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  1. Yes actually you’re right. There is a very “bullyish” attitude here and it comes from *your* condescending tone. That whole post was absurd and argumentative, at best, All I will respond to is the quote that you bolded. Don’t you believe that that is an issue that there is a game plan before the game and it’s stuck to, no matter what happens on the field? What if someone *else* got injured? What if it went deep into extras? Baseball is a very fluid game, and on one hand saying “this is purely precautionary” and the other hand saying “there is no way, no how he is getting in the game because talked about it and we (I) decided that before the game started”. Just sounds like some dishonesty there. And really, ultimately, we are a paying audience. We are pretty entitled to have an opinion on what we see and what we hear from these guys, who are being paid to perform. It’s a bit of a strange take to act like we’re not and we’re ‘bullying’ high dollar athletes that never read what you or I say.
  2. Eh, fair enough, but the positional difference and the pure elite athleticism of Buxton are still accurate.
  3. Sorry, but I really don’t think the Buxton situation is comparable to Mauer at all. The response to Mauer was often over the top. He was an aging catcher, Buxton is in the prime years of his potential physical fitness and is an ultra athlete who just signed a pretty lengthy deal that was largely based on how many plate appearances he gets. I don’t think there’s anything bullyish about getting excited at the idea that he has an incentive to play more nor getting frustrated that he’s seemingly just taking every 3rd game off for “precaution”. Especially when he’s seemingly healthy and there were 4 or 5 spots that the obvious move was to put in Buxton. And Rocco’s excuse was “well that’s not what we planned before the game started”. then what exactly are you “managing” if you’re told a game plan before the game and it’s ironclad
  4. I think it’s very naive to assume he doesn’t have any say. Again, grievances are a thing. AND he has a history of at least threatening one in 2018 when he was putrid and didn’t like being sent down to the minors. He has an incentive heavy deal. If he truly didn’t have any say in whether he played, that has grievance written ALL over it. Hes played very well when he’s in the lineup and hes potentially missing out on literally millions by not playing.
  5. This whole situation is baffling. If he’s healthy and this is just precaution, why was he shut down to the point that he was in warmup clothes and wasnt even available to Pinch run/hit in extras? He even had an opportunity in extras to PH the DH spot. but there seems to be a consensus that “this isn’t Buxton’s decision”. But there’s a huge disconnect there. Remember the year he got hurt, came back and sucked, and was optioned down to AAA and talked grievance against the twins for sending down (even though, again, he was horrendous that year. He had an OPS+ of 5. Yes, 5). You’re telling me that same guy is “not hurt”, has an incentive laden contract, and is “ok” with the team just telling him “nope you’re not even suiting up today” It just doesn’t add up.
  6. Agreed. Someone with 70% of his talent level that plays every day would be an improvement
  7. Hey! Buxton played like 3 games in a row, HE NEEDS HIS REST!! /s
  8. Well his propensity to getting hurt is frustrating… but I fail to connect the dots how the solution is to only play in 64% of the games. He’s has no IL time and he’s on pace for 104 games. He should be in the prime of his career. This isnt an aging catcher who’s knees are on their last leg. This is an ultra athletic late 20s who many twins fans are happy that he only plays three times a week because it might prevent him from another IL trip.
  9. I don’t know that I buy that story anymore. You’d think with such an incentive heavy contract you’d have to pull him off the field kicking and screaming. For whatever reason he seems to be content taking every third game off.
  10. I can only assume you’ve missed the half dozen “web gem” type plays he’s made to save multiple runs. And his bat is coming around. And as you have seen with literally dozens of other players, prospects aren’t guaranteed to pan out. I’m not sure how you don’t understand the signing.
  11. No indication of that at all. All reports say he hurt it celebrating (except one that said he hurt it in the rundown). He’s been hitting his exit velo numbers, etc. Theres just nothing to remotely go on that he’s been playing hurt. Sometimes guys just don’t play well. Especially all or nothing “3 true outcomes” guys.
  12. Broken swing. I agree with what you are saying and a phantom IL/rehab assignment might work… but at the same time, I can’t see any justifiable reason to pick up his option at the moment, so is he really even worth the investment anymore to give a manipulated rehab assignment to?
  13. Archer was not acquired from Tampa Bay he was a free agent signing
  14. I know we like to be optimistic and I know sano has historically gotten into mid season grooves. But with his contract ending this year, I really think it’s time to DFA him. Both of those swings were obviously balls from the time they came out of the pitchers hand and he was taking home run swings at them. He is straight up guessing out there. he’s given us some fun moments, but it’s time to move on.
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