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  1. What does that have to do with building next years team? Your FO also drove us from first to dead last in the weakest division in baseball. You might be fine with the sell assets to get an asset, but I would rather have that as a last resort and instead just buy the assets and give nothing up and use our young assets for ourselves. One minute you are defending the FO (Like here) and other times hammering on them.
  2. I find it remarkable to see all the comments about not concerned about the inaction this offseason. Has this FO shown a track-record to be the sevants of free agency and routinely get the diamonds from a pile of coal? Unless my memory is failing me, this is not how I recall previous off-seasons. So now only real path to improvement will be trades - losing our young talent base to get someting this FO thinks they can home grow but have been unable to produce to this point (pitching). Why not keep the talent and just buy it on the open market - I guess that would make too much sense. At this point I am also in the camp of apathy which for the organization is a terrible camp for fans to be located.
  3. Chicken Little had no prior history to go off of for his pronoucement of doom. We Twins fans have plenty of history (and recent) to support this position. Well written Nick!
  4. The easy answer is to simply watch the actions of Pohlad and the FO (especially the curent one, but past ones as well), not listen to the words. If we simply do that, over the course of the last 2+ decades you will see an organization whose total focus is to maximize cash flow/profits. If they stumble into winning along the way to profit maximization then that is a bonus. This is the one thing the organization can lay claim to as their area of expertise - not free agent acquisition, not player development, not international signing, and not drafting new talent. Maximizing profit/cashflow which is what this ownership has always wanted.
  5. His record in the playoffs is better than the Twins history during that time
  6. Let me help you a little bit with understanding my post. 1 Time out of 24 they have 'splurged'. 11 times they have spent just 'average'. And 12 times they have gone less than their revenue rank - which I would define as CHEAP. If they would go as many times over their rank as under, then at best you could call them average - which is simply not the case. Seems you also interchange average/mean with median rankings. League average is skewed higher due to some really high spenders. I have not specifically done the math, but 10-15% less than average may be higher that the median which would be 15. If I can afford to buy a Honda, but routinely get a POS Dodge then most people, especially my family would call me CHEAP.
  7. Yes the Twins have now ONCE ponnied up for a real FA (Donaldson) and yet there was debate whether he was the right player to do this with (and the debate still rages on). I would not personally hang my hat on a team and FO that has accomplished a simple feat such as this once. As for 2022 - not sure I would call our chances 'excellent' unless the team/FO miraculously triple the number of of real FA they have signed to 3 from the current 1. I for one will believe it when I see it given past history. Too many times have I been fooled to fall for this again. As for Pohlads being cheap - over the last 20-25 yrs how many time have the Twins been in the top third of payroll vs the bottom third of payroll? Here is the breakdown of Twins payroll rank since 1998: Top 1/3 - 1. Middle 1/3 - 11 (most frequently 18/19). 20th or less - 12 (bottom 4 a total of 4 times) Not sure what your definition of low/cheap is, but the above figures certainly fit my definition.
  8. sjunisu

    Saddest sports city

    You are mistaking jealously and insecurity for anger and frustration. The Vikings are an absolte basketcase and have been for years (which is unfortunate as they have owners who are willing to spend money and appear to be fans of the game). The Wild and Wolves have owners that are clueless on how to win in their respective sports (although the Wild hiring GMBG was a strong move and looks like might slowly move them forward). As for the Twins, the owner cares more about yearly cash-flow than any sense of loyalty/responsibility to the fans (and don't get me started with its a business and they need to make money - the massive increase in franchise valuation is where they make their money, as it is with any owner/franchise). I could understand the Pohlads approach if the Twins were their primary business (like when Al Davis owned the Raiders), but the Twins are just a cog in the Pohlad money machine. Unlike other major sports owners, it does not appear that owning the franchise provides them with any real joy or excitement - which honestly shows in the performance and approach of the team over time.
  9. I honestly did not even think this was debatable at this point. We got the use of a 4th outfielder (which are a dime a dozen) for a lottery ticket that looks like cashed big and would certainly look good in our rotation going into 2022. I don't need to be Nostradamus to know the Yankees will have won this trade in the same way they have been dominating our Twins over the last decade - in decisive fashion
  10. sjunisu

    Saddest sports city

    Maybe we can all form a circle and sing Kumbaya and be thankful our billionaire owner overlords simply let us have the privledge of watching their teams perform while continually giving them more of our tax money.
  11. Very fair question. Honestly depends on how that 82-80 looks and was reached. If that level is reached w/ Miranda/Kirilloff/Larnach getting extended playing time and growth during the season, along with 3 young starters showing real potential (might already be 2/3 there with Ryan and Ober but want to see a whole season), 1+ top level starter signed for at least 4-5 yrs, significantly improved defense, and a respectable bullpen then I am OK (this also assumes quality growth from Lewis, Martin, and Celistino as well as continued strong growth from other minor league arms) However, if that record is reached with 2-3 1yr pitching contracts (starters), 1 yr position rentals like Cron/Schoop, a hodge/podge pen, and prospects still not showing up in quantity at the MLB level, then I will have seen enough. 2022 will be year 6 for the duo - they spent much of 2021 running thru other organizations cast-off arms. They need to show me their drafted/acquired arms are ready to perform. 6 yrs is enough time. For what its worth (probably not much).
  12. Agreed, and if we look at 2021 are just as quickly taking that staff back down the list as well as into last place in the division. Next year is make or break - either your example of Top 10 staffs and division titles is representative (and if so awesome!!), or the lower rung staff and no playoffs is where we are at. My personal view is the later as I just haven't seen this FO ability to sign quality FA pitchers. I truly hope I am wrong.
  13. They get one more year in my book and no more. Next year's moves need to be the polar opposite in performance than this year's moves. They don't get multiple years to improve after under-performing/breaking what they had previous. No one should accept a near full rebuild given where things were when they arrived (I count 1st year as the baseline of what was inherited as they could have little impact in year 1). 2022 is the litmus test and will show which was the outlier 2019 or 2021.
  14. How many times does this FO get for 'Things not going right' before it becomes 'Doing things wrong'?
  15. Nick - I like your writing and willingness to put out a very public plan, but I do not see this plan as having a 'Good' rotation in 2022. Corey Kluber, Charlie Morton, Alex Cobb, Andrew Heaney at this point in their careers are back-end starters. Same with Pineda. Taillion I would realistically put in th 3/4 range at this point. Dobnak I view more as a fill-in type bouncing between Twins/Saints. Right now I see 2 pitchers for the Twins (Ober and Ryan). I do think they could have 1 more from internal selections you listed as a back-end option at some point next yr (haven't seen any of them yet). But in order to get to 'Good' (heck even average) they are going to have to spend money or trade real assets which the FO has not been willing to do. Two of Stroman/Rodon/Gausman/Ray with our internal options might get us slightly above average next yr. If the two are more like Kluber or Duffy (who I would be fine with as 3/4) leading the charge, then the staff won't even be average. Two of those 4 are going to cost $34-40M and unfortunately the Twins have never spent that on a pitcher (let alone 2). However, if they could get 2 of those 4 (or similar) along with Maeda back in 2023, along with growth from the internal candidates, they would have the makings of a 'Good' staff by 2023 which at this point is the best case scenario.
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