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  1. You're right. Everyone on this site fancies themselves MLB managers more than fans. They are like fantasy football players. Fans of the process.....not the game. They "want" a Berrios trade...to see if they called it correctly. Go Yankees...........
  2. The Twins have 4 bad months of baseball following 2 Division Championships and 3 playoff appearances in the last 55 months.................and they see the need to sell off important pieces. I don't want these guys handling my investment portfolio. It's not just our guys of course. Baseball is broken in so many ways. But what this sell off does.......it now gives them a chance to play front office managers of a MLB team. Good for them. Have fun fellas. No expectations of winning right away [they are building a winner.....ya, right]. There farm hand managers and coaches get top develop exciting talent -- to the point where they are so good, they are too expensive to keep. Go Yankees......
  3. The Twins are like a bad girlfriend always looking for an excuse to bolt [in this case the Twins looking for any excuse to go cheap]. Offer Buxton 100 million that include incentives [7 years??] and give Berrios Yankee top of the rotation money [because they will]. If the Twins don't...they need to go away and we can turn Target Field into a downtown jail for street thugs. Had enough of MLB. Fix the damn salary cap and quit giving these small-market owners excuses to go cheap. Between the All Star game escaping "voter suppression" in Atlanta to the Yankees and Red Sox getting their way on everything....had it.
  4. Nothing confusing about it.....and they know the frustration will go away the following Spring. What you just wrote....is what the Twins management knows [and hopes] all Twins fans will say.....in perpetuity!! They blamed the Dome for not affording Tori Hunter and Johann Santana. Signing Mauer was more about marketing than anything. Baseball needs a salary cap to keep these team owners from using "small market" as an excuse to not put the best team on the field. taxpayers paid for half the billion dollar stadium, 40,000 fans will show up every game for the right team, TV covers fans in a 5 state area. We have a guy who hates sports and loves to make movies as an owner. I love Morneau......you people may think he drones on and doesn't know when to shut up. But he said [in so many words]...the Twins are having a year that is an aberration and is a tweak or two away from contending for the AL Central [admittedly, not a lofty goal...but hey]. Bert would have never said that and instead circled someone, wished someone a happy birthday, and then gone back to sleep [until the next opportunity came around to embarrass Dick Bremer on the air]. Morneau is smart and interesting......and in this case....I believe correct. he suggested concentrating on starting pitching [hardest to come by]. Bullpen help is inconsistent and seemingly is always available...next attack this......and keep the everyday players. This article is correct as well. It is not the dynamic duo that is to blame. They agree with Moreau. The Pohlads are caring on the legacy of cheapness that Calvin Griffith started. That is who is to blame....as always.
  5. Ok....it was poorly written. Let me try this again. The hell with it....tired of social media. Think what you ****ing want. Good night
  6. The Twins need to be more like the Yankees, White Sox, and Astros ---- cheat and sign expensive free agents. Evidence - World Series Championships, Lance Lynn, Jake Odorizzi, Kyle Gibson, Ryan Pressley, and other free agents from someplace other than the Twins brilliant front office duo [as influenced by Pohlad's missing check book]. On a real topic: Gordon was playing a deep CF and Simmons knew that. Simmons played that like it was his ball until the very last. In the end it looked like it was his ball [as it landed closer to Simmons]. But, really it was just bad communication from Gordon....I guess. Tigers didn't look much better.
  7. With a solid pitching staff......this team would be up there with the White Sox. That has been illustrated enough on this site...so I'll skip that. So....it is being suggested they need to trade Berrios, Buxton, and Rogers because the pitching wasn't upgraded properly??? WTF??? Sounds like an excuse to go cheap [yet again].....and call it a rebuild.
  8. My hindsight has always been really really sharp. So I'll use it again -- They should have spent the money on a starter not named Madison Bumgarner, and not Josh Donaldson. Donaldson is just ok as a hitter and has flashed an ok glove. Very disappointing. But what he really excels at, is something we don't need more of.....................landing on the IL. Trade him and hold out for a nice return. Because, and tell Pohlad, you could do a lot worse than JD at 3rd.....so spend the money.....then over pay for a bunch of pitchers. I dare you, you cheap bastard.
