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  1. I have just resigned myself to the fact I will have to continue to pirate my local teams. If you are consistently de-incentivizing fans to watch your product, you are the problem. Bring the content back to Youtube TV and others, or continue to wonder why your streaming numbers are ass and no one tunes into your games. The Dave Benz thing is just a kick in the face. Bally is the worst.
  2. Seems like we have a glut of rotation options currently, any chance we call up a team in the NL (maybe San Diego?) and see if we can send a guy like Chris Paddack for some relief help. I hear Taylor Rogers is pretty good. In all seriousness, I'd love to see Moran up here. We know he has the stuff. Let him develop up here and I think he will be solid in the long term.
  3. Here's my top 4: Bring back the stakes to the All Star Game. Home Field Advantage being determined by the AS is fun and makes baseball unique, plus adds some actual value to hosting the game. Hard cap the amount of pitchers on the major league roster to 10 and remove the ability to shuttle relievers up and down to AAA. It's killing the sport to have all these pitching changes and lack of identifiable, quality starting pitching. Pitchers need to learn to pitch longer and go through the order more than twice. Strikeouts count as 1.5 outs. 2 Ks in an inning makes 3 outs. I'm so sick of watching people strike out. Baseball will cease (or is in the process of ceasing) to be relevant if they can't make their sport more enjoyable and entertaining. NO ROBO UMPS. Human error is part of life. Get over it. Mistakes happen. Getting steamed at the umpire makes sports fun and adds controversy and entertainment. This desire to make everything 100% correct is slowing down the game and killing the fun aspects of baseball.
  4. I mean, this was the biggest concern going into the season. Who is going to pitch, and more focused, who is going to pitch high leverage relief innings? Duffey ain't the answer and I'm not sure where the help is going to come from. Expecting Wes Johnson to just work his magic isn't cutting it anymore. I hope they figure this out because the 2021 stink is still hanging in the air and things are NOT looking good.
  5. Aren't we just all tired of the same old ******** year in and year out? It's just exhausting. I get that he is an above average player, but his game is borderline unwatchable after all these years and it might be best for both sides to just have a clean break, hopefully as soon as the trade deadline. Not sure we can get much for him, but anything is something I guess.
  6. It's not only the ticket prices, it's the amount they charge for all the other items at the ballpark (not to mention the absurd fees). I am completely over paying $15 for a shitty Bud Light to watch a team that will struggle to win 81 games this year. Not gonna rip others for doing it, but it just ain't for me.
  7. I could tell this game went pear-shaped because they were still playing when we left Target Center. Get 'em today!
  8. I can appreciate the bold takes here, but this team won't sniff the postseason as currently constructed. I just don't see them piecing together this bullpen and rotation enough to have any sustained success. I'd like for them to prove me wrong, but it's unlikely.
  9. This trade doesn't move the needle and our bullpen is significantly worse. The margins for error on this team are too thin to expect anything come October except for a front office change, especially when our bullpen looks like this.
  10. Hey, look at that. This rotation has gone from making me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork to now only wanting to spoon them out with a wooden ladle. Long way to go if they have any desire to sniff postseason play, but I guess this is a start.
  11. The ability to be flexible and pivot is fine, but if the results are the same as previous, does it even matter? I think they definitely work in a unique way, but that hasn't led to any meaningful success, which is why we are all here in the first place.
  12. Can't wait for Mauer's review of Squid Game next...
  13. Was just wondering if anyone has heard from or knows what's up with Derek Wetmore? He kind of disappeared after the Twins playoff games last year and has not been active on social media or his podcast since. He makes great content, but I am also wondering if he is ok in general. Just want to make sure he is alright. Thanks.
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