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One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending NL Team

Each contending team has holes to fill as the deadline approaches. Here is how the Twins can help each contending NL team.

Mets, Third Base

Before his recent injury, reports serviced of the Twins and Mets having some initial discussions about a deal involving Josh Donaldson. There are obviously plenty of things to consider with the amount of money remaining on his contract. How much money do the Twins need to cover? What kind of prospect can they get in return? Donaldson has continued to produce offensively, and he can be an October weapon for a club that is willing to deal with some of his antics. Potential Fit: Josh Donaldson

Nationals, Starting Pitcher

The Nationals have been riding Max Scherzer at the top of the rotation, but there are plenty of other question marks in the rest of their staff. Realistically, Washington needs to add multiple starters including someone with more upside than Pineda. That being said, the NL East is up for grabs, and they have an opportunity to head back to October with rotational upgrades. Potential Fit: Michael Pineda

Brewers, Offensive Upgrade

Milwaukee finds themselves at the top of the NL Central thanks in large part to a tremendous pitching staff. If they want to find October success, they are going to need to add more to their offense. Nelson Cruz would look great in the middle of their line-up, but no NL DH means that’s out of the question. Donaldson can add a power bat to their line-up if the Twins are willing to eat most of the contract to send him to their border state rival. Potential Fit: Donaldson

Reds, Relief Pitcher

Cincinnati’s bullpen is terrible as they rank near the bottom of the NL in many metrics. They likely need to add multiple relievers to find any sort of run to the postseason, but are they going to want to surrender the capital needed to make this happen? Minnesota has multiple relievers that are available including plenty of arms with late-inning experience. Potential Fit: Taylor Rogers

Giants, Starting Pitcher

San Francisco wasn’t supposed to be at the top of the NL West, but baseball is a funny game. Their line-up doesn’t have many glaring needs, so adding to their starting pitching depth seems like the best way to stay at the top of the division. Jose Berrios might be one of the best starters available at the deadline and he can keep them at the top of their division. Potential Fit: Jose Berrios

Dodgers, Starting Pitcher

Minnesota’s front office has worked with Los Angeles before as part of the Kenta Maeda deal, so that might make another big trade easier for both sides. The Dodgers want to prove that last year’s shortened season title wasn’t a fluke and adding Berrios means the other contenders in their division won’t have the opportunity to acquire him. Potential Fit: Berrios

Padres, Relief Pitcher

San Diego spent big this winter and they are clearly in win now mode. They can likely use a starting pitcher and some other offensive help, but the Twins have intriguing bullpen arms. Duffey, like Rogers comes with an extra year of team control and that only increases each player’s value. Minnesota might not want to deal Duffey, but the Padres have prospects that might be tough to turn down. Potential Fit: Tyler Duffey

There are also plenty of deals the Twins can make with AL squads including multiple teams interested in Cruz. Which of these deals is most likely to happen? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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Although there are several that should be traded------I hope Pineda is dealt.  Saying that, I like Pineda and believe it could be argued that over the past 2+ seasons he's been the most consistent and reliable of all of our SPs.  Hopefully Big Mike can shake off the rust after the ASB break with potentially 2 starts vs. DET and 1 vs. Angels (I'd be fine skipping the Sox in Chicago after his performance yesterday.  

As I've posted multiple times in the last month----the rest of this season is 100% for EVALUATION for 2022.  If a trade can be worked out for Pineda-----that opens a rotation slot up for Charlie Barnes.  Barnes recorded another "W" tonight to improve his record to 5-2.  Although his ERA (3.88) is not in the territory of Josh Winder, I believe Barnes has EARNED this opportunity.  If Griffin Jax (1 start) and Thorpe (3) can get starts-------why not Barnes?  Barnes had 5 shutout IP tonight before giving up 3 runs in the 6th in the Saints blowout win over the I-Cubs.  Barnes has a respectable WHIP (1.26) and a very impressive K to BB rate (50-19).  

Assuming neither Berrios nor Maeda are traded, Barnes could slide into the rotation along with Ober staying in.  That would still necessitate a 5th starter, which Dobnak could fill...at least on a temporary basis until Winder is ready to be called up.

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Thanks for the writeups, Cody. Of your options, I think Berrios to LAD is the best bet. They can't count on Bauer the rest of the season, while Kershaw is on the IL and scheduled for an MRI. They certainly have the money and the prospects to make a deal. ATL should be a market for Berrios too. I'm not sure their corporate ownership cares enough to invest the prospects and money.

I think the Reds are the least likely to trade at this point. They're too far behind and already have a big payroll for their market.

IMO, the Twins have a chance to get more (lose less) for Donaldson at the end of the season. He just needs to show he can stay healthy. If not, they can still make a lousy deal during the Winter. 



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7 hours ago, jbooth2367 said:

Here is a link to an article on a Yankees site. In this article they talk about most Twins being a trade fit.


It's always interesting to see another perspective on the home town team so thanks for posting that, however, if you read the comments they are .... not enthusiastic .... about the Yanks trading for any of the Twins players. Obviously fans opinions have nothing to do with what discussions or actions the FO takes but it is interesting to see that Yankees fans are perhaps even more down on their team than Twins fans are.

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