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  1. It feels like he could managed similarly to Chris Archer this past year -- limit him to 75-80 pitches for the first month of the season, see how his body responds, and move forward from there. For this plan to work the Twins need to have an effective long reliever who can enter a game in the 5th inning and bridge the gap to the back of the bullpen in the 8th inning twice a week.
  2. I’m happy with this move if it helps lead to a Correa reunion. However, if we traded Urshela to simply sign Elvis Andrus, this move is a definite hindrance to our competitive outlook next year, and one that wasn’t worth making. The prospect looks intriguing, a potential reliever option in 3-5 years.
  3. I'm strongly in the "Leave Duran in the Pen Camp." He just showed that he can be an ELITE reliever over the course of an entire season. Why mess with greatness? How many games would we have lost had he not been in the bullpen? 8-10, maybe more? We simply don't have enough other high-quality relievers to replace his 70 late-game innings when he is pitching at the most crucial points of close games against the heart of our opponents' lineups. At this moment, we also seem to have some solid depth in our rotation (Gray, Ryan, Mahle, Maeda, Ober, Winder, Varland, SWR, Paddack, and potentially FAs) that is severely lacking in the bullpen.
  4. It feels like the Yankees gave up a pretty light package, especially considering what the Mariners gave up to get Castillo.
  5. I’ve been wondering if service time manipulation is going to come into play, especially because he started the year in the majors. I’m guessing Winder gets sent down once Ober returns both to conserve some innings on on his innings limit and to gain an extra year of service time.
  6. I don't see the downside to this sort of move -- I'm highly doubtful we would need to give up any prospects of any value because I'm sure WSH would like to get his contracts off their books in a noncompetitive season and there likely aren't many suitors for a soon-to-be 42 year old DH. By no means would Cruz need to be an everyday player, and how nice would it be to have his bat coming off the bench to pinch hit against these flame-throwing relievers every team seems to have. And while it seems like the Twins have a position-player/DH logjam, a trade of Cruz would certainly lengthen the lineup. Imagine a playoff lineup of 1. Arraez (1B) 2. Buxton (CF) 3. Correa (SS) 4. Polanco (2B) 5.Kepler (RF) 6. Cruz (DH) 7. Kiriloff (LF) 8. Sanchez (C) 9. Urshela (3B) That could rival any lineup in the league. Cruz can essentially replace what Garlick is doing and do more ( though I think Garlick is a really useful piece as a lefty-masher, Cruz could likely do just as well and offer more upside against righties). This move would also stop Rocco from penciling both catchers into the lineup 3-4 times every week -- a move that still baffles me considering Sanchez is hitting just slightly above average and Jeffers is hitting below average. Cruz can DH 3 days per week, especially against lefties (who Arraez really struggles against), Buxton can DH 2 days per week, with Arraez and Sanchez splitting the rest of the DH ABs. This would allow Arraez to roam around, play 1B 3 times per week, 2B once a week, and (maybe) play some 3B. Kiriloff can then roam LF and take some of Gordon's ABs.
  7. I love your idea of using him as an opener. Since Canterino’s only throwing 3-4 innings per start at AA, why not have him start the game so he remains in a role he’s comfortable in, and let him pitch until he hits his 60 pitch limit before bringing in Archer who can’t go more than 4 innings anyway. We have to do something to limit the wear and tear on our bullpen, and this strategy would go a long way to giving the bullpen nearly a full day off every 5-6 days.
  8. Nice post! Just wanted to point out that Urshela is currently leading the league in ground ball double plays with 10 in just 109 ABs. 9.2% of his ABs so far have ended in a ground ball double play, an absolutely baffling number considering he only has 109 ABs, and his previous career high was 16 in 420 ABs. If he can stop beating the ball into the ground to the left side, we might be able to create a few more rallies since GDPs are inning-killers.
