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  1. I would rather see the team gamble on one of these guys who's flaws will cause them to have a down year that would be a career year of a bargain bin player. The home/road splits for Rockies players don't worry me as much. A lot of players who have left said yes Coors will inflate numbers, but going on the road makes it harder to adjust to breaking pitches etc. A lot of Rockies players have left and went elsewhere where they don't have home games at Coors and their home/road splits have normalized. We know how sour things went with Simmons. Only bargain bin player I would even consider is Galvis. Just go out and solidy the SS spot, and let's have a good problem of where to play our prospects.
  2. Yup. This is just recency bias and I get Simmons has been bad, but since he came out against vaccines and made comments against them, people have been a lot more negative towards him. I'm not defending him, he's been bad. I don't see how Simmons signing though could even be considered close to the Nishioka signing. Below are the stats for both. I don't know how you can make a case for SImmons over Nishioka. Nolasco is up there too because of the length of the deal. A 1 year deal can't be the worst ever for me as you can wash yur hands of the player after 1 year. Simmons Nishioka 1 year deal 3 year deal 116 GP 71 GP .221/.286/.275 (.561) .215/.267/.236 (.503) OPS+ 58 OPS+ 41 Nothing about the Simmons signing says it has been worse than Nishioka. Simmons has been very bad too. You could make a case for Nolasco as he was terrible for a team that desperately needed pitching.
  3. 710 ESPN out of Seattle is saying Nelson Cruz would be a great fit for the Mariners to make a push.
  4. Here is a link to an article on a Yankees site. In this article they talk about most Twins being a trade fit. https://www.pinstripealley.com/2021/7/6/22563666/yankees-potential-trade-partner-minnesota-twins-pitching-hitting-arbitration-defense-centerfield
  5. I'd pay Berrios if that number doesn't go above the 17-18 per year range. 4 year 72, or 5-85 seems like a fair number. If he wants more, I would look at moving him. The trade market for starting pitching this year is incredibly thin, and 1.5 years of control for Berrios would bring back great value. If we could get a major league ready starter or someone close with a skillset equivalent to Manoah (Had he been in the minors still, maybe the Jays would have moved him, but now that he has had some success in the majors can't imagine they will now), and 1 or 2 other decent players that have a chance to be a starter down the road and/or a good bullpen piece, it would be hard to say no. If you trade Berrios though, you have to end up with one of the top free agent pitchers. Per spotrac, Scherzer's market value will be 1 year 29 mil. If you can entice him with more years but less AAV (Maybe 3 year 66 mil?) that would be big. I believe Scherzer will be better than Berrios over the next 3 years, and if he regresses, he may be around Berrios' career averages. A 3 year contract for Scherzer would free up more money to maybe backload a deal for Buxton. Of course, there is the possibility no big free agent starter may want to come here. If you believe that you can't lure any starter, than you probably have to overpay Berrios.
  6. Velocity means nothing if you don't know where its going. The location of his fastball isn't ideal, a lot of them down the middle of the plate. K% down, BB% up. Teams are hitting a whopping .406 with a slugging of .844 on his four seamer. I think he may need to dial the velo on the 4 seamer back to where it usually is, and work on control and command. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/jose-berrios-621244?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb&season=2020
  7. This makes no sense to me. Why should the team getting Kenta Maeda have to pay more than the team getting Mookie Betts? I think the Dodgers should have to throw an extra piece in. If they are unwilling, let them find a 3rd team. Looks to me the Red Sox GM got ripped off giving up Betts for only Verdugo and Graterol and got some backlash from fans, and is now back tracking.
  8. I didn't see pop time mentioned, but last year both Castro AND Avila posted the exact same average pop time, 2.01 seconds. There average exchange time was exactly the same at 0.74 seconds. Average velocity was close on throws also, although Castro was slightly better (82.1 mph to Avila's to 815 mph). I was surprised at how close they have become defensively. Really is a nice signing, and only for a 1 year commitment.
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