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  1. Your weird partisanship about Baldelli is annoying. I’d guess most people who post here are Baldelli agnostic. There’s a few, like yourself, who hyperbolize his ineptitude and assume everyone who disagrees is “pro” Rocco. Let’s have an interesting discussion, not a Facebook thread.
  2. I agree with you on pretty much all of this. Berry’s bat is enticing, but they’ve drafted numerous guys like him over the past few years. Cross would be unexciting to me—basically another Larnach but taken 15 or so spots higher. I would be okay with Susac, but agree his bat is a concern. Joey Bart is apparently a comp some scouts like, which to me isn’t in his favor. If Collier or Parada are there at 8, they’ve gotta run to the podium and take one of them. Ultimately I think it will be Neto, and I think that would be a really nice pick. He has some stuff to clean up with his hitting mechanics, but the hit tool is there, he can run, and the glove is legit. He’s maybe a little like Nick Gordon in that none of his tools are elite, but he does everything well. Unlike Gordon, he seems like a decent bet to stick at short and develop some real game power. Honestly he strikes me as a player the Dodgers would take.
  3. I haven’t looked into this specifically, but a superficial glance at league-wide IP leaders the other day showed that only about 12 or so pitchers (give or take a few) in all of MLB are averaging 6.0 innings per start or higher. It stands to reason that starters are throwing fewer pitches as well, and that it’s not limited to one or even half the teams.
  4. The “fire Rocco” stuff is gonna be all over this website every time they lose until he’s no longer the manager, isn’t it? The fact of the matter is that players are paid to be effective. The one person with by far the most control over Pagan’s performance is Pagan himself. This is Major League Baseball. There’s no blaming the coach when you fail. As for Baldelli, who is also the main factor in his own performance, I think it’s perfectly defensible not to use Duran in that situation. If he goes two innings, he may not be available for the rest of the series. If he only pitches the 8th, then it’s probably Pagan in the ninth and neither are available for the nightcap. I’m sure it feels good to call for Baldelli’s head every single time they lose a game.
  5. Bob Feller is our measuring stick for a backend starter now? Tough crowd.
  6. Agreed. Going through some adversity could help them later in the season when the pressure ramps up, too.
  7. Correa came up with the winning run on second base and nobody out. You have your 3, 4, and 5 hitters in line to drive that run in. By letting him swing, your giving the team three chances to drive the run in instead of two. I just don’t think it’s good baseball to have your three hole hitter bunt, especially when the winning run is looking at him across the diamond.
  8. You want your number three hitter bunting with the winning run in scoring position?
  9. I actually don’t see an issue with this. Reyes is very strikeout prone. Guys like him often swing and miss at breaking balls. Ryan struck him out throwing nothing but sliders early in the game, if I remember correctly. It’s not pitch selection, but placement. You gotta hit your spots.
  10. This is a good retrospective. I recall the Twins being tied to Turner for a while. Boy would that have been nice. I wasn’t excited about him as a prospect. Was I wrong. At the time I wanted them to take Nola. Those first few rounds were a bit perplexing. I believe that was during their run of drafting relievers with the idea of converting them into starters.
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