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  1. What did the Twins have to give to the Cleveland fan that caught Wallner’s HR ball ? It looked like they gave him 2 bats? 1 from Wallner & 1 from Correa? Anyone know for sure? It took a couple innings of negotiation to complete
  2. These 2 games with the Dodgers just shows Twins fans how far away we really are from competing for a World Series title. I am bummed out now
  3. There is NO plan for the 2022 season. we just dumped a 50M contract . I hope the FO learns from that mistake. Trades with other teams is the only way out of this and pray Lewis sticks at SS
  4. October 2009 Yankee stadium ....and a FAIR BALL hit down the left line by Joe Mauer going to be a double...Sorry foul ball ruled by the umpire,,,..tough to beat the Yankees and the umpires @ Yankee stadium UGH
  5. Yes San Diego is the most beautiful city in America & i will be there tonight cheering on my Twins. 72 degrees and sunny. Meet all you Twins fans at the Tilted Kilt tonight at 5 pm
  6. wasn't he the guy that we traded that got us Scott Diamond??
  7. wasn't he the guy that we traded that got us Scott Diamond??
  8. Looks like the Twins are going to back up about 8 yards and PUNT on the 2013 season.... these free agent signings are just a 2 year stop gap fill-in till our minor league pitchers are worthy
  9. ......................WHY? Is Nick Blackburn going to pitch in the HomeRun Derby??
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