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  1. Why mess with Polanco, I like him where he's at. Arreaz is unfortunately injury prone because of bad knees, so he's going to be hard to rely on. Sign another one year SS deal if no one is ready. Polanco can still be the backup/day off shortstop if needed. Gordon is pressed to learn as many positions as he can to battle for a utility guy. It will be fun to see if he can do it.
  2. For the right price, I'd trade anybody on this team. That being said I'm keeping Garver as backup C, 1b and DH. Let him hit. Sano and Simmons can go. Keep all your infield guys, except Donaldson if something looks good. Palanco/arraez/Gordon can all be traded at a later date too, i'd trade Kep if possible, but I'm ok keeping him. Might be a platoon guy with your RH 4th outfielder. Larnach is now a MLB starting OF, play him. Buxton is the hardest guy to decide on. No one comes close to him as a real difference maker on this roster, he is incredible. I would love to sign him, but I think he wants FA. Sad. I am also a sign Berrios guy, but I think he goes to FA too. For that reason I am reluctantly trading him this trade deadline. Also sad. He is so consistent and I think will end up being worth whatever he gets because he's durable and should pitch for most of his contract. Pinieda is fine to trade also, but I would also be open to resigning him. Lots of open spots in rotation next year if Berrios gets traded. As I think we are looking more at 2023, I would trade anyone in the bullpen. There's no reason Rodgers shouldn't bring back a haul. You can build a bullpen and it's hard to worry about it 2 years out as things change so much. A few years ago the Mariners turned over 7 guys in their bullpen mid-season and had a good relief corp.
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