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  1. How bad is Buxton's hand? Matt Shoemaker wins the shockaroo award.
  2. Just noticed what Lynn and Gibson have done this year for the White Sox, and Rangers, respectively. Christ! Who made those decisions to get rid of them?!
  3. Texas is pitiless. But, a win's a win. Sorry to see *La Tortuga sent down, he's my hero. But, it made sense.
  4. Looks like Rogers is mixing it up better. Great to see Buxton back
  5. Incredible. Saw a picture of Sano and Cruz celebrating like they'd defeated an all but invincible nemesis
  6. When Rogers is good... Liking Nick Gordon.
  7. I think the team became the AL HR leader with 86.
  8. Lucky to pull out a victory. Good for Berrios.
  9. A win is a win. Buxton out hurts but at least the call-ups are performing.
  10. The Turtle threw out a runner! Let's sweep K.C.!
  11. Hope this continues whoever's in the lineup. Just to get to .500 would be nice.
  12. Great win. A week and a half ago I referenced Sano as an "albatross". A Red Sox friend of mine in MA said he thinks the Twins will release or trade Sano and that then he will turn into *Big Papi, or something. A night like tonight maybe could prevent that fate from being sealed.
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