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  1. You can say the same thing about Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City. What do they have in common with the Twins?? They all think building a minor league system is more important than winning today's ball game. Which is just an excuse for acting poor and cheap. The Twins have 2 good years in a row...followed by two bad months..........and they unload players. Panic selloff -- That'll win a championship.
  2. Ryan already has intimated that he should have been prepared for a comebacker...on every pitch. Something he and and is dad always worked on.....on he "feared" they will work on again. Jim Kaat would say the same....but then realize it's mostly a preventable accident and injury.....but it should be worked on [defensive position after releasing the pitch]. Just like Buxton needs to play smart in the outfield and be careful of inside pitches......to play another day in these 162 game seasons.
  3. That's a good play, even though you'll have to bet $170 just to win $100 [on a typical Twins/Yankee game] Not exactly betting on the long shot. So what is the front office doing to overcome this glaring roadblock to any playoff success?? Trade away players for trash......who will be traded away if they do not become trash. So either way....trash. But hey....are all the Twins vaccinated?? That's the important question for this site.
  4. No they're not...in this bit of satire, or in the real world. No they are not.
  5. Someone cheaper.....come on, get on board. Pohlad needs to feel like a hero....but he needs to do it cheaply. Trade Berrios, trade Cruz, trade Eddie Rosario, trade Polanco, trade Buxton......let the young guys play. That's the Twins way. I still can't believe they signed a guy like Donaldson [and his $$ of course]. Did the FO catch Pohlad on drugs???
  6. It should be someone who will bring a lot of high end prospects at the trade deadline in July of 2030. Go Yankees.
  7. You're right. Everyone on this site fancies themselves MLB managers more than fans. They are like fantasy football players. Fans of the process.....not the game. They "want" a Berrios trade...to see if they called it correctly. Go Yankees...........
  8. The Twins have 4 bad months of baseball following 2 Division Championships and 3 playoff appearances in the last 55 months.................and they see the need to sell off important pieces. I don't want these guys handling my investment portfolio. It's not just our guys of course. Baseball is broken in so many ways. But what this sell off does.......it now gives them a chance to play front office managers of a MLB team. Good for them. Have fun fellas. No expectations of winning right away [they are building a winner.....ya, right]. There farm hand managers and coaches get top develop exciting talent -- to the point where they are so good, they are too expensive to keep. Go Yankees......
  9. The Twins are like a bad girlfriend always looking for an excuse to bolt [in this case the Twins looking for any excuse to go cheap]. Offer Buxton 100 million that include incentives [7 years??] and give Berrios Yankee top of the rotation money [because they will]. If the Twins don't...they need to go away and we can turn Target Field into a downtown jail for street thugs. Had enough of MLB. Fix the damn salary cap and quit giving these small-market owners excuses to go cheap. Between the All Star game escaping "voter suppression" in Atlanta to the Yankees and Red Sox getting their way on everything....had it.
  10. Nothing confusing about it.....and they know the frustration will go away the following Spring. What you just wrote....is what the Twins management knows [and hopes] all Twins fans will say.....in perpetuity!! They blamed the Dome for not affording Tori Hunter and Johann Santana. Signing Mauer was more about marketing than anything. Baseball needs a salary cap to keep these team owners from using "small market" as an excuse to not put the best team on the field. taxpayers paid for half the billion dollar stadium, 40,000 fans will show up every game for the right team, TV covers fans in a 5 state area. We have a guy who hates sports and loves to make movies as an owner. I love Morneau......you people may think he drones on and doesn't know when to shut up. But he said [in so many words]...the Twins are having a year that is an aberration and is a tweak or two away from contending for the AL Central [admittedly, not a lofty goal...but hey]. Bert would have never said that and instead circled someone, wished someone a happy birthday, and then gone back to sleep [until the next opportunity came around to embarrass Dick Bremer on the air]. Morneau is smart and interesting......and in this case....I believe correct. he suggested concentrating on starting pitching [hardest to come by]. Bullpen help is inconsistent and seemingly is always available...next attack this......and keep the everyday players. This article is correct as well. It is not the dynamic duo that is to blame. They agree with Moreau. The Pohlads are caring on the legacy of cheapness that Calvin Griffith started. That is who is to blame....as always.
  11. Ok....it was poorly written. Let me try this again. The hell with it....tired of social media. Think what you ****ing want. Good night
  12. The Twins need to be more like the Yankees, White Sox, and Astros ---- cheat and sign expensive free agents. Evidence - World Series Championships, Lance Lynn, Jake Odorizzi, Kyle Gibson, Ryan Pressley, and other free agents from someplace other than the Twins brilliant front office duo [as influenced by Pohlad's missing check book]. On a real topic: Gordon was playing a deep CF and Simmons knew that. Simmons played that like it was his ball until the very last. In the end it looked like it was his ball [as it landed closer to Simmons]. But, really it was just bad communication from Gordon....I guess. Tigers didn't look much better.
  13. With a solid pitching staff......this team would be up there with the White Sox. That has been illustrated enough on this site...so I'll skip that. So....it is being suggested they need to trade Berrios, Buxton, and Rogers because the pitching wasn't upgraded properly??? WTF??? Sounds like an excuse to go cheap [yet again].....and call it a rebuild.
  14. My hindsight has always been really really sharp. So I'll use it again -- They should have spent the money on a starter not named Madison Bumgarner, and not Josh Donaldson. Donaldson is just ok as a hitter and has flashed an ok glove. Very disappointing. But what he really excels at, is something we don't need more of.....................landing on the IL. Trade him and hold out for a nice return. Because, and tell Pohlad, you could do a lot worse than JD at 3rd.....so spend the money.....then over pay for a bunch of pitchers. I dare you, you cheap bastard.
  15. Over at the former KSTP 1500 sports channel..........Jug Head says JD should shut up, because the Twins are in last place. Idiot. Reason number 148 for leaving that radio station and web site in the dust......and landing here [and another spot].
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