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Prielipp and Paddock.....any updates?

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Paddack is doing some long tossing and I think throwing off the mound, but I'm not sure how much or what his limits are. I saw him throwing some while I was down in FtM but not pitching. I don't know what his timeline is.

And I think I saw a photo from somewhere of Prielipp throwing. Again, don't know how much or how hard yet.

Edit: Saw the photo of Prielipp in @ashbury's blog ... 


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Community Leader
9 minutes ago, Nine of twelve said:

I look at anything we get out of PaddAck this year as a bonus. I know it's been 10 months since his surgery but with it being his second one I can't see much good in pushing him too fast.

That seems to be the approach he and the Twins have as well. He's talked about the plans and he's not planning on pitching for the Twins this year, but if it does happen that's great. 

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Community Moderator
55 minutes ago, cheeseheadgophfan said:


I'll respond to my own question...LOL

Saw this today.....man he looks like a young Mark Langston.  Excited for his future.


Man, I don't know what I like better, the velocity or those sturdy broad shoulders. Fingers crossed, but I think we have a winner here.

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Prielipp is the reason I believe the Twins were willing to trade their other 2 lefty prospects last year.   Priellip is fully healthy.  The injury hurt his prospect ranking which was odd to me because the waiting was over, other than uncertainty on his current ability.   I think last years draft is looking like the Twins knocked it out of the park.  Now just have to wait the 2-3 years and see if Lee Prielipp and how the rest of the draftees work up through the system.  

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