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  1. Harold Baines deserves it more than A.J. Pierzynski, and Baines doesn’t really deserve it.
  2. My memory of Darvish at least is that they were in it until the end, when the Cubs finally offered an extra year.
  3. Right. It would be stupid to make an offer in bad faith. What if the guy accepts?
  4. I’m curious to see which arms get traded. If I was Derek Falvey, I’d call my peers in Philadelphia and see what they want for a package of Nola and Gregorius. Nola has one guaranteed year left plus a team option and would be an instant extension candidate. Gregorius was borderline unplayable last year, but is also an interesting bounce back candidate who would reduce Philadelphia’s prospect haul. Other arms to consider are Rogers in Miami and Gallen in Arizona. All of them would be costly in terms of prospects, but I think the twins need to be willing to part with Lewis, Kirilloff, Larnach, Balazovic, or Duran (not all of them, but one or two) to improve the major league rotation.
  5. I see. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if the league would consider it some kind of unfair tampering or collusion. They should talk to other teams!
  6. I’m curious, once the lockout starts can teams “unofficially” discuss trades? I know they can’t make any transactions, but could they have a hypothetical discussion about what they’d accept or offer for players A, B, and C?
  7. Ok, this is a good start to the winter. I withdraw my recent criticisms of the front office (although I still wish they they met Berrios’ terms). Happy day!
  8. I liked the trade when it happened, because Berrios seemed intent on hitting free agency. If he was signed for 7/140 when the trade was made, he would have brought back a lot more than Martin and SWR. Ten times out of ten, I’d rather have the proven pitcher signed to a somewhat team friendly deal.
  9. Could be. I wonder if he just went back and forth with the Twins, saw they weren’t interested in even approaching a market rate contract, and assumed other teams operate the same way? Or maybe he didn’t anticipate being traded. Who knows. At the end of the day, I think Toronto’s front office outsmarted ours, even though I like the return they got for Berrios.
  10. Well, after years of negotiating with the Twins, he signed in Toronto very quickly at a very affordable price. I agree the length of the deal is probably a factor. But jeez.
  11. I understand your point, but the problem is that the numbers we’ve seen don’t at all constitute a big contract. Jon Gray will sign a higher AAV deal this winter.
  12. My guess is that Falvey has a number in mind that he isn’t willing to cross, even by a little. Doogie tweeted that they came nowhere close to what Toronto offered for Berrios, so the same thing could be playing out here. Perhaps this is why his name keeps popping up in the rumor mill whenever a team has a front office vacancy…I’ve been a supporter of this front office, but the Buxton situation is very quickly unraveling my trust. It’s just such a no brainer. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If the numbers we’ve seen are at all accurate, then clearly there’s a way. There just seems to be no will.
  13. Dan Hayes and Ken Rosenthal have a piece about Buxton in The Athletic today. To summarize: Others in the industry expect them to trade Buxton. There has been no progress to date since their discussions broke down at the trade deadline. Falvey: “At this point of the off-season we’re still just navigating our planning and strategy and trying to understand what’s available to us and what the market looks like . . . There are people on our team that are interesting to other clubs and we just always need to work through what does that look like, what does our team look like as we navigate it.” The tea leaves seem to be signaling a Buxton trade. If that happens, then there’s not really a reason to watch this team as far as I’m concerned. The Twins brass should remember that the Twin Cities are mostly a football and hockey town.
  14. This seems right to me. I’m guessing (purely guessing) that the Twins weren’t offering anything all that close to 7 years.
  15. Yeah, they should have hired Brian Snitker. The Braves just won the World Series and he’s their manager.
  16. Sounds like the Mets tagged Syndergaard with a qualifying offer. I think that should pretty much eliminate him from consideration. To me, it wouldn’t be wise to give up a draft pick for a guy on a bounce back deal. I think they should focus their free agency energies on one of the shortstops and work the trade market for pitching.
  17. Bad teams have only bad players, and good teams have only good players. Is that your point?
  18. I’ve mentioned this on a few other threads, but I think they should call the Rays about Glasnow. I’m guessing Tampa would rather not pay him to rehab all year, so the Twins could get a discount. It’s definitely a move for 2023, but I’d like to see them work something out.
  19. For a while in college, I worked at TCF Bank stadium on the operations crew. It was the inaugural year of the stadium, so it was pretty cool to have access to all the luxury areas and secret spots. We may or may not have raided the freezers in the DQ Club once or twice during the night cleaning shifts . . . Anyway, the Iowa bathroom thing was only about a year old at the time, so everyone remembered it. If we walked in on something like that at the Bank, we were supposed to radio the supervisor with a “code Iowa.” It never happened when I worked there—not among the fans, at least.
  20. I miss the $3 student nights. There was nothing better than setting down the text books, taking the bus from the U to the Dome on a Wednesday night, and enjoying the cheap ticket and dollar hot dogs. And maybe one or two . . . cokes.
  21. Rodriguez would be a good signing. Pineda seems like the most likely. Heany…I thought we wanted the FO to learn from the Shoemaker debacle.
  22. I think it’s worth pointing out that, based on the evidence you provided, Santana’s peak is actually up there with Koufax’s. Not saying it was as good, but it’s up there.
  23. I have no knowledge of this “season” you are referring to.
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