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  1. I’m not a fan of this approach for Buxton because he is so disruptive on the basepaths—which adds excitement to games—and does more often with a line drive approach. I simply do not understand the basis of the argument. For years, I have been critical of Sano (and others) for this very same thing, with a heavy dose of backlash that the homerun is the basis of the game today and I needed to accept more strikeouts as a trade off. And, these other players like Sano that have no +fielding to offset. This article seems to jump that fence. It’s not that I don’t agree—but I just can’t follow the train of thought. To use Buxton and Sano in the same paragraph is laughable—-hopefully I have seen the last Twins PA for MS—- but it seems like the excuse for Sano is the argument against Buck.
  2. This team does not lose games because of bats. This team loses games largely because the bullpen blows leads. You have a league leading bat that you shuffle around in the field and a Kirilloff/Larnach duo that both hit well, but alternate spending time on the IL, along with a 3B that is shuffled consistently for playing time and rest. My point is that daily the Mgr shuffles bats to try and get them on the field---your backups all hit pretty well. The starters on this team will not take you far in the playoffs, but can keep you in first during the regular season. You don't get worthwhile starters at the trade deadline. And, please don't trade with the Rays or A's or other small market teams that make the playoffs on a fairly regular basis. they know what they have, you always get taken. The bullpen needs to be addressed, you need to add relievers---maybe 4th starters from other teams that can shutdown an inning or two. Forget chasing bats and starters.
  3. I have not been overly broken up about this since I saw it last night because the Twins pitching/bullpen is such a mess--but admittedly most of that issue is probably Managerial--Rocco over-manages the pitching changes. But, Sonny Gray did talk to other players who loved Johnson before he signed. 2 things: First, I am sure Johnson is frustrated with Rocco and his constant tinkering in game situations and he gets frustrated having to keep hot messes like Duffey around. Second--the college game is much more rewarding if you are built to really dig in and develop players, You see serious development and short periods and don't have a front office to deal with. And, you are right, the season is MUCH SHORTER! if you have heard, LSU rolls out the wheelbarrows (of cash) for coaches they want. I can easily see why, if you are not hung up about being in the pros, your day to day job, off time and compensation would be a step up package in this scenario.
  4. Our organizational fascination with developing infielders who are not tasked with mastering a defensive position in their minor league development, then asked to learn a new position on the fly at mlb level....truly is mystifying. Jack of a few positions, master of none. Miranda, et al, deserve better organizational commitment and development. Game 7-91--100% agree. It has gotten to be the trendy thing (thank you Joe Madden, mad scientist) to slot players at other than their home position and expect them to perform. For some reason, the Twins have fallen in love with this concept---even moving guys from infield to outfield on a rotating basis. Isn't that the purpose of minor league development. That in itself is crazy---two completely different worlds!! What other sport do you see this in? For example: Arraez has always had a great bat. That he is having his best year at the plate while experiencing more defensive positional security should not be overlooked. Tom Kelley has to be frustrated watching this team with Defense as an afterthought. The more I see of Rocco's lineups each day, the more I scratch my head as to why he is The Mgr instead of a bench coach. He has no philosophy that I can tell. Without a philosophy to share---you have a hard time leading as a Mgr. Oh---yes---pitching is on the defensive side of the equation. The Twins are proving that you cannot win regularly with a team lead by offense. I thought the Texas Rangers proved that to everyone the last few decades. How many games have the twins lost when scoring more than 5 runs? 2-----many. I have not seen enough of Miranda at 3rd to know if he is anything more than a 0 WAR fielder. He doesn't move athletically and looks a little stiff, like Larnach---but I would like to see him play some more to see. if he is as good defensively as Urshella, the organizations would be silly not to play/keep the player with the team friendly contract--so I am inclined not to believe he is as good. But--as we see over and over with lineup decisions--the team doesn't do what seems to follow a lot of reason.
  5. IMO, Berrios's biggest issue was he throws in the same area all the time. Almost all his pitches are lust above the knee to mid thigh and side to side. Batters can settle in and wait for their pitch---his changeup is 5-6 MPH difference. One of the things that has made Verlander great over so many years is not overwhelming velocity, but he uses his changeup well and from one pitch to the next, he is all over the strike zone. Up, down, in, out---and even well inside/high. He never lets the batter get comfortable. Jose spent so much trying to make the perfect pitch every time, a batter never worried about getting hit--and he could draw a small box around pitches. Unpredictability can be a great thing--as long as you have control. Joe Ryan is doing the same thing, but he started missing his spots and so he stopped getting the benefit of close pitches by the umps. If Berrios would work the whole zone unpredictably, he could be keep a batter on his toes and would give up a lot less HR's.
  6. I will pile on. Organizationally, pitchers being taught they are brittle is a problem for the Twins. It runs through every level. You don’t see starters out throwing long ball in the outfield to recover and strengthen their arms. They are not developing mental toughness to still “win with problems”. Bring on the 13. If Rocco gets canned soon, it will be because he overmanages pitching —and is to hands off manufacturing runs with small ball when needed.
