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  1. Exactly....everyone is acting like Mr. Spreadsheet. The non-Mr. Spreadsheets among us - are simply asking for an attempt by Ober to get through a 15 pitch 5th inning...with a new 7 run lead....and get a win. Maybe he fails. So what. Pull him at 15 pitches....or maybe live a little....pull him at 20 pitches. My God...how dare we??!!!!!!! I'll WTF myself......so you won't have to. WTF!!! 😉
  2. Excellent post. It says it all......and backs it up.
  3. Absolutely agree. This article is yet another case of "using stats as a crutch" because you don't know what you are looking at. We had our big free agent acquisition [Donaldson] go down last year and then at the start of the year. The second place vote getter for the Cy Young pitched thru an injury and then went down [Maeda]. A player having a MVP month and the 2nd player picked in his draft....goes down ..... again!!! [Buxton] One of the best hitters from the last decade...gets hurt 5 weeks ago and has never been the same and is now rested a lot [Cruz]. Kepler [is he still on the
  4. Trevor May was settling in. He should have been kept. Steady relievers are as rare as a rainy day in Southern California. 😉 Pressly should have been kept for the same reasoning. Keep them and pay them. Clippard would have been worth the wait as well [first time he has been on the DL...in a very consistent career]. Rogers is a keeper, Duffy is a keeper. They have more and longer good stretches than bad. Robles is a wait-n-see. Keep these and bring in young fireballers around them to test their metal. They pitch half your innings!!!! All Pohlad does is pick BP pitchers out of the scrap
  5. Pohlad let the Front Office [FO] sign one real expensive Free Agent [FA]...Donaldson. If the FO knew that would be the extent of FA signings [and they had to have known??].....they should have kept Trevor May [doing OK with the Mets] and signed other real Bullpen arms...not comeback kids. Keep Tyler Clippard as well. He is injured, but this is his 1st time on the DL. We need lots of Bullpen guys like him. Now, everyone wants Donaldson gone for........wait......get this......more projects and prospects. That never does it in Yankee Stadium in October. Pohlad loves this. It's cheap! Ge
  6. This is sports. If someone pisses you off - you hit them and then take the punishment the umpires/referees/school/league lays on you. Mercedes got off easy. Tim Andersen is saying what he said to back his team mate. The quote of the week [and maybe why Rocco will never be a good manager, but just a manager of situations based on stats and players performing as the stats indicate] -- Here Rocco is talking about Garlick's 3 run HR off a RH pitcher [who the stats say he can't hit....because Kepler was injured, he had to put Garlic in] - “Sometimes when things do play out like that, to
  7. The Payroll inequity problem needs to be fixed....now! [inequity....yes, you can use that word here, because this is one product that needs all the franchises viable]. Trading Berrios because we are having a couple of bad months [on the back of 2019 and 2020]........is why I will stop following this crap. So the plan is to throw everything away and gamble on another new set of prospects. Count me out..... Have fun watching the Yankees fellas..........
  8. You need to account for the high wall...and add that to the distance. Many balls off the Target Field high right field wall would be a HR in Yankee Stadium. Right Field and especially Right Center play very very long.
  9. Why not fire him now? All Rocco does is follow charts and graphs......he doesn't use anything he learned as an MLB player. An MIT Statistician with a PhD in Mathematics could do his job. Fire him and then hire a spokesperson to do the after game press conferences. Rocco sounds like a politician running for office or the spokesperson for that politician....boring and tiresome...........no diff.
  10. If the BP sucks....the next step is to go longer with the starters. If that doesn't work.....your team is no good. Re-group over the winter or at the trade deadline to get better. Rocco keeps going by the "numbers" or something. Stop that! But about last night-----The idea that Duffey could not get that one batter out....so Rocco brought in Rogers [for one batter and a 2 run lead in the 8th..stupid]....then let him sit....so he could tighten up enough to suck in the ninth....and give up 2 runs and now we are tied. Who the hell is Waddell?? More musings........... Where is Pressley and May?
  11. Lack of a Routine will affect anyone in the worst manner [including the other 2 choices] But............. What the Twins front office has done with the bullpen is crazy. They let good people go, and bring in people less proven and with more issues. The bullpen needs a Josh Donaldson or Nelson Cruz signing. A big time reliever...or two. They eat up almost half your innings!!!!!! So....do something.
  12. I would definitely add Garver to your "need benching list". He might even be due for something worse. You can't send him down. Release him??
  13. You do realize..............you are complaining....about people complaining. In your complaint you need specifics [makes it interesting]. For example: Berrios getting yanked early should not be complained about because [insert your complaint here]. Otherwise, it's just whining. You're the one with negativity [whatever that is]....and we are the interesting ones. I bet you miss Sid's columns. I miss Sid...but not his columns.
  14. I hate to say it....but it looks like we know a few things. 1. Sano will strike out too much and hit about .260 2. Kepler may be on a short downslide...why is that??? 3. Simmons can't hit. 4. Donaldson is not the power guy anymore that we thought he was. 5. Buxton will hit .260 and get hurt. 6. Garver can't hit anymore [like he did in ONE year]....or play catcher. Our offense is not good.......but with our pitching and defense...it will be plenty good if clutch??
  15. This allows the same thing [potentially] for Rooker. With Romine on the bench for the Major League club, both can play everyday in St. Paul -- instead of riding the bench in backup roles. Guys like Romine -- well, this is the Major League part of his game.
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