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  1. Pace of play is a problem. TV has has added 30 seconds to each break to make advertising quotas. How about shorten breaks by those 30 seconds with an advertising bug on the TV during play, with an announcer's read of "This 1/2 inning is sponsored by..." That would shorten games by 8.5 minutes (with no in-game pitching changes).
  2. I like it. I would put Toronto in our division. That would put the 2 Pennsylvania teams in the same division.
  3. Because most teams see teams don't want players to change their approach to hitting because of a shift. That might screw up their swings. Plus the shifting team is saying a single to the opposite field is better than a double in the gap or a home run.
  4. I wouldn't call it a garage, but a manufacturing process. Let's see how the players on the backfields develop before pooh-poohing the process.
  5. Is there a stat for errors prevented? Because Joe bailed out Sano & Polanco more times than I can remember.
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