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  1. October 2009 Yankee stadium ....and a FAIR BALL hit down the left line by Joe Mauer going to be a double...Sorry foul ball ruled by the umpire,,,..tough to beat the Yankees and the umpires @ Yankee stadium UGH
  2. Yes San Diego is the most beautiful city in America & i will be there tonight cheering on my Twins. 72 degrees and sunny. Meet all you Twins fans at the Tilted Kilt tonight at 5 pm
  3. Cut Kubel now & give his at bats to a younger player. 153 at bats and 55 strikeouts?? something close to that anyway. Kubel does nothing for the Twins futue
  4. i also watched the Louisville game last night and came away feeling much better after watching Burdi throw. This kid is the real deal and will be pitching in the majors next year
  5. Twins have locked in on RH relief pitchers.....I think we need more than that
  6. Demuth drafted in 2013 by the Twins in the 8th round. So looks like he improved his draft stock
  7. Looks like we have enough closers now. Can we draft some LH starting pitchers please?
  8. oh, and 1 last thing. San Diego Tribune picked the Twins as the worst team in the American League. they even projected that Houston Astros will have a better record than the Twinkies
  9. Twins still a good 2 years away from even being competitive. Buxton & Sano are the future. Mauer will still be there. Kubel & bartlet will not be on the team by the all star break. Another 90 loss season. Does any one think Gardy will be there in 2 years? i do not
  10. yes place the younger players on waivers and keep the older players.....what is wrong with this picture? just wow...i can not say in words on how stupid this is
  11. Why do the Twins always seem to get "hosed" on most of their trades? Revere for what? cash? yes Ryan made one good trade for Nathan 15 years ago..Oh well hope fully Sano comes back to form next year with Buxton.
  12. Do not worry Twins Fans, we will be looking good come 2016......yes 2 more years now. We just got "pushed back" a few years before contending again.
  13. I support my Twins. I will be going to the games in San Diego when they come AND $20 on the Twinkies to WIN the World Series this year @ 80-1....yeah LETS GO TWINKIES
  14. i love this site and am very thankful to all the people that make it possible. Living in southern Cal there is no other site on earth where i can get my daily Twins fix with a click of my mouse. Keep up the good work gentlemen & Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  15. Jack: What year did you graduate from Lake Forest College?? I played basketball there from 1976-1980. Go Fighting Foresters
  16. yes, Lincecum off the market and signed for "reasonable" 17.5 million per year. He made 22 mill this year
  17. of course the players want Gardy back, they can lose 99,97,96 games a year and strike out all they want to and pitch to a 5+ ERA and guess what??? Every one has a job next year & the year after. Whoopie!!!!
  18. The Twins will be terrible for at least 2 more years anyway. So after 2 more 90+ losing seasons in 2014 & 2015, Gardy will be kicked upstairs and they replace him with Dougie baseball. All part of the plan
  19. i believe TR brings Gardy back. Why? Because TR believes no one could win with the roster that he himself put together. But it will be a 1 year deal with team option for year 2
  20. Sweet Twinkies coming to Petco Park in San Diego May 20th & 21st....beautiful park and in the Gas Lamp district... party time
  21. twins need to blow it up & rebuild. Enough with the 28-30 year old "rookies" getting their first taste of the majors. Go young and let the rebuild begin now. We are on our 3rd straight 90+ loss season in a row and it is not going to get any better next year.
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