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  1. As a baseball fan, I want my team to sign the good players they have developed, and I'm not interested in lottery ticket prospects. I want solid, established veterans on my team and I want a rooting interest. I would take Berrios 10 times out of 10.
  2. Yes I'm biased, but the thread invites bias by asking if the FO is "borderline hostile to not their guys". How would any of us know that? The whole topic is about our outside impression of the FO. Sorry for sharing mine.
  3. I'm not sure it has to do with "Their Guys"; I got that vibe more from the Terry Ryan org. than this one. The vibe I get from Falvine is that they are constantly trying to prove that they are the smartest guys in the room. And they frequently outsmart themselves.
  4. I think the writing was on the wall when Berrios was traded. If Berrios wasn't part of the Twins next winning team, then Buxton probably wasn't either. Now that Jose has extended with Toronto, it's pretty clear that he wasn't planning to test free agency like we were led to believe. Either the Twins had no intention of signing him, or Berrios wanted out, or both. I think we're in the same situation with Buxton now.
  5. I don't see any of these guys signing with the Twins coming off a last-place finish. I think we will see an Odorizzi or Maeda level trade as the big acquisition for 2022.
  6. I disagree. If Buxton doesn't like the team's chances, he can refuse to sign and force the Twins to trade him to a contending team. I would make the same point regarding item #2 on this list. The Twins can offer money, but if FA starters think they have a better shot somewhere else, then a couple million isn't going to change their minds.
  7. Maybe Berrios said he wanted to test free agency. Why would he want to do that? Maybe he felt he had a better chance of signing a long term deal with a different team. Or maybe he didn't like the team's direction. Or maybe it's just too darn cold. I think the Twins have a bad reputation with players around the league, including their own. But Berrios is gone and the FO remains, so we can make Berrios the bad guy here.
  8. That's interesting. I would think that being claimed by the 3rd eligible team means that Colina was snatched up pretty quickly. But I don't know the waiver system very well.
  9. Buxton has leverage over the Twins that Ortiz didn't. If Buxton doesn't want to stay, he can force a trade. If Buxton doesn't sign and has a HOF career somewhere else, it won't be completely the Twins fault for letting him go.
  10. That we are having this discussion at all means that Berrios is at least a good #2. He's also just entering his prime. He's got plenty of time left to have postseason success.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but since Ryan was a September call up, his service clock hasn't started yet, right? Will the Twins keep him at AAA until June?
  12. I don't disagree with the article, but... If you were Byron Buxton, and you turned down the last contract offer, would you be more inclined to re-up now in a rebuild? I think if the Twins go this way, they need to trade Buxton.
  13. The Twins don't sign free agent starters who are as good as Berrios. They have openings but will more likely fill them with JA Happ types. That's just my observation after 20 years following this team. I hope you're right about the prospects.
  14. Trade Buxton in the off-season, before he gets the chance to get hurt. If he turned down the most recent offer, why would he be more inclined to sign a deal after the Berrios trade? If I was Buxton I would want out.
  15. I can't fault the Red Sox for this. Twins fans would want their FO to do the same thing. Good on them.
  16. Get creative. Trade a prospect. Make an aggressive move. Throw out spring training invites by the dozens. Basically, do more. Honestly, I think there was (and is) still plenty of room for a Kyle Gibson in this staff.
  17. "Not wanting to come here" meaning a combination of factors; bad weather, high taxes, lack of horse stables, what have you. I also mean the contract terms that were (or weren't) offered, and the Twins reputation around the league. So what I mean to ask is, did Falvine not improve the rotation because they have faith? Or because they struck out?
  18. So did we sign these guys because we have a lot of faith in our system? Or because all of the better options didn't want to come here?
  19. I sincerely hope that the Twins weren't waiting to swing a trade because it might have affected their chances of signing Rich Hill.
  20. I appreciate the positive take, but the market says otherwise. There's a reason Bailey got a one-year deal with the Twins.
  21. Teams that don't expect to contend won't want Rosario, and teams that do expect to contend won't want to give up MLB pitching for him. The best you could hope for is a Denard Span-like package... a minor league starter who is probably a reliever, and a single-A lottery ticket.
  22. I do not look forward to once again discussing the merits of going "all in" in 2026 after five more three-and-out playoff appearances. And there's no guarantee that the Twins will stay relevant by being risk-averse.
  23. I think the Twins plan to make Graterol a reliever. If his arm stays healthy he could be a good one. Dobnak, Smeltzer & Thorpe, I think, are all depth guys. Pitchers you call up when one of your starters is hurt or suspended. Not the kind of pitchers who should be a good team's "Plan A". The Twins will roll with Dobnak out of the gate because he was effective most recently, but I think Smeltzer is at least marginally better.
  24. Serious question for any fans not originally from Minnesota. Does any other fanbase or local media care as much as we do about their team spending money responsibly? Twins fans and writers are so conditioned to protect the Pohlads' pocketbook. I guess I wonder if other markets go through the same "don't spend money just to spend money" spiel every offseason. If the Pohlads waste a bunch of money on a pitcher, they'll still have another zillion dollars in the bank to get more pitchers.
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