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  1. I like this idea. I honestly think the ten year length alone could do it. The Yankees and Dodgers don’t seem to be in on the shortstops this year, and Boston is focused on Bogaerts. I think the Phillies are a dark horse. Maybe Houston, but they just signed Jose Abreu and might want to spend somewhere other than the infield going forward. It seems like once again, teams aren’t lining up with these mega deals.
  2. This trade is nothing but perfect evidence of stuff I don't like!
  3. I came across it on Twitter. Not sure how accurate it will wind up being. The numbers don’t seem like they’ll be blocky like these ones, which I think is a shame.
  4. Based on a teaser the team released, this one might be closer to what they reveal tomorrow. Count me in:
  5. I’m probably in the minority, but I hope they bring back the pinstripe gray road uniforms with the block letters. Anyway, the leaked script looks awesome.
  6. Mainly a hunch. He's a year older and will likely move off shortstop partway through a long term deal. To cross the $300 million threshold, I think he'd need 10 years. I don't think a team will sign him for that long. I guess I wouldn't be shocked if it happened, but I would be a little surprised.
  7. To me, it seems unlikely that Correa will get a $300 million contract, which is probably what he's going for. The question is whether the Twins will offer him something that is good enough. I think they should (not that they will) offer him 8/250 and see what happens. In any case, it seems like they mean it when they say they want to keep him. I actually think they have an okay shot at signing him, maybe something like 10%. They have the benefit of a longer negotiation window, and the fact that he signed here last year means that a surprise can happen.
  8. I’d maybe be interested in Syndergaard, but not as a starter.
  9. Maybe Rocco should chill and throw back a few cold ones in the dugout now and then.
  10. I don't particularly care what kind of baseball they play as long as they win games.
  11. It's actually the self-righteousness and headstrong insistence that there's only one way to play baseball that bother me, not the Rocco bashing itself. There are good reasons to both retain and fire him.
  12. I’m not being snarky—if this is the style of baseball you want to watch, you should switch to college baseball.
  13. If I remember correctly, Berrios was the only starter they had under contract for more than one year. There is value in having stability, even on the back end.
  14. I think there are probably way more guys who have blown their arms out than pitched as many innings for as long as Bert did.
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