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  1. I don’t think there’s anything “nonsense” about it. You are making a LOT of assumptions that the players A. See Rocco as a FO puppet and B. forgive Rocco for following through with their nonsense. the bigger issue last night wasn’t pulling Ryan at 107 pitches, it was leaving Moran in there to blow the no hitter when he couldn’t control his pitches. Rocco has some blame in that and I find it hard to believe the players dont blame him at least some
  2. How is it “more than evident he gets along with his players and had their respect”?? Sonny gray was asked if he thinks the twins are still a great fit like he said in spring training, he gave a painfully long pause and said he wants to pitch deeper into games. just last night the reports are “Joe Ryan is not mad at Rocco for pulling him” not mad is pretty key wording. He’s not on board. He’s not thrilled with it. He doesn’t like it. But he’s going to publicly say he’s not mad at the manager. sorry I don’t think it’s more than evident at all that he’s good at personnel management. I think it’s very evident his pitching staff is bitter at the way they’re handled
  3. IKF has been bad for the Yankees, offensively. Didi has been putrid for the Phillies. according to the baseballtradevalues site, Correa is worth 14 “trade points”. That’s the exact same as Steer was. i don’t think we’d actually get THAT much value. But there’s not much reason to think you couldn’t get someone with 9-10 points of value on that site which are usually guys about ready to come up and contribute. I don’t have time, or really Inclination, to start putting together mock trades with actual names, but there’s no reason to think you would get absolute junk for him
  4. Because you all got super defensive and reactive about it. All I ever said was *IF* there aren’t plans to get legit pitching, THEN they should get what they can for Correa. They got seemingly legit pitching. Which was the right call. But if they didn’t go that way, trading Correa woulda been the right call. Lots of upset reactions to a fairly non inflammatory comment
  5. Once again, I never said they should go out of their way to trade Correa. I said IF they aren’t planning on getting some legit pitching they should move him and get what they can for him. They took option A and got some pitching that looks like it should help in a major way. Which was the right call.
  6. What he would return has a better chance of helping the twins next year than the supplemental draft pick will.
  7. Why does trading Correa need to be a firesale? That’s such a massive gap in logic? Correas contract is unique. Very very unlikely he doesn’t opt out, which means in 3 months we might maybe get a supplemental pick for him. You’d rather have that than a couple higher end prospects well on their way? Trade him to a team that has lots of money and they might sign a new contract and extend him, or maybe he’ll opt in with them if it looks like a team that is actually willing to make some acquisitions. Either way, we’ve gotten a benefit out of him. but to the other point - You know what makes less sense than signing a $35 million player just to trade him for assets? Signing a $35 million player and then picking up scraps for a pitching staff and throwing out Pagan to continue to blow saves in August. Signing that kind of a contract means you should be going all in. That’s option A. They’re not doing that, that ship has sailed. the best arms are already off the table. Since they’re not doing that, you should then get pieces back for him. There’s no good reason to hold on to him with this current roster, there’s virtually no chance they win a WS. this is not an opinion Of “oh good we signed Correa we should immediately trade him”. It’s “oh good we signed correa, now let’s see put together a solid set of arms. No? You’re not willing to risk next year for good arms? Then let’s BOLSTER next year by trading away the guy that won’t be here anyway”. that doesn’t mean you have to have a firesale
  8. I agree it’s not going to happen, but it *should* if you’re not willing to address the pitching more than dumpster diving. (Besides the gray trade They dumpster dove all off-season -including the paddack deal which was thrown in the dumpster by the Mets and picked up by the twins - and now we are at the trade deadline and they are making Brad Peacock signings) then you should help your team in other ways. And there are multiple trade partners available. IKF has been bad for the Yankees. Didi is bad for the Phillies. And that’s just the two obvious fits… I’m sure there are others, plus a team that might br willing to shift someone defensively. i understand the notion of not wanting to told when you’re currently in first place. But doing nothing just extends the mediocrity, at best.
  9. These twins are doing nothing this season and he’s gonna walk for nothing in 2 months. It’s not “wishful thinking” it’s attempting to better yourself by cashing in nothing for something. prospects are a gamble. But this team tries to play it both ways as an excuse to never do anything. “Can’t get rid of prospects they might turn out awesome” Also “can’t trade for prospects they might suck!” that philosophy doesn’t work when you’re not a top spending team
  10. No, you sell the pieces like Correa that aren’t coming back and hope to get guys that help you next year, and then spend that 35 million on pitching
  11. Let’s be real. The first 6 weeks of the season the pitching staff played above their heads and the twins started 27-16. Then they started playing like the team they actually are and they are 26-32 in the last 2.5 months. that’s a .448 win%, which is WORSE than the 2021 twins
  12. Yes actually you’re right. There is a very “bullyish” attitude here and it comes from *your* condescending tone. That whole post was absurd and argumentative, at best, All I will respond to is the quote that you bolded. Don’t you believe that that is an issue that there is a game plan before the game and it’s stuck to, no matter what happens on the field? What if someone *else* got injured? What if it went deep into extras? Baseball is a very fluid game, and on one hand saying “this is purely precautionary” and the other hand saying “there is no way, no how he is getting in the game because talked about it and we (I) decided that before the game started”. Just sounds like some dishonesty there. And really, ultimately, we are a paying audience. We are pretty entitled to have an opinion on what we see and what we hear from these guys, who are being paid to perform. It’s a bit of a strange take to act like we’re not and we’re ‘bullying’ high dollar athletes that never read what you or I say.
  13. Eh, fair enough, but the positional difference and the pure elite athleticism of Buxton are still accurate.
  14. Sorry, but I really don’t think the Buxton situation is comparable to Mauer at all. The response to Mauer was often over the top. He was an aging catcher, Buxton is in the prime years of his potential physical fitness and is an ultra athlete who just signed a pretty lengthy deal that was largely based on how many plate appearances he gets. I don’t think there’s anything bullyish about getting excited at the idea that he has an incentive to play more nor getting frustrated that he’s seemingly just taking every 3rd game off for “precaution”. Especially when he’s seemingly healthy and there were 4 or 5 spots that the obvious move was to put in Buxton. And Rocco’s excuse was “well that’s not what we planned before the game started”. then what exactly are you “managing” if you’re told a game plan before the game and it’s ironclad
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