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  1. I'm glad I took advantage of the MiLBTV $29.00 subscription deal when it was offered. I'll spent the rest of the season watching the Saints/Wind Surge/Kernels and hoping for the future.
  2. Its fine in Spring Training when the games don't count. If integrated into the regular season, I'm afraid it would quickly become as boring and tedious as post game interviews. Let the boys concentrate on the game at hand. Entertain us with the play on the field.
  3. I'm hoping they use Kaat as much as he is willing to do. He is a treasure.
  4. My wish list: Castro: Yes (as a low cost backup) Cron: Yes Schoop: No Gibson: No Big Mike: Yes Odorizzi: Yes Perez: No Romo: Yes
  5. Solo home runs aren't going to beat you. Or so I've heard when the Twins hit them.
  6. Unless there is a major setback with his health issues, I have no doubt Gibby is on the post-season roster. Most likely as an "opener" in a bullpen game or middle innings relief.
  7. Maybe we should allow for some type of formal legal process before we start locking people up. The Luis Castillo drug ring allegations being a recent example.
  8. I definitely wasn't questioning your post. I was questioning the poster who appeared to be questioning your comment on Balazovic's good work ethic.
  9. Is there a question about his work ethic? I just read an article on MiLB.com that said: Like he did last year, he plans to spend the offseason working out in Fort Myers, trying to put on weight and build up strength. "I'm gonna be working on that changeup and my breaking stuff to be able to throw it whenever I want in counts and be more consistent with it," Balazovic said. Sounds like good work ethic to me!
  10. Love a good ball game. In August. Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, this has been fun.
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