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  1. Sherry, it wasn't Candelario that muffed the foul pop-up, it was old friend Akil Baddoo. In case you wanted to edit the story
  2. Maeda should go to bullpen, he succeeded in that role with the Dodgers, and keeps his pitch count down as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. Hopefully, Alcala is healthy and can contribute, but what everyone is overlooking us Jordan Balazovic in the minors. HE could be the perfect 2nd half relief arm we need. He too, needs to keep pitch counts down, and high leverage reliever may be his future in long run anyway, given his injury history. Get Mahle and/or Montas, two guys who can throw innings as starters. Sets up bullpen for less innings, better performances. Add the injury activations and Balazovi, that's a good pitching corps.
  3. I see one transformative arm who could help the bullpen - Jordan Balazovic!
  4. Wow. The Twins were so horrible back then, they were up for contraction. How did THAT happen so often? Giving them Knoblauch?
  5. Rocco seems to let tight ballgames get away, when he could pull a guy. Bringing in Thielbar to face Rizzo, for example. Now it's a 4 run game. Many close games become 4, 5 run games when he won't pull guys, he let's them flounder trying to finish an inning. Even worse when the Twins with their firepower make it a 1 run game in the 9th. Happens too often that a rally falls short. He seemingly gives up on an inning because he doesn't wnat to break into the middle of an inning with another reliever. Cuz he's what? Worried about number of pitches? Psyches? More than often, that guy is DFA'd the next day anyway, glad you were "nice" to him.
  6. I'd rather he be available multiple times for one series, able to work high-leverage situations in games, versus some of the other arms in the pen. He can't be stretched to a starter at this point in the season. We have 6 starters in the dugout, plus Winder. Maximize your staff, your situations.
  7. Why does Rocco feel the need to get two innings out of Duran? He's not our long relief, not our mop-up guy. He should be getting groomed for late inning, high-leverage outings. Soon as closer. As with Rodriguez the game before, he will not let a reliever end on a high note. Once Rodriguez went once around the lineup, he should have been pulled. Did great. Instead, burned, game got out of hand (once again), and deflated another relievers ego. Today, Duran had a great inning. Boom. Sit him. Next up. Pitch Duran again tomorrow or next day. Now he's down a little on himself and has too many pitches on his arm to be useful for a couple days. Comes down to poor bullpen mgmt.
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