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  1. Players should have one, and only one, chance at HOF induction. This way the baseball writers wouldn't be able to keep a player out for a year because he's not worthy to be "first ballot". It would also eliminate the hemming and hawing over the Blylevens of the world.
  2. What the Rays have done is nothing short of extraordinary. They're consistently competitive in one of the toughest divisions with a shoestring budget and a golf dome for a ballpark. There are certainly things the Twins could learn, but the Rays have been successful in spite of these things, not because of them. A subset of Twins fans seems to think the Rays blueprint is a road map for success. But the Rays are playing with one hand tied behind their back. If you gave the Rays 50-60M more to spend, they might actually spend it. My question is, how closely should the Twins follow the Rays example?
  3. I sure hope some of these guys have innings left in their arms once August comes around.
  4. 1. Bundy 2. Ober 3. Dobnak 4. Pineda (probably) 5. TBA We'll see how the lock out ends, but under the current CBA I really think the Twins would keep Ryan at AAA for a few weeks.
  5. Johan Santana. I never wanted to miss one of his starts. I loved watching him pitch.
  6. I have a feeling that the Twins signed this guy because they could get him, and not necessarily because they like him. It's a classic Twins move. I don't think he'll last the whole season, but maybe he can soak up some innings.
  7. As a baseball fan, I want my team to sign the good players they have developed, and I'm not interested in lottery ticket prospects. I want solid, established veterans on my team and I want a rooting interest. I would take Berrios 10 times out of 10.
  8. Yes I'm biased, but the thread invites bias by asking if the FO is "borderline hostile to not their guys". How would any of us know that? The whole topic is about our outside impression of the FO. Sorry for sharing mine.
  9. I'm not sure it has to do with "Their Guys"; I got that vibe more from the Terry Ryan org. than this one. The vibe I get from Falvine is that they are constantly trying to prove that they are the smartest guys in the room. And they frequently outsmart themselves.
  10. I think the writing was on the wall when Berrios was traded. If Berrios wasn't part of the Twins next winning team, then Buxton probably wasn't either. Now that Jose has extended with Toronto, it's pretty clear that he wasn't planning to test free agency like we were led to believe. Either the Twins had no intention of signing him, or Berrios wanted out, or both. I think we're in the same situation with Buxton now.
  11. I don't see any of these guys signing with the Twins coming off a last-place finish. I think we will see an Odorizzi or Maeda level trade as the big acquisition for 2022.
  12. I disagree. If Buxton doesn't like the team's chances, he can refuse to sign and force the Twins to trade him to a contending team. I would make the same point regarding item #2 on this list. The Twins can offer money, but if FA starters think they have a better shot somewhere else, then a couple million isn't going to change their minds.
  13. Maybe Berrios said he wanted to test free agency. Why would he want to do that? Maybe he felt he had a better chance of signing a long term deal with a different team. Or maybe he didn't like the team's direction. Or maybe it's just too darn cold. I think the Twins have a bad reputation with players around the league, including their own. But Berrios is gone and the FO remains, so we can make Berrios the bad guy here.
  14. That's interesting. I would think that being claimed by the 3rd eligible team means that Colina was snatched up pretty quickly. But I don't know the waiver system very well.
  15. Buxton has leverage over the Twins that Ortiz didn't. If Buxton doesn't want to stay, he can force a trade. If Buxton doesn't sign and has a HOF career somewhere else, it won't be completely the Twins fault for letting him go.
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