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  1. Can't wait for Mauer's review of Squid Game next...
  2. Was just wondering if anyone has heard from or knows what's up with Derek Wetmore? He kind of disappeared after the Twins playoff games last year and has not been active on social media or his podcast since. He makes great content, but I am also wondering if he is ok in general. Just want to make sure he is alright. Thanks.
  3. I like Robertson. I think this would be a good buy low, high reward move!
  4. I always knew the Gooch was related to the best baseball analyst of my childhood. https://backyardsports.fandom.com/wiki/Vinnie_The_Gooch
  5. Time for them to put their money where their mouth is. We are in danger of being lapped by the Sox if we stand pat. The window is about as open as can be. Jump through it.
  6. I think every name you mentioned will not be on this team next year.
  7. What Rocco will say: “These guys BATTLED. We played them TOUGH and are looking forward to building on this next year. I am so PROUD of these guys.” What Rocco should say: "That wasn't good enough and that's not acceptable. Changes our coming and the guys that are ALLOWED to hang around better figure this the **** out or they won't be here anymore. **** the Yankees. Go Marlins."
  8. This team was unreal. Still the best Twins team I’ve ever seen.
  9. Eddie has a lot of grit and hustle, but that isn't translating to results over a full season. His unwillingness to be more patient is a detriment to the lineup. This tendency to pull the ball into the shift only adds to that detriment and is a clear reason it might be time for the Twins to move on. I love Eddie, but I love winning more.
  10. Would we be though? I guess I view the farm different You still have Graterol, Kiriloff, Duran amongst others. I will fully admit I am more wary of Lewis than most. He was not good last year, but he still has a lot of talent. I just want to maximize the current window. I don't believe this hemorrhages the future, but that's just my thoughts.
  11. You are also getting a first round pick when Betts turns down your qualifying offer, but I appreciate the insight.
  12. I fully admit we won't be able to resign Betts, but the Twins have a deep enough farm system to survive the loss of Royce Lewis. I think this could be the type of deal that greatly increases our odds of winning now, without hemorrhaging the future in any long-lasting way. I think you are right on keeping the vision long-term, but at some point, you need to win championships and take risks. Otherwise, what's the point?
  13. The MLBTR article says the exact opposite. "Olney’s report is most interesting for its indications of the sort of structure the Red Sox would be willing to consider. He writes that the Sox would look to package Betts (and his big upcoming arbitration salary) with veteran hurler David Price (including “most or all” of his remaining $96MM in guaranteed earnings). To acquire those quality but highly compensated veterans, a rival organization would have to part with “two high-end prospects to front the deal."
  14. That's a good point. This is still a Pohlad-owned team. My thoughts on that are with this being the probable last year of Nelson Cruz in a Twins uniform and with us not having any playoff success for over a decade, wouldn't this be the time to overspend and to push the chips in?
  15. Good Morning, Per the MLBTR article linked, how would y'all feel about trying to swing a deal with the Red Sox for Mookie Betts and David Price? It appears the Sox are trying to package them together for a couple of high end prospects and it could be a nice opportunity for the Twins. What does a deal look like in this case? Would the Pohlads ever eat this much money to go after a World Series championship? My proposed deal would look something like this: Twins Receive: Mookie Betts (OF) 2020 Salary - $27,000,000Free Agent at end of 2020 SeasonDavid Price (SP) 2020-2022 Salary - $32,000,000Free Agent at end of 2022 SeasonRed Sox retain 20% of salary ($6,400,000 per year, $19,200,000 total)Thaddeus Ward (RHP) Red Sox #10 Prospect, 2018 5th Round Pick from UCFRule 5 Draft Eligible: December 2021Projected to hit the Majors in Late 2021 Red Sox Receive: Eddie Rosario (OF) 2020 Salary - $7,750,000Free Agent at end of 2021 SeasonFernando Romero (RHP) Pre-Arb with 6 years of control remainingFormer top prospectRoyce Lewis (SS/CF) Twins #1 Prospect (per TD)Pre-arb with 6 years of control remainingETA of Late 2021/2022Jordan Balazovic (RHP) Twins #4 Prospect (per TD)Pre-arb with 6 years of control remainingETA of Late 2021Brent Rooker (1B/OF) Twins #14 Prospect (per TD)Pre-arb with 6 years of control remainingETA of Mid to Late 2020Wander Javier (SS) Twins #20 Prosper (per TD)Pre-arb with 6 years of control remainingETA of Late 2022-2023This deal offers the Red Sox some much needed prospect capital and salary relief, as well as a cheap replacement for Mookie Betts in Eddie Rosario. I feel JD Martinez could really help Eddie become a dynamite player in Boston. This deal also offers Romero a much needed change of scenery and an opportunity to get back on track. For the Twins, this takes their "wide open window" and shatters the frame around it. Betts is a former MVP in the prime of his career who can catapult this team to the best record in baseball. While we probably won't be able to re-sign him, one year of Betts is enough to make this team the definitive favorite to come out of the American League. Secondly, which is crazy, is the addition on a legitimate #2-3 starter in David Price. He provides much needed help at the top of the rotation and has postseason credibility that goes back over a decade. It might take a one or two more low end prospects from the Twins to push the needle on this, but I think this could be a framework to getting a massive lineup upgrade and a very good starting pitcher. Thanks for any comments or ideas you may have!
  16. This has so many layers. I love it! If you haven’t seen that ridiculous Edina Craigslist post yet folks, go read it. It’s absurd, even for Cake City. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-lifestyle/this-job-posting-for-a-nanny-in-edina-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed
  17. Really cool article! Have loved seeing Kepler smack the ball around all year!
  18. What a bunch of cowards. The window is open. They clearly are getting some bonus from the Pohlads for running this team as cheaply as possible. And I will make this clear, if this team ever makes the big move, I will be the first one to say I was wrong and eat the proverbial crow. But for ****s sake, do something.
  19. They don't care. Plain and simple. The Pohlad family does not care about Twins baseball the way the fans do. They have collected their paychecks off this team for years and have every intent of continuing to for as long as they can. We built them a stadium on the promise they would raise payroll and field a competitive team and they have refused to do that. It's not hard to show that you care. Spend money on your team and invest in the product on the field. But they REFUSE to do it. Refuse to ever push the chips in and go for it all. There is a reason we are consistently ****ed by the Yankees. It is because they care about what they put on the field; day in and day out; year in and year out. I hate this ownership group. I hate the culture they have brought to the Twins and I hate that I care so much about a team that doesn't give a **** about how we feel. Say what you want about our other owners in town (Taylor, Leipold, and Ziggy), but at least I have never questioned if they care. And really, that's all I ****ing want from this team.
  20. While it looks like the Twins will be making moves at the deadline, just for once in my life I would like to see the Pohlads takes their heads out of their pocketbooks and make the splash move that puts this team into serious contention. It seems maybe some of the players are realizing the Pohlad's M.O. as well.
  21. Shocking. When you do nothing to address the weakest part of your team all off season and then they prove to be the weakest link of the team already this early in the season. This is what pisses me off about this FO/Owner. Spend the damn money to put together a real team and we could be running away with this thing already.
  22. Watching the Yule log...waiting for Yu Darvish.

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