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  1. Sam Deduno, Pedro Hernandez, P.J. Walter, Cole DeVries, etc. all made regular starts not all that long ago. So no, not the worst by any means.
  2. First off, I'm glad the Twins won. I'm on the east coast and fell asleep well before it was over, but it was nice to see a lot of quality performances on both sides of the ball. Regarding Ober, I understand Baldelli's reasons for pulling him. However, I'd like to push back on the idea that it "doesn't matter" whether he got credit for the win last night or not. In the grand scheme of things, sure, of course it doesn't matter. (FWIW, we could also say that it ultimately "doesn't matter" if he threw one more inning.) But I think it probably matters to Ober, which is not something that I thi
  3. I agree. The ump’s zone was consistently expanded for both teams. It’s a fallacy to assume that a ball outside the strike zone that gets called a strike is always or only the result of the catcher. Framing metrics assume a causal A —> B relationship, where A = catcher framing and B = called strike. The problem is that one might not actually have to do with the other. This is the problem I’ve always had with framing metrics: they assume a causal relationship that has not been rigorously proven. But it’s now baked into the conventional wisdom that this relationship exists with reliable consis
  4. Cripes, it’s only baseball. We don’t need this dehumanizing crap.
  5. Regarding Baldelli’s lack of regret: I don’t think it’s implausible that he would say one thing to the media and mean another, especially when it comes to strategy.
  6. I don’t understand why rehab assignments are suddenly so controversial. This is how teams have brought players back from injury for decades.
  7. You’re technically right, but I don’t mind them playing the probabilities.
  8. Lol. Rocco seems no more likely to get hurt than any of the other guys they’ve put in center so far. Part of analytics is experimenting with the status quo, right? He’s probably still better with the glove than some fairly recent Twins outfielders. Willingham, Arcia…
  9. Last night I went down the Baseball Reference and Wikipedia rabbit holes, looking at different player/managers throughout baseball history. Obviously they were a lot more common a hundred years ago, but they haven't been totally absent from the modern game. The last person to serve at once in both capacities is Pete Rose, who was the player/manager for the Reds from 1984-86. This got me wondering, who are the players now that would make capable player/managers, either on the Twins or throughout the league? I actually think Josh Donaldson would be a candidate. He is obviously very knowledg
  10. Well, a couple that he threw to Stanton are lodged in the bleachers at Target Field. Does that help??
  11. Yes, we all remember the 2020 world champion Cincinnati Reds…and Oakland A’s.
  12. Judging by the number of promotions to the MLB roster (driven largely by injury, I admit), I don’t think this is true at all. Even so, it’s reasonable to keep guys at one level for a while given that most went over a year without playing in any games.
  13. Tampa doesn’t seem like the team to take on a veteran contract, even if it’s only for part of the season. Just a friendly note: I found the click-baity headline of this thread a little off putting.
  14. That’s a really interesting video. Thanks for sharing. Lots of speculation in it, but the speculation seems well founded. Regardless, MLB has a big problem on their hands. I hope they crack down.
  15. It seems like Dyson may have been bluffing, which is not uncommon on that type of play. Who knows, though. Larnach is a lefty, so I think the angle was fine if he needed to make a throw. Mostly, I think balls hit to left field should be caught by the left fielder. At any rate, it’s over and done with. Celestino made some blunders.
  16. Disagree. The ball was hit pretty much to left field. Larnach was already settled under it while Celestino was still moving over from center. There is no way a runner is tagging to third on that ball no matter who catches it.
  17. I agree. This is true of pretty much all MLB baseball at the moment. The league’s big problem isn’t necessarily that games take too long, it’s that pitching and defense have been optimized to the point that the game is just plain boring to watch.
  18. I agree on the importance of a good bullpen. As we have seen, a bad relief corps can unravel a season really quickly. In terms of building a pen, I don’t think it’s as simple as “sign the best free agents.” That probably doesn’t hurt, but it’s common enough for guys to come out of nowhere and pitch at an elite level for a year or two that 1) taking fliers might often be a better investment and 2) cheaper fliers can mitigate the possibility of expensive relievers falling off a cliff or otherwise under-performing their contracts. (I wonder if that applies to anyone on the Twins right n
  19. Man, Colomé is basically unusable right now. I came across a stat from Aaron Gleeman saying that his WPA before tonight was the worst ever after a pitcher's first eight appearances for a new team. He's apparently the only pitcher in MLB history to be under -2.0 WPA in that span. I'm sure it's even worse after tonight. I don't know what you even do with him. I guess stash him away and only use him for mop up duty. Honestly some of the worst relief pitching I've seen watching the team for 25+ years.
  20. Major League players should already know how to play baseball. That’s why they’re professionals. The manager isn’t there to teach fundamentals.
  21. I don’t know what Baldelli or any manager could possibly say to a Major League player that would get him to throw strikes or field a routine ground ball. The players have to perform. It’s as simple as that.
  22. I didn’t see anything except the last two batters of the game. What a clown show.
  23. We have a few options when a player underwhelms: blame the people who put him on the roster, blame the person who does or doesn’t put him in the lineup, blame the player himself, or accept that succeeding in the Majors is extremely difficult. At the end of the day the players have to do their job. Jeffers warrants some patience because of his age and talent, but it’s ultimately on him to reach his potential. This isn’t a video game where players have numerical ratings that automatically determine the quality of their play.
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