  7. I like Correa. A Lot. Great leader, good clubhouse guy, in the field and at the plate. He is a solid player---as long as he is on the field. I will just say that long term contracts are not in the best interest of the club---any club. I know what the trends are, but 7+ year deals just do not work out for the team----that being the Twins and Fans, not the FO. If the FO can work out a great $ amt per year for 5 years---not a problem, overpay. 5 years is long enough for a player to have security and short enough that he can never stop working for his next paycheck/contract and his legacy. Overpay short term instead of stretching the $'s long term. Donaldson contract was a bad deal and took a lot of effort to squeeze out of because there are only a few teams who can pay for big $ contracts on trade. There were even times during the Mauer concussion issues that there was a lot of reservation about his deal (although I don't think Joe ever sandbagged a day!). A good contract should be beneficial for both sides---7-10 year deals are much more player slanted---and its not just the back end years, but early years when there's not a lot of urgency for the player to come back from injury quickly. There should be pressure on both sides
  8. No--I would not trade CC. The Twins have had a problem elevating the expectations in the Clubhouse for years. The last solid clubhouse environment was the year when Torii Hunter closed out his career. Buck is providing spark and on field leadership---and he is complimented by CC who is vocal, confident, and a good on-field coach. How many stories have you heard now about CC giving tips and advice that were valuable and taken to action by another player. Hopefully some younger guys---especially Royce Lewis--will learn that from him while he is here. Additionally, SS's are not big trade targets for a playoff run for anyone. If they don't have a solid SS, they are not making a run, anyway. SS's are off season acquisitions. Twins fan base has to settle on what they feels is important. For years fans have complained the ORG does not sign big free agents. Guess what? We did! We got rid of a self centered clubhouse drag with an albatross contract and signed an upgrade! And now the discussion is entertained to trade him? Geez---exhausting!
  9. I agree that Kepler is a B player (+ fielder and AVG hitter) --and that is what your team is made of---not everyone is an A player. Playoff teams play great Defense---that's pitching and fielding. Kepler does not go anywhere until you can have another player at least the same + fielding and adding a + bat. I am encouraged that I have seen Keppler---a pure and constant pull hitter last year---use the whole field and even go Oppo this season. His BA will improve and he should not slump as much by slowing his swing situationally. Thank goodness he finally took the advice/coaching given to him--it IS a real surprise. Oh----and at any point in time, it is relevant to say SANO is not in the lineup, and the team does not miss him at all. All you Sano apologists out there, listen to the crickets now. I can name 4 players I would rather have in his slot---1B or DH---any lineup, any day.
  10. 100% agree with the article. Lots of this is managerial. if you have a low # of runs on the board, you start situational hitting in the 4th inning. Move runners, score runners. You can play 7,8,9th innings swing to pound the ball--but the middle innings---or from the start with an MLB dominant pitcher---1-2 runs per inning works by speed, hustle and slowing the bat speed for contact. Looping singles can be a beautiful thing. I have a feeling that the art of stealing is not taught well within the TWINS org as evwn our speed guys struggle taking bases---but that is part of owning the tempo of the game and playing aggressively, too.
  11. His injuries have NOT been from collision on bases or with a fence---they are from playing regularly. (correction to above)
  12. Bullpen guys need to be the trade targets---not starters once the season begins. Bullpens dominate the playoffs, with the exception of maybe 15 starters that dominate in the MLB. SS prospects should make the best trade bait right now---but I am not opposed to trading Kiriloff. I like his skill set, but the kind of injuries he has had are repetitive motion injuries and those seem to be recurring---and he has had several. Wrist injuries are terrible for a hitter. I can't help but feel he has the injury bug and will be out some decent portion of every season. His injuries have to been from collision on bases or with a fence---they are from playing regularly. It may rub some people the wrong way to harp on injuries, but the reality is if a player cannot be on the field, they cannot help the team---and that has to be weighted as a factor in their overall performance score.
  13. Definitely have to re-tool this bullpen--or should we call it the shaky leg calf pen---before the trade deadline. its really disheartening to a team to hit 5 homers in a game and still lose. Some of these guys are just not reliable enough to bring to the mound. They are reliable to produce runs for the other team, but not to prevent them on the Twins behalf. We need to cut bait on our worst performers (hello Duffy and Pagan), but can't do so without replacements. That may be another team's 4th or 5th starter that is struggling through 2nd and 3rd times trough the lineup but looks great first inning. It will be necessary to give some things up to get what we need, but that is the shape of baseball right now. rosters change at or before the trade deadline.
  14. Prior comment hit it on the head---he just should not be playing based on his current performance. I have compared him to Scott Baker before--but he just can't seem to turn the corner. It seems mental to me looking at this eyes when he comes in. He did better once transferred to the pen when he didn't have to think the game as much. That wore off. Bargain or not---you can't march him out anymore.
  15. The big plus for this stadium is avoiding the heat. Doug Melvin really lobbied for a dome when he was there. He would periodically get questions from media about a "home field advantage" over visiting teams in the heat. Melvin would argue that those guys get to go home---my guys get worn out from playing in it everyday. A whole season really took its toll. As for the rest of the environment and activities, i guess we are in a place as a society where we half to be entertained all the time, Sometimes I just love a little more quiet to hear the pop of the bat or the slap of the glove---but I am 0ld School. I just go to the game to see good ball played!
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