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  1. When you have to turn to Pagan to be the Calm At The Centre Of The Storm...you know you're in trouble.
  2. Would it have killed him to have Smeltzer pitch the 8th? Why did he leave Duffy in after the first 2 hits? After last night's bases loaded futility, why not bunt a runner in this time?
  3. Catching the game on *GameDay, I suspected that strike 3 to Arreaz in the 8th was a bad call, didn't know about the others until later. Terrific character building W.
  4. Works counts, gets hits, Arreaz is under-rated. Good to see Correa back, Sanchez hitting, Gray settling down. Should've been a sweep.
  5. Winder should've been pulled after the leadoff walk. Paeans to Baldelli's brilliance are besides the point.
  6. The only one I ever "hated" was Gardenhire. I didn't like the fact that he kept a picture of Steinbrenner in his office, and that with several excellent teams - he never won spit. And, he seemed thick. TK wasn't Immanuel Kant, either, but he was a very canny baseball manager, and got his teams ready for the playoffs. Wouldve preferred they had retained Molitor.
  7. He has been managing better. Closing with Duffy was counter-intuitive, but, hey, it worked Pulling Archer was sensible, liked the bunt.
  8. Good psychology putting Ryan out there for the 6th. He and the team needed a comeback start and stretching him out to 100+ to get it done restores confidence.
  9. No faith in Archer. Maybe it's just the results, but there seems to be something wrong with his mental approach. Like he has other things on his mind besides pitching well.
  10. What's Buxton's hip injury status? Is he going on the IL like Correa? Larnach? Arreaz?
  11. Another otiose risp, another W. Encouraged to see Gray put up 4 zeroes, good to see Duran's 6 out save.
  12. 0 for 10 with risp and they somehow still win by the skin of their teeth. Pagan's 28 pitch tightrope over the volcano feat in stark contrast to Joe Smith's 6 pitch 1-2-3 master class.
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