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Hmmm .... to be a fly on the wall. Apparently, Berrios did not meet some criteria for Falvey. 7/$131 is pretty close to the 5/$125 expected by several current free agents. I wonder what specific points clogged up negotiations between Berrios and the Twins. Stuff happens.

Congratulations to Jose Berrios and his family and the Toronto Blue Jays. i hope this works well for all.

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I wonder what the Twins offered. This contract seems extremely reasonable. It's definitely not the kind of contract I thought would keep him from testing FA.

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After all the negotiations with us, and ultimately signing this deal, it begs two questions:  how much did we offer as our best effort, and how much did he really want (or not want) to stay here all along?  Is it possible that at the end of the day money had nothing to do with it?  Or did we offer enough per year, but not enough years?  

I wonder if we will ever know.  

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Seems like a very fair contract for everyone.  I'm glad people are so affluent out there that $131 million dollars was a good deal for blue Jays.  To me anyway 18.714 million per year for a good pitcher may be the going rate idk.  But not bad for a pitcher that will pitch once every 5 days and then only be required to pitch maybe 5-6 innings per game.  I think Berrios did very well for himself.  

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