  9. While I understand the allure of wanting to trade for a SP with multiple years of team control, those pitchers are FAR more expensive than rentals. And with the way our pitching pipeline is starting to bear fruit, we aren't in a position right now where we need to divest significant prospect capital to get someone like Frankie or Castillo. For the rest of this year, our starting staff includes Gray, Ryan, Ober, and Winder as the 4 guys we can "trust" with some inefficient Archer starts mixed in, Smeltzer spot starts, and hopefully as little of Bundy and his 88 MPH fastball as possible. Adding a 1-year rental like Price (who would almost certainly be affordable in terms of prospect capital) could really help bolster that group. We also have SWR, Canterino, Balazovic, Sands, and Varland knocking on the door ready to contribute. While they might not all be ready for 100 innings this year, I don't see any harm in calling up SWR or Balazovic in the next few months to see if they're capable of getting big league hitters out. Worst case scenario, they get lit up and we send them back down for some more "seasoning." Also, it sounds like Maeda might be able to contribute in September, which would be huge in helping us watch the innings of some of these young arms. While Paddack is likely out for a large chunk of 2023 (if he needs Tommy John), our starting staff looks pretty full. Next year, our rotation already looks pretty full (Gray, Ryan, Maeda, Ober, Winder, SWR, and Balazovic for sure, with Canterino, Sands, and Henriquez working out of the bullpen). While no team can ever have too much starting pitching, it wouldn't be worth it to part with 2 of our top 10 prospects for 1.5 years of Frankie when our rotation already goes 7 deep notwithstanding any free agent additions or a Paddack return for 2023.
  10. The official team website has 42 guys on the 40-man right now, so great question. The 5 easiest moves to make right now would be moving Sano and Paddack to the 60-Day IL, and outrighting Vallimont, Strotman, and/or Godoy.
  11. I’d rather have Jorge at SS and Arraez or Miranda at 2B than Gordon at SS.
  12. His package is essentially a faster, slightly more versatile but less useful at SS Ehire Adrianza, which can certainly be a useful piece on a winning club. However, if he doesn’t clear a .600 OPS this year, it’s hard to justify him locking down the utility role moving into next year. Another comment mentioned Miranda, Arraez, Steer, Martin, and Julien who are all essentially utility players capably of playing the same positions as Gordon (minus SS). And with Jorge capable of sliding back to SS when needed, it might get tough to justify keeping Gordon on the roster as one of 12 or 13 hitters, particularly since we don’t seem very comfortable playing Gordon at SS. He’s not an every day guy, but even if Correa leaves at the end of the year, Lewis is certain to step in at SS next year and keep Gordon in the exact same role, just with Steer, Martin, and Julien nipping at his heels with another year of development and at bats under their belts. I like Gordon, and while we have a handful of cheap, controllable years, he might not merit the roster spot in years to come.
  13. How long should his leash be? 0 inches, because he should be kept in a kennel (aka the bullpen or the waiver wire). I’m confused by people wondering who’ll step into the 5th starter role because Paddack has been OUTSTANDING with a 3.15 ERA that looks entirely sustainable. He looks like a legitimate #3 on a playoff team, far better than Bailey Ober who everyone seems to have locked into a mid-rotation spot when he returns. We should run with a 6-man rotation of Ryan, Gray, Paddack, Winder, Ober, and Archer for as long as we can until someone is injured. Either throw Bundy in the bullpen to see if he’s capable of coming in after Archer’s obligatorily short starts or keep someone like Cole Sands in the bullpen to piggyback off of Archer. I also can’t wait to see some of the other young studs like SWR, Canterino, Varland, etc.
  14. We’ve gotta think about Bundy moving to the ‘pen once Ober/Gray are back. I’m not trying to be all doom and gloom, but his stuff isn’t all that good (sub-90 mph fastball), and he’s been leaving a ton of pitches over the plate that he’d just been lucky to avoid more hard hit balls. Last year he had a 3.32 ERA through 3 starts before it had ballooned to 6.06 by the end of the year. No harm in moving him to the bullpen and allowing Winder to continue working as a starter. Bundy can come in and get some mop up work and slide back into the rotation if two of our other starters get injured.
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