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  1. Still treating Sano like a development piece. Sad. Arms on the mound that only decide to throw well 30-40% of the season don't get the same deference. Give me his season stats, not what he did in one month. He is not a prospect and should not be treated like one. There is an inability to stay engaged here---you referenced you might have to keep him playing first to keep him tuned in. 20 HR and 20 2B is is no major threshold with the style of baseball being played now. Rosario did it 3 yrs in a row 2017-2019, Dozier 2014-2018. They are not hard to find--and those players were contributors year round and on the defensive side of the ball. Use your statistics to figure out how many HRs Sano needs to even out his partial season contribution and being a defensive liability at 1st. I say that number is close to 35. Kiriloff and or Larnach are not athletic enough to play the OF and are less than average fielders there. Logjam at first. Twins still have no LF'r. Mr Kepler is very frustrating at the dish. James Rowson helped him open up and make contact deeper in his stance, thereby using the opposite field much more in 2018/19, but he is gone now. There is something to be said for having the league's best RF sweeper, who can also play center. If you let Kepler go, you have to be positive you are upgrading the position. With more left handed batters than ever, RF is responsible for a lot of assists every game. The fact that you have a defensive hole in LF and a CF'r that is not consistently available to play makes the position more important.
  2. Very fair question. Honestly depends on how that 82-80 looks and was reached. If that level is reached w/ Miranda/Kirilloff/Larnach getting extended playing time and growth during the season, along with 3 young starters showing real potential (might already be 2/3 there with Ryan and Ober but want to see a whole season), 1+ top level starter signed for at least 4-5 yrs, significantly improved defense, and a respectable bullpen then I am OK (this also assumes quality growth from Lewis, Martin, and Celistino as well as continued strong growth from other minor league arms) Couldn't agree more. It does depend on development and player progress. I also believe that we have to see some of these top rated Farm Prospects pan out. Show me the organization that wins on "potential"? Top Prospects don't mean a thing until they actually stick in the Bigs. A few of those top prospects should be expected to be impact players. Polanco is a + player developed (really ++ in our Org because he stays on the field!), Kepler is a + because he is a great fielder and has power, but averages out because he refuses to hit to the opposite field and get himself on base. The only ++ player who delivers offensively and defensively in the organization the Twins have developed can't stay on the field, Buxton. I read through these threads and see several references to "corner outfielder depth". Where? There are people taking up roster spots that are utility outfielders, but lets be honest. Larnach and Kiriloff have bats, but they are both first baseman. There has not been a left fielder all season now that is not a defensive liability, or a right fielder for the half season every year that Kepler is hurt. Most everyone besides Refsnyder appeared outmatched athletically in the field. That's a problem. Organizationally, pitching development has been and remains a problem. This is a farm system and big league issue. Either we are feeding in sub par seeds or not watering enough, because we get a scrubby harvest to take to the Big League market every year. I think the front office did a decent enough job trading for some talent this year and that was what they had to do---go find it somewhere else. That is a formula that the top teams in the playoffs follow every year and they also revamp the winning teams revamp their pitching roster at the trade deadline every year. Relievers have to be a revolving door because they tire from over-use (so they are dead for the playoff run) or they flame out in the long term. Starters and relievers are different animals and they need to to be scouted and examined differently. Its really like two different positions. You have to replace the tired arms in the pen, or give them extended spells on the IL and safe them for the playoffs. My only regression from the excellent analysis of Mr Beuchamp is that the Twins may be following the the current major league serial formula the Royals introduced in their WS year, but not doing it effectively. Twins get innings from starters. They leave them in 4-5 innings every outing which ups their avg starter innings. But, the winning teams have a few starters that 30-40% of the way through the season start throwing 7 and 8 innings and winning ballgames. The Twins do not. They ride their pen every night and that is bad numbers. You can't bank on all 3-5 relievers to be solid every night, it just will not happen statistically----and the deeper you get in a series and the more a team had faced an arm, they start hitting that one or two missed pitch and at bat more. Falvine has been Max Kepler. Solid talent, above average tools, makes good decisions most of the time---but is refusing to deal with the part of their game (or organization) that will move them to the next level. Like Kepler's 2019 season when he did hit to opposite field, they have made some very good decisions and some good trades, but are 50/50 on free agent signings and we have not seen sustained results coming out of the farm system yet to make them a ++ front office yet. I say give them two more years as they have signed on at least two new teams to their minor league system and that will take time to bear out. Now, if they will recruit scouting resources from the Rays, Padres, A's, they might be able to save themselves long term.
  3. Maybe I am misguided, but lots of Twins arms do not pan out here and go on to have more success somewhere else. Even stopovers like Lynn. I thought for years it was poor scouting, but development in the minors and even pitching coaches at the big club seem to not improve anyone they bring in. Maybe time for some changes.
  4. If Gordon can play outfield, the Twins need a left Fielder. Larnach can play right and streaky Kepler goes on the block. Kiriloff plays first and he can rotate to the outfield for some days off. Larnach doesn’t have enough range to play right—this is a lefty league now so stronger fielder is needed in right. These young guys need to stay up, keep Arraez and thinK multi position players. This team is always hurt
  5. With the cobbled together lineups every day where even your utility players get hurt, it’s a tough slog. Have never seen a franchise get injured at a higher rate than this club. However, managing becomes more important than ever, it’s lazy to depend on home runs with this club. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to manufacture runs. Once runners are on base in early innings, the MGR has to call for hit and runs, sacrifice flies and slap singles to move and score runners. BUNT. Rocco is keeping his hands in his pockets too much. It will help for Arraez to return to spray the ball, but contact is necessary to score runs——so Miggy stays on the pine
  6. Sano is a write-off to cut. Why is everyone so patient he will revive to be productive for what, 1/3 of the season? A player that is a 1 tool guy who is only mature enough to be professional for part of the year is called a washout and a drain on the team from a leadership and morale standpoint when he plays. Show some leadership and expectations of professionalism, front office!! Kepler had a great 2019 because he quite trying to pull everything and used the opposite field. He cannot be successful with a power hitter approach. He must open up and take the singles and doubles to the opposite field he is now choked off from. He is a plus right fielder and far too streaky at the plate---but not nearly a full scale disappointment. Why are there no questions about the complete lack of a plan the Twins had for Left Field? Complete joke to walk into a season with one of two retreads to maybe pan out in left---when we have been hearing for years now how deep the farm system is with outfielders.
  7. @chpettit19 is on target---Eddie R was not an average bat. He is not an avg replacement. Alex K may end up being great, but we haven't seen a great prospect pan out in quite some time. The road to success is not paved with potential. I do hate to see in the article that "first base is currently taken". When in the world are the TC Ballers going to quit being haunted by the ghost of Big Papi and move on from the failed experiment that is M Sano? He is a liability at first and---lets be real here--does not put the ball in play enough to cater to his bat in the lineup. Please, let's take our past lumps an move on! Polanco and Kepler are streaky enough to alternate killing innings, we don't need a player who might as well take his glove with him when he comes to the plate with two outs!
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