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  1. The trade hasn't worked out, but it was understandable, given the depth the Twins seemed to have at outfield, and their need for pitching. Trying to slip Anderson through waivers instead of Shoemaker was stupid. And it was the level of stupid that makes you think the front office is either on drugs or incapable of admitting they've made a mistake. I hope it's the drugs, but seems more likely that they want so strongly to believe in their own genius that they've invested themselves in Shoemaker's future value, which everyone who is not them can see is below-gum-wrapper-on-the-sidewalk level.
  2. Agreed. If I were Jose Berrios, I would expect more than the talented but oft-injured McCullers - and I think the market would concur.
  3. This could very well go down in history as an idiotic comment, and I think the world of Jose Berrios. But I think given the Twins' constraints, he's probably worth more as trade bait than as a free agent on that kind of money. If we had three other good starting pitchers and we were in contention this year, I would think it was worth it. But (constraint 1) the Twins need multiple good start pitchers, and (constraint 2) they're not a high-spending team (though the Pohlads could probably afford more). Almost every starting pitcher signed to a long-term contract breaks down with injuries at some
  4. I would add that trading a marquee player doesn't necessarily doom you to losing seasons. Last year, Cleveland gave up Trevor Bauer in a three-team trade and managed to get a very good, young, controllable bat in Franmil Reyes plus other prospects. If you are good at your job--and I'm not saying our GMs are after this season--but if you are good you can avoid the full rebuild.
  5. Atlanta needs outfielders aside from Acuña, and Byron is from Georgia (I say this while crying with a determined expression on my face).
  6. Looks like Byron Buxton is not playing for the Twins tonight.
  7. Two ER in 2 IP is statistically what you should expect from a pitcher with a 7 ERA. Ball don't lie.
  8. Sanó is pretty solid at first. He has a lot more arm than most first basemen. And did you know that, per Statcast, he has median sprint speed?
  9. I think I could do Roy Smalley's job because I, too, think pitchers should try not to walk people.
  10. Creating this topic for the expressed written purpose of having a space for any tweets / posts / articles you may find about when Buxton will be back in the major-league lineup.
  11. Colome's first pitch is always, always, always a ramrod straight low 90s fastball to the exact geometric center of the strike zone.
  12. This bothers me too, but I also know that different people have different aptitude for learning second languages as adults. Some people can work really hard at it and never get any good at the pronunciation of a second language. Not saying that Dick has worked really hard at it, or that he hasn't.
  13. It's hard for a left fielder to screw up three times on one fly ball, but he did it. Tried to leap for a ball 12 feet up the wall. Jogged to pick it up. Threw home when the runner had already scored and the play was at third. What are we teaching in the minors?
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