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  1. This is what we get when we treat every game like it's a important as one football game. Sands needed to pitch, so they ran him out there for the ninth. Big deal. Doesn't need to be overblown. The hardest part of long relievers is getting them to the long relief part of a game. Ran into this issue with Dobnak earlier - in an effort to keep him for long relief he never pitched. I like having a long reliever, but sometimes they just need to get into a game.
  2. I only used "trust me" because I live out here and I listened to an interview with GM Dipoto and he used those exact words. Hurt, but not regret. When they finally make the playoffs after 21 years (longest streak in North American sports) I suspect most people will no longer care about the prospect haul. I'm with you on Miranda.
  3. Got for very little? 2 top 50 prospects, and their #5 prospect? Trust me, it hurt Seattle to make this move - Twins couldn't come close to this. I suspect this will change, but a lot of people out here were not happy with the cost. Again, Twins couldn't touch this offer.
  4. Not much left to call up if he goes on the IL except old friend and St. Paul hero Jake Cave. We've come full circle.
  5. Love the guys skills, but that wrist is scary. I was hoping they'd use him to land a big fish, but that ain't happening now. Bummer for the kid.
  6. It really has, but probably not that surprising. It will be interesting to see how he handles the ups and downs of a full season. We're rooting for you kid!
  7. I was in the camp of trading Arraez. I was worried about his knee issues being called chronic . As us PNW'ers know, there's only one thing you want called chronic. He may still have issues with the kneein the future, but I say ride him out. He's too fun to root for, I think almost everybody loves him.
  8. You're right about him having the best raw stuff, but after watching him pitch that guy is a loose cannon! Hopefully they can harness that in a good way.
  9. From the sounds of it you would have been happy leaving him in AAA all year, regardless of how he was playing, if Correa is healthy all year. I like that they were aggressive. Offense was needed at the time, and our wunderkid had already shown he was ready. It felt very un-twins like at the time and that excites me. I hope the fo continues to get guys to the majors when the players show they are ready. Most of time they won't be blocked, but when they are get creative.
  10. Whew, sounds like we got lucky Gordon didn't get hurt with his position moves. And Miranda. Throw in Arraez too. Guys move all over the place in the minors ( some play cf in the AFL) and have to be ready to do it in the majors. If that knee was that unstable it was going to happen anyway. I hate the way it happened too, but that's baseball. Ridiculous to blame the Twins for trying to get their hottest playing prospects time in the majors. See you next year Royce, hope the healing goes quick.
  11. I agree, if they can pitch Gray and Ryan next time. At least put us in the ballpark.
  12. I think they are going to need his bat, but bringing up Kirilloff will make for an odd roster. Who gets sent down? Where does he play? Miranda's recent play makes you want to keep his right handed bat, at least for now. I like AK forcing the issue tho.
  13. I guess you could argue small sample size vs lhp, but in 120 some plate appearances he has 10hr and .950 ops. What's overrated about that?
  14. I'll agree Garlick is not good defensively, but saying he can't hit lefties is not supported by facts. The guy flat out hits southpaws. Whether it makes up for his flaws is another debate.
  15. Excited for Steer to get promoted at some point. That guy can hit and I hope he's ready for the next challenge. I'll admit to not knowing a ton about his def prowess, but I'd rather see him playing in STP at 3rd over Palacios. Palacios feels like he's a utility guy at best. Good def, suspect hitter.
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