  9. Over at the former KSTP 1500 sports channel..........Jug Head says JD should shut up, because the Twins are in last place. Idiot. Reason number 148 for leaving that radio station and web site in the dust......and landing here [and another spot].
  10. Agreed. I'd like Giolito to explain to the World, how he came from nowhere....to be an annual All-Star candidate.
  11. He is....but I like him. Teammates like that are always great teammates. I like A.J. Pierzynski as well.
  12. You are correct, in my view, in all your assessments. But regarding major FA trades --- I don't think it is simply characteristic of this current FO....I think it is characteristic of all the Twins FOs since Calvin Griffith. But -- We shouldn't just label only the Twins this way.....unless a mid-market team is making an obvious run at a World Series....they all do these things [no major FA trades, etc...]. Tampa Bay is the only clear exception at making it work as a cheapo. Love those guys. Oakland may be the other. Baseball has to fix its team payroll imbalance issue.
  13. Well, I'm saying pitching inside recklessly to hit a batter is not part of today's game. They found this to also be true of slamming into the catcher at Home and into the infielder at Second Base to break up a double play. The Pitcher does not bat.....so where is the chance for retaliation and self-policing this kind of thing?? Nowhere.... I guess what I needed to say - is that in Today's game, play that is intentionally risky and turns very negative, like pitching inside full well knowing you can take out a batter for the season...is frowned on. That's the trend , So why not this?? It's coming. The pitcher has control of that to a necessary and needed extent. A batted ball hitting a pitcher...no, the control is somewhat there [taking the pitch up the middle], but not to the needed extent to punish the batter. That is part of the game. A batter's follow through that hits the catcher can be avoided, and just may be next. The main point is...all the new steps and new rules sports have to prevent injuries Today are unprecedented. They had none of this in the past. They were all part of the game. Players play and injuries happen. Not the case anymore. So with all these new precedents being set to protect players.....should that pitcher be able to just walk back into the dugout after the innings is over after he beans a player to a season ending injury? It doesn't fit all the other rules that are in place to prevent injuries.
  14. Because a possible injury is involved......the punishment should reflect that. A free trip to 1st is not enough....some of the time. Most of the time the umpires will not know the extent of the injury incurred by the batter [if any].....so all punishments should be the same....for each HBP that occurs. As a prevention and giving some balance or justice. In other sports, if a player commits an offense that is there to prevent injuries....the penalty can be quite severe. It should be that way in baseball as well. This is something that is changing in sports. Concussions, PTSD, etc.... How is it right....that a pitcher who throws inside and hits a batters back foot....gets the same penalty as the pitcher that had an inside fastball get away from them....and caused a concussion to a batter. Silly.....very silly. Needs to be addressed. But it won't be - because the Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers don't want it to be addressed.
  15. Exactly....everyone is acting like Mr. Spreadsheet. The non-Mr. Spreadsheets among us - are simply asking for an attempt by Ober to get through a 15 pitch 5th inning...with a new 7 run lead....and get a win. Maybe he fails. So what. Pull him at 15 pitches....or maybe live a little....pull him at 20 pitches. My God...how dare we??!!!!!!! I'll WTF myself......so you won't have to. WTF!!!
  16. Excellent post. It says it all......and backs it up.
  17. Absolutely agree. This article is yet another case of "using stats as a crutch" because you don't know what you are looking at. We had our big free agent acquisition [Donaldson] go down last year and then at the start of the year. The second place vote getter for the Cy Young pitched thru an injury and then went down [Maeda]. A player having a MVP month and the 2nd player picked in his draft....goes down ..... again!!! [Buxton] One of the best hitters from the last decade...gets hurt 5 weeks ago and has never been the same and is now rested a lot [Cruz]. Kepler [is he still on the team??] isn't exactly chopped liver.....has been out forever [even when he plays...he isn't right] A catcher who was the Silver Slugger winner.....has been right for....3 weeks....maybe?? [Garver] The "next .400 hitter"......is out [Arraez]. Need I say more?? Then the real problem....Simmons, Polanco, and Sano...playing like they are in mourning over all the injuries....and the FO thinking we don't need Eddie Rosario, Trevor May, and Clippard....but needed JA Happ, and Shoemaker???? Move Roco to the FO....he already talks like they do. Can't stand it. We need a salty old manager who says it like it is. Oh...and one more thing, A-Rod buy the Twins and not the T-Wolves!!! Please!! Bring all your "supplies" with [or at least rekindle those old supply lines].
