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Vin Scully, 1927-2022

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"In the cathedral that is Yankee stadium, the moment belongs to a Chapel", from the Kevin Costner movie FOR LOVE OF THE GAME, which I admit is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Unless it was Hollywood hyperbole, it's been my understanding they filmed the movie and then basically turned the script and movie over to Scully and Steve Sax to provide commentary after the fact. And if true, while a fictional situation, that line is a testament to the greatness and brilliance of Scully.

Was thinking about this while driving today.

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I agree guys, he was the best ever.  My wife is the Heritage Days Coordinator for Mayo Clinic and each year they do a movie to highlight someone who has a tie in with Mayo Clinic history.  One such movie is about Moonlight Graham, who people became aware of after the Field of Dreams movie.  

I remember my wife saying to me, "we've tried James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner to see if they would narrate this, but both turned us down."  And I suggested "why don't you reach out to Vin Scully?  I'm not sure he's ever been a Mayo patient, but he's the greatest storyteller baseball has ever had.  He'd be perfect."  So she reached out and Vin said he'd do it.  That's the kind of man he was.  And he was indeed "Perfect."  Check the film out some time.  You won't be disappointed.  

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