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  1. Injuries yes, but, I think this series proves that Baldelli is not a leader or motivator, and a replacement is needed.
  2. "Hope, hope, hope " - Tim Carey in THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE (1976) to gambler Ben Gazzara who owes $150K to the Mob and no way of paying it.
  3. Good for Correa. Fulmer's K of Torres in the 9th was the biggest out of the year.
  4. I doubt anyone will agree with me, but I would've liked to have seen Arreaz bunt the runners over in the 9th.
  5. Option #1. #2 isn't happening. And, #3 is insulting, hurts team morale, is just ridiculous
  6. Boston's pen is as wretched as ours and they're gonna be just one of the teams competing for likely the same arms at the deadline. The entire season pivots on the FO's competence and drive now.
  7. That pitch that Cotton threw to Naylor was a meatball, right down the middle. Should have walked him.
  8. Why couldn't he have done the sensible thing and left Jax in? Relative to the pen - why does he almost always make the low percentage gamble?
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