiriloff. Who was considered farther along last year? Rooker. Who was promoted first? Rooker. Who has done more to demonstrate he can hit major league pitching? Rooker. Who would have started that playoff game if not for a fluke injury? Rooker. And who is playing better right now? Rooker. The last thing we need is to rush another highly hyped outfielder to the majors before he is ready. They did that with Gomez, Span, and Buxton, and it did all of them, and the Twins, a disservice. All three floundered for years because they were deprived of development time they needed. Gomez and Span both blossomed only after they left, and the same may still happen with Buxton. It won't kill Kiriloff to play in AAA a little. He might even learn something. And people seem to forget how good Rooker is. If it weren't for all the Kiriloff hype people would be really excited about him. Well I for one still am. And unlike with Kiriloff I am confident he is really ready. I would love to see him out the there in left field opening day, and I think it is insulting to suggest he didn't deserve it, or it is unfair to Kiriloff to play Rooker. Kiriloff will get his chance. But Rooker is older and more experienced and he can rake too. If it isn't Arraez, I hope to see Rooker out there on opening day.
  4. Yeah there is -- no one is on base. It's a wasted RBI opportunity.
  5. I still think he got promoted too soon. He should have worked out his issues with outside breaking balls in AAA. Then he would have been much more successful once he got to the show.
  6. Fascinating article! In particular that chart showing the curveball basically becoming the same as the slider I found to be very revealing. Yes, five pitches is not enough to project an entire season from. But diagnosing the problem is the key to solving it. And the fact that his slider is already coming in three miles per hour than it did last year inspires great confidence that he is on the right track. Most people just chalked up his problems last year to bad luck, but this pointed out a specific, fixable fixable issue, which makes me way more confident that he will return to his previous effectiveness, which would be very good news indeed! Thanks!
  7. How could they have gotten something for Rosario? They offered him for free on waivers, and not one team bit. If you won't take him for free, why would you offer anything in trade? I think it's fair to assume the Twins offered him in trade before they cut him loose. The only way they could have gotten something in trade is if they offered him earlier, I suppose. But when? During the pennant race? He might have been a useful piece to a contender -- but that's what we were! We needed him too! So maybe a year earlier? He was coming off a leg injury, and given his lack of walks and suppressed defense, I doubt he would have brought much in return, at least not till he showed his fielding could rebound, which it never did. More than a year ago? I don't know. I was enjoying his contributions right up till the end. I don't mind replacing him with someone cheaper, if the replacement has higher upside, like Kiriloff. And with Rooker and Larnach in reserve, I think it's an acceptable risk for a contending team to cast off their long-time starter, but only because they are confident there won't be a huge drop-off. I can't say they handled this wrong at any stage. I will miss Rosario a lot -- his timely homers and dazzling throws to third and home seemed to give the team a real jolt. He could single-handedly take over a game. But his poor plate discipline and reduced fielding skills meant we had a good chance for more production at lower cost. And having invested several recent first round picks at his position, it was to let them give it a shot. But I will be rooting for him to hit 30+ homers, keep throwing out everyone except Twins, and for his legs to return to the days he was a plus fielder. I loved his passion and timely hitting, and I will miss seeing him come to the plate. I won't miss his boneheaded base-running blunders, but maybe they will seem a lot funnier now that they will be happening with the Tigers.
  8. That's really interesting -- I did not know that most Americans are magnesium deficient! Or that that is why Epsom salts are helpful. Were you told about this by your doctor? Because if you were, one would assume his doctor told him, too. Still, if I were a reporter, I would ask him if he's taking magnesium. Maybe this is something John Bonnes or Aaron Gleeman could ask about. Can't hurt. And what heroes they would be if they fixed the Twins' 80 million dollar man!
  9. I agree with Minny505: this is a really great way to see at a glance how someone has been doing over time, and it would be cool to see a player's history in comparison to league average.
  10. He looks like John Turturro! If he is as intimidating in the rotation as Turturro was in The Big Lebowski....
  11. Those Rodriguez highlights look amazing. I wonder if we could have gotten him for Wade, or Wade and somebody else; Shaun Anderson seems like a pretty big wild card, pun intended. But Rodriguez does look like someone who could really help. Very impressive velocity and movement in those clips. I would be much less confident that Kuhl's breaking balls would be as effective without the possibility of a fastball coming. I don't think it's that simple to just drop your fastball and live on only curves and sliders. It can happen, obviously, as Wisler and Romo were successful doing that. But that doesn't mean the element of surprise, and changing speeds, are not important. I'd certainly trust the Twins to know whether or not he was someone they thought they could improve, based on their track record. But I don't think just dropping your fastball works for most people.
  12. If the hope is he becomes the next Wisler, why not just sign Wisler and keep Wade? They basically just sold Wade for $1.15 million.
  13. I completely agree with the comments that now we need to sign Paxton or Walker. I can't believe more people aren't clamoring for this. Those are reasonably priced veterans who should easily fit our payroll. We could add one of them and a solid reliever or two and still be around where we were last year. This is no time to cut the budget. Have we forgotten all those years of spending less than 50 percent of revenue, even after the public stadium subsidy, because there was no point throwing good money after bad, and they were waiting for our window of contention to spend? Well, this is our window. If they won't spend $9 million on a 4th starter now, on a risk free one year contract, when will they? This is the time to go for it. We're not asking fur a 9 figure contract. It's 7 figures. We've waited long enough. We watched our previous window, when we had three MVP level players in Mauer, Morneau, and Santana, get squandered with sub-replacement-level players dragging us down at other positions and basically canceling them out. This time it's time to push them over the top. I can see not spending on free agents when you have a 90 loss team. But then you have to balance that out by spending more when you finally have a contending team. Which they did not do last year, BTW. They still barely spent 50 percent of revenue on payroll at $140M. The really sad part is there has never been a better time to splurge on free agents. Now is the time. The market is heavily depressed by Covid and collusion. Not long ago a guy like Walker or Paxton would have gotten a three year contract at $13M a year. Hell, relievers were getting that. A one year contract at $10 million would be a bargain. They have the money! And even if they didn't, they could roll over some of the savings from the lean years. But it's not like they would lose money by actually trying to win. It never made sense that if the public invested in the team, they only had to spend half of it on the team. They are still making a huge profit, even before the windfall when they sell the team. This team actually has a chance to win. But right now that chance depends on catching lightning in a bottle with someone like Balazavich or Duran emerging as unhittable by playoff time, and a couple rookie hitters blossoming right away, and Buxton, Donaldson, Polanco, Cruz etc. Having rare injury free years. But there is virtually no scenario in which no one on the rotation will get hurt. You always need depth there, and we aren't even starting five sure things. A mid-level starter and two relievers would make us a team to be reckoned with. And thanks to patient player development, forward thinking trades, judicious free agent spending, smart coaching and analytics, we are in a position to do it, this year, without reckless spending our mortgaging our future. If not now, when?
  14. One big question mark is how Covid affects the arbitration process. If it's still solely by precedent, players will cash in. If it takes into account the drop in revenue this year, they won't. But I have no idea whether revenue dips will be factored in or not. I am certain the free agent market will be bad for players, just unsure if that will lower his value in arbitration.
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