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  1. Using Pohlad logic --- he isn't good enough yet to be over-priced..............so keep him. Let's wait until he is really good, then trade him for more prospects. Hmm....prospects good, veterans bad.
  2. As a broadcaster, he is worth sorting through the muddle to get at what he is saying. He is very smart and has an interesting take on baseball situations. Needs to work on a shorter and more concise conversation to get there. Have no idea on the HOF. Isn't that just for Red Sox and Yankees.
  3. If it wasn't for the July 31st trade deadline and its timing, most of these trades would not have happened. In the "hot stove league" these trades of desperation -- i.e. for an immediate need to win a championship....are not made. In the off season, teams are more deliberate and thoughtful, cautious even, in making trades. Therefore, teams like the Twins don't see offers of high level prospects for plug-in major league rental talent. I'm probably wrong, cheap owners will always find creative ways to dump high salaries.
  4. Let him go. They will use Buxton's salary as the unspoken reason that can't pay anybody else. Remember the Joe Mauer contract? Plus they can't have Donaldson's contract and Buxton's contract on their payroll. Find another activity to immerse yourselves into....I see a pattern here. Not worth it. Hey....looks like Eddie has found a playoff spot. Who needs him........we have prospects!!!!!!!
  5. Why should Buxton be any different than any other Twin looking to get rich off Pohlad?? Trade him, we need to rebuild our Minor League system. Prospects win championships ya know. Just ask a Pohlad..... Plus, then you can write about the need for pitching...........and a centerfielder.
  6. If the Twins catching "has an uncertain future" [as the article's title suggests], why would you expect to get a decent return in a trade? We are stuck with it. Garver looks like he is rebounding. Even as a defensive liability, he proved to be valuable with the bat in 2019. I don't have a list, but I'm sure there are some very good and very expensive FA pitchers available this winter......or do what they always do - take a shot at a lower talent-level pitcher. Target field can be hard on left-handed hitters.........making it a right-handed pitcher park. Lots of them out there. Someone wrote - getting rid of Berrios meant they are rebuilding. Whether that's true or not...........they are rebuilding a pitching staff. So, maybe Garver is gone. Jeffers [rt hand bat] and Rortvedt [left-hand bat] may be the catching duo of 2022.
  7. You can say the same thing about Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City. What do they have in common with the Twins?? They all think building a minor league system is more important than winning today's ball game. Which is just an excuse for acting poor and cheap. The Twins have 2 good years in a row...followed by two bad months..........and they unload players. Panic selloff -- That'll win a championship.
  8. Ryan already has intimated that he should have been prepared for a comebacker...on every pitch. Something he and and is dad always worked on.....on he "feared" they will work on again. Jim Kaat would say the same....but then realize it's mostly a preventable accident and injury.....but it should be worked on [defensive position after releasing the pitch]. Just like Buxton needs to play smart in the outfield and be careful of inside pitches......to play another day in these 162 game seasons.
  9. That's a good play, even though you'll have to bet $170 just to win $100 [on a typical Twins/Yankee game] Not exactly betting on the long shot. So what is the front office doing to overcome this glaring roadblock to any playoff success?? Trade away players for trash......who will be traded away if they do not become trash. So either way....trash. But hey....are all the Twins vaccinated?? That's the important question for this site.
  10. No they're not...in this bit of satire, or in the real world. No they are not.
  11. Someone cheaper.....come on, get on board. Pohlad needs to feel like a hero....but he needs to do it cheaply. Trade Berrios, trade Cruz, trade Eddie Rosario, trade Polanco, trade Buxton......let the young guys play. That's the Twins way. I still can't believe they signed a guy like Donaldson [and his $$ of course]. Did the FO catch Pohlad on drugs???
  12. It should be someone who will bring a lot of high end prospects at the trade deadline in July of 2030. Go Yankees.
  13. You're right. Everyone on this site fancies themselves MLB managers more than fans. They are like fantasy football players. Fans of the process.....not the game. They "want" a Berrios trade...to see if they called it correctly. Go Yankees...........
  14. The Twins have 4 bad months of baseball following 2 Division Championships and 3 playoff appearances in the last 55 months.................and they see the need to sell off important pieces. I don't want these guys handling my investment portfolio. It's not just our guys of course. Baseball is broken in so many ways. But what this sell off does.......it now gives them a chance to play front office managers of a MLB team. Good for them. Have fun fellas. No expectations of winning right away [they are building a winner.....ya, right]. There farm hand managers and coaches get top develop exciting talent -- to the point where they are so good, they are too expensive to keep. Go Yankees......
  15. The Twins are like a bad girlfriend always looking for an excuse to bolt [in this case the Twins looking for any excuse to go cheap]. Offer Buxton 100 million that include incentives [7 years??] and give Berrios Yankee top of the rotation money [because they will]. If the Twins don't...they need to go away and we can turn Target Field into a downtown jail for street thugs. Had enough of MLB. Fix the damn salary cap and quit giving these small-market owners excuses to go cheap. Between the All Star game escaping "voter suppression" in Atlanta to the Yankees and Red Sox getting their way on everything....had it.
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