  18. Trevor May was settling in. He should have been kept. Steady relievers are as rare as a rainy day in Southern California. Pressly should have been kept for the same reasoning. Keep them and pay them. Clippard would have been worth the wait as well [first time he has been on the DL...in a very consistent career]. Rogers is a keeper, Duffy is a keeper. They have more and longer good stretches than bad. Robles is a wait-n-see. Keep these and bring in young fireballers around them to test their metal. They pitch half your innings!!!! All Pohlad does is pick BP pitchers out of the scrap heap. That will not work.....unless you hit 300+ HRs and have large leads.
  19. Pohlad let the Front Office [FO] sign one real expensive Free Agent [FA]...Donaldson. If the FO knew that would be the extent of FA signings [and they had to have known??].....they should have kept Trevor May [doing OK with the Mets] and signed other real Bullpen arms...not comeback kids. Keep Tyler Clippard as well. He is injured, but this is his 1st time on the DL. We need lots of Bullpen guys like him. Now, everyone wants Donaldson gone for........wait......get this......more projects and prospects. That never does it in Yankee Stadium in October. Pohlad loves this. It's cheap! Get rid of Pohlad. Maybe A-Rod wants to buy the Twins instead of the T-Wolves?? I'd welcome that purchase.
  20. This is sports. If someone pisses you off - you hit them and then take the punishment the umpires/referees/school/league lays on you. Mercedes got off easy. Tim Andersen is saying what he said to back his team mate. The quote of the week [and maybe why Rocco will never be a good manager, but just a manager of situations based on stats and players performing as the stats indicate] -- Here Rocco is talking about Garlick's 3 run HR off a RH pitcher [who the stats say he can't hit....because Kepler was injured, he had to put Garlic in] - “Sometimes when things do play out like that, to be on this end of it, it's something that we'll just take,” manager Rocco Baldelli said. What??? That has to be out of context. Rocco, Garlick is not a robot.....and by the way neither is Nick Gordon!! Play him already....or leave him in St. Paul.....or trade him where they will give him a shot.
  21. The Payroll inequity problem needs to be fixed....now! [inequity....yes, you can use that word here, because this is one product that needs all the franchises viable]. Trading Berrios because we are having a couple of bad months [on the back of 2019 and 2020]........is why I will stop following this crap. So the plan is to throw everything away and gamble on another new set of prospects. Count me out..... Have fun watching the Yankees fellas..........
  22. You need to account for the high wall...and add that to the distance. Many balls off the Target Field high right field wall would be a HR in Yankee Stadium. Right Field and especially Right Center play very very long.
  23. Why not fire him now? All Rocco does is follow charts and graphs......he doesn't use anything he learned as an MLB player. An MIT Statistician with a PhD in Mathematics could do his job. Fire him and then hire a spokesperson to do the after game press conferences. Rocco sounds like a politician running for office or the spokesperson for that politician....boring and tiresome...........no diff.
  24. If the BP sucks....the next step is to go longer with the starters. If that doesn't work.....your team is no good. Re-group over the winter or at the trade deadline to get better. Rocco keeps going by the "numbers" or something. Stop that! But about last night-----The idea that Duffey could not get that one batter out....so Rocco brought in Rogers [for one batter and a 2 run lead in the 8th..stupid]....then let him sit....so he could tighten up enough to suck in the ninth....and give up 2 runs and now we are tied. Who the hell is Waddell?? More musings........... Where is Pressley and May? Prospects are over rated. Winning today at all costs is all that matters [ask the player crashing into a wall]. Why is Escobar and Eddie not still on the team?? Why spend $23 million a year on Josh Donaldson and go cheap and stupid elsewhere??
  25. Lack of a Routine will affect anyone in the worst manner [including the other 2 choices] But............. What the Twins front office has done with the bullpen is crazy. They let good people go, and bring in people less proven and with more issues. The bullpen needs a Josh Donaldson or Nelson Cruz signing. A big time reliever...or two. They eat up almost half your innings!!!!!! So....do something.
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