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  1. While La Tortuga is a great human interest story and a seemingly great guy, he is a defensively challenged out making machine. MLB pitchers will continue to feast on his free swinging/high contact "approach". I'm ready to see Astudillo making outs in another organization at this point.
  2. Potentially his last appearance with the Twins was getting tossed vs the Astros. Oof.
  3. I'm still waiting for a proper Chrono Trigger sequel or at least a high budget remake.
  4. Their fans in the mlbtraderumors comments are also interesting. Their defense/excuse/justification is always to bring up other cheating scenarios, whether it's steroids, Pete Rose, or accusing all of the other teams of similar infractions. Definitely not accusing all Astros fans of having that mindset - just the mlbtraderumors ones.
  5. Good to know Fallen Order gets better. I got to the Jedi Temple thing on the second world, and it's been pretty lackluster so far. Any Wreckfest players out there?
  6. I had gotten more and more tired of listening to both Bremer and Blyleven drone on game after game through the years to the point that it made the broadcasts less enjoyable. The discussion all just seemed predictable, shallow, and repetitive. Bremer would get excited about home runs. Blyleven would make non sequitur comments and circle people. There would be cringeworthy attempts at jokes, and that's about it. For me, replacing Blyleven with Morneau was the missing piece. Morneau is well spoken, humble, and provides useful insight into various scenarios throughout the game. I want to hear what he has to say as I watch the game. He and Bremer have great chemistry together, especially as Morneau has become increasingly more comfortable in the booth. Sorry, Bert, you are the weakest link.
  7. All this while having the 4th fewest strikeouts in baseball. This has been a special season.
  8. I have one of those coworkers we probably all have. Game 1 out of 162 was a must win, or the season was over. I tried to no avail to talk him off the ridiculous ledge. Luckily, the Twins passed the test. Game 3 against Cleveland was a must win because the difference betwen an 8 1/2 and a 10 1/2 game lead is huge (more than 2 games?). Test passed. ​If you would like, I can check with him when we need to panic more than usual. This opening game against the freefalling Mariners after an off day does seem like a good time to panic. If they don't come out of the off day ready to put the hurt on, it could be an obvious sign the team is getting lackadaisical and will be in second place by the end of June.
  9. Is it ok to stop panicking about the series opening loss to the Rays?
  10. It would be a bold move if they moved on from Adrianza and kept Arraez.
  11. 9 total bases out of Sano and Buxton. How many times do you suppose we saw that in 2018?
  12. Yes, IL - until injured people get offended by the name because people like Adelberto Mejia aren't actually injured. ​Congratulations to Arraez! It'll be fun to see him get some chances!
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