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  1. Tough day on the bench for Ryan. Joe Ryan (-0.097) WPA.
  2. The Pineda paradox: the better he is now, the more expensive he gets for next year.
  3. Let's hope it's Celestino or someone more like that if he's starting in CF.
  4. I think that means he has carved out a role as POOGY (Pittsburgh specialist.)
  5. Happ with St. Louis, IP22.2, H17, ER5, K19. Of course, half that is against Pittsburgh. Maybe the Twins tried to pitch him against too many different teams.
  6. Yup. It's that kind of year. Enjoy the ride.
  7. Great swing! But, sure looks like an illegal pitching motion. He is way off the rubber with the contact foot elevated before he releases the ball???
  8. Gibson pitches 8 innings of 3 hit, 8 strikeout ball. He didn't do that often for the Twins. Is he doing something different with the Rangers?
  9. Well, based on the season so far, they're clearly a .500 team. Not good enough for the playoffs and not bad enough for a high draft pick. Bring on the Vikings.
  10. I wonder if this is a team built with a hitting philosophy that doesn't work as well as it did a couple of years ago. Hit the ball hard in the air, don't worry about strikeouts--but changes in the ball and more pitches high in the zone seem to lead to a lot of strikeouts and long flies. At least to the eye test.
  11. The real question might be do they have enough hitting. It's early, but too many days they look like the surprisingly punchless team that showed up last season.
  12. Right now this is not a good team. It is also a team that isn't playing well. Pick your explanation, there are lots to choose from. They have about a month to figure it out or this season will go down as a squander.
  13. Win expectancy scoring 2 or fewer runs is something like 15%. Seems a little harsh to put this one on the bullpen/bullpen management.
  14. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a team missing starting position players (Buxton, Sano, and Polanco) and a front-line pitcher (Santana) is a worse team, even with the free agent additions. Right now it is surprising how much worse. Many of the players we are counting on are young. Some players take longer than others (Dozier, Brian and Hicks, Aaron, etc.). Others never become reliable performers (add a longer list here). We are just entering the period where we discover what kinds of careers Buxton, Sano, Polanco, Kepler, Berrios, etc. will have. All we can say for sure is that it won’t be instant, unblemished stardom for any of them.
  15. Hard to know how WWII would have ended if the Germans had had the capability to bomb Pearl Harbor. (The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
  16. Thanks for these summaries! Questions: Spring training being what it is, and what it isn't, do you get enough information to have answers to some of the Twins questions (like these)? 1. Is Phil Hughes a replacement level (at least) starter? 2. Are Buxton and Rosario picking up (offensively) where they ended last year? 3. Is Kepler any better against left-handed pitching? Or is there not enough time/performance/information in Spring Training to begin to answer any of these things.
  17. Sure, the bullpen wasn't what we needed last night. But, don't overlook 3 hits and an unearned run when parceling out responsibility.
  18. Of course, they've only scored 6 runs so far, also. But the Indians have pitched Kluber twice and Carrasco once...so maybe it was to be expected. ;-) Turley, Wilk, Meija, Gibson...I thought we were set up perfectly. Who knew? :-( Anyway, the Twins are a lot more fun to follow this year. But they aren't contenders. The problems are obvious. We'll see if they will take the next steps to get there, or not.
  19. Maybe the best way for the Twins to find pitching is to have position players to trade for the pitchers other teams develop?
  20. Whether or not he spent time there last year, Polanco at SS is no big deal this year. It's the perfect year to see whether or not he is 'good enough' there. Likewise, Sano at third. If not one or the other, Sano becomes a 1B/DH, and we need someone else at 3B and/or at SS. Maybe Gordon. Maybe people not yet in the organization. The Twins won't be contenders until they have better pitching. We need to luck into a top of the rotation starter, or develop a stable of 2-3's. Not trading Dozier for DeLeon makes sense in terms of value, but maybe not in terms of needs/assets. We have people who can probably stick at 2B, but not in the rotation. Both Dozier and E. Santana should be moved this year to improve areas of need in the infield or in pitching. Jumping all over the handling of Polanco is a minor sideshow.
  21. The Questions: Is it better to field a line up of eight 12 home run guys, or one with two 30 HR guys and seven 5 HR guys with higher OBPs?Does Joltin Joe sit 30+ games next year to keep Parksie’s bat in the lineup on days when he isn’t DH?Who is the OF? Rosario and pick two: Buxton, Arcia, Kepler, Santana, Sano?Assuming Plouffe, Sano and Parksie, how do you maximize the playing time (and talents, and minimize the weaknesses) of all three?Who is the starting rotation: Hughes, Santana, Gibson and pick two: May, Duffey, Milone, Nolasco, Berrios. What do you do with the rest? Stash 2 in the bullpen for spot starts and injury replacement? Leave 2 at AAA and wait and see?Is TR done or do we see two SP and Plouffe dealt for something?How does a team fair that is constructed as the current Twins are?
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