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  1. Definitely missing Bell on the coaching staff. Some other key departures on the hitting side of coaching seem to be haunting as well this season. As far as leaving Berrios in, ditto to everything everyone else has said above, PLUS this was the second game of a double header which was the SECOND DOUBLE HEADER IN THREE DAYS. And he has to play a team the next day and the day after that FOR NINE MORE DAYS STRAIGHT. Should he burn through his bullpen on Monday night to be totally screwed for the next two days or should he give Berrios a chance to keep trucking? Seriously. If he had pulled him and the bullpen had blown it again you'd be bitching about his "bad management" yesterday and then again today when he's got no arms left in the bullpen. In other words, I say we give him at least another season. He's young and learning. I'd hate to see Rocco learn from all his mistakes and then take those lessons somewhere else to win. I can't even imagine the tears on this forum from an outcome like that.
  2. Real talk: no lead is safe with this bullpen. Take the base hit if you can get it.
  3. I'm just glad I don't need to see Arcia's ridiculously bad fielding in right field anymore...
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