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  1. How do you know it’s “dinking around” and not poor control? Why is a player not ultimately responsible for how he plays? By this logic, a player should never be benched, because his performance isn’t really his performance—it’s the coach’s. That’s absurd. And I’m also glad I’m not a coach.
  2. What should the pitching coach say? “Throw a strike”? Do you think these guys need to be told to throw strikes? If a guy gets ahead 0-2 and then, say, walks the batter, that’s on the guy throwing the baseball!
  3. How do you disentangle those two very separate categories? Is Wes Johnson the one throwing pitches down the middle of the plate? I haven’t seen that.
  4. Colome and Simmons are of course part of “the players.” So your chart puts the players at 45%. That’s not high enough.
  5. Your chart is weird, because it says everyone except the players are to blame.
  6. SSS, but it looks like the Math Boys were not actually morans for waiting a while to call up Moran. He’s not off to a good start and will have to prove himself in the spring.
  7. Indeed, think about who is doing the advertising. It’s not the Twins.
  8. Just to echo what others have said, it’s the Twins, and it’s not particularly close. The raw WAR totals both players have put up the last two seasons are far apart: 3.7 for Maeda to 0.5 for Graterol. Graterol will likely add to that before hitting free agency, but the Twins got a Chance Young runner up in a playoff year.
  9. Austudillo doesn’t catch anymore because he’s an awful catcher. Defense counts, you know.
  10. Rortvedt went 1-2 last night. I don’t think he was the problem. Refsnyder got in the game as a pinch hitter (for Rortvedt, so that may have made you happy). Would a couple extra at bats from him have alleviated the toll of stranding 19 runners? I doubt it. Who should Austudillo have replaced? The point is that Baldelli is playing the guys he has. There was no one on the bench obviously better than anyone who started. Baldelli can’t unilaterally call players up from the minors. I think people are complaining for the sake of complaining, because they don’t like when the team loses.
  11. You can’t use Turtle to pinch hit, because then he’s unavailable to pitch.
  12. Who was on the bench that should have been playing?
  13. Yeah, I think Austin will see plenty of time in the majors next year, just not for the first couple months of the season. If they trade Buxton, my feelings will be different.
  14. Regarding Ryan’s potential as a top, mid, or backend starter, I think his unique profile makes him really hard to predict. Not many guys throw a single pitch so often, especially fastballs. Most guys who do are relievers. Even so, Ryan has been successful in the minors due in large part to his unusual arm motion. To my amateur eyes, his ceiling is a bit better than what we got in Berrios. A less good (but still acceptable) outcome is that he throws quality innings from the bullpen. I think a fair expectation is something like Lance McCullers, but with lots of fastballs instead of curves: a dependable mid rotation arm you trust to compete in a playoff series.
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