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  1. That walk was the turning point. Colome', who has a true knack for horror, followed suit.
  2. Bunting used to be important. If Buxton doesn't fail so egregiously, the runner reaches 3d and Polanco's flyball wins the game.
  3. Jettison Colome, worst Twins closer ever. Ron Davis was heinous, but not as bad as this.
  4. I read where the Stanks think Kepler is the player he was in 2019. I wonder why they think that.
  5. Too bad about Colome - I thought he had turned a corner. Good to see them keep winning.
  6. Had a feeling they'd take this series. Would have liked to put down a bet.
  7. Too bad Colome' couldn't have pitched like this in the beginning of the season. Why did they ever trade Presley?
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