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  1. This strategy works for teams with good bullpens, not teams like the Twins where the reliever who gets the extra inning the starter isn't pitching is actually worse than the starter's third time through the order.
  2. Literally banging my head aganst the desk. Closing the Gameday tab and going back to work.
  3. Just checking in...trying to figure out why Garlick is DHing and batting cleanup against a right-handed pitcher when we have a game tonight against a left-hander?
  4. This would happen if you lacked the decision-making chops to manage a bullpen.
  5. The pitch to Naylor was a bloody hunk of raw meat. It was a ribeye.
  6. He'll be standing in right at Chase Field when the Target Field centerfield wall appears out of nowhere and body-slams him.
  7. Not to be a downer, but Logan Gilbert looks like a guy who's going to pitch for the Yankees in the Series in a few years.
  8. Not playing Buxton today is absolutely classic Rocco. Four home runs in two days? Bench him. Of course.
  9. Yes. This happens all the time. Rocco is slow to pull the trigger on the obvious move. Both Tom Kelly and Ron Garden hire would have automatically brought in Thielbar in that situation. Rocco gets analysis paralysis. The game moves too fast for him.
  10. What gets me is this: if you have a shaky bullpen, you should let your starters go deeper into games.
  11. Yet another case of Rocco bringing in the reliever who just had a bad game to "build up his confidence," and instead the guy gets shelled.
  12. Again just super happy that the Canadian government has saved us from the possibility of Rocco bringing in Pagán to protect this lead.
  13. Thank god Canada's vaccine requirements prevented Rocco from bringing Pagán in to build up his confidence.
  14. There's a weird tendency with Rocco to pull starters early when they're doing well and stick with them when they're having a bad game. I guess he sees it as motivational?
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