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  1. Comparing the White Sox history to the Twins situation makes no sense: The White Sox traded Chris Sale before the 2017 season, when he was probably the most dominant SP in the American League. The White Sox received three players. Two of them were monster prospects. Moncada was ranked #1 and Kopech was ranked #16 by FanGraphs heading into 2017. The Sox also traded Adam Eaton to Washington that same offseason. He had just had a career year capping off three very good consecutive seasons. The Nats overpaid. Giolito was ranked #19 and Reynaldo Lopez was ranked #28 by FanGraphs .
  2. This is the first year that the White Sox are in contention. It took 4-5 years.
  3. Ted wants a retool, not a complete roster teardown. The White Sox traded their veterans for prospects in 2016 and 2017. It took 4 to 5 years for them to develop. For the Twins, that means they would be ready to compete when Larnach, Jeffers and Kirilloff are about to become free agents.
  4. The mid-90s Twins SP was awful. From '94 to '96, the best ERA was a young Brad Radke at 4.46 and the best FIP was Tapani at 3.86. Nobody else under 4.46 in either category. Those were painful seasons.
  5. An annual IP limit is not a good justification to pull Ober after 12 TB in 4 innings. He faced 22 batters and went 5 innings in his previous start.
  6. Pretty much hit the teams that could use Buxton. I'd add Philadelphia and SF. The problem is, most of the teams don't have prospects worth getting back. The Red Sox are the only team that could dangle interesting prospects. If they want to trade Duran or Downs, I'd be tempted. IMO, Berrios is the "must sign". I'd trade Buxton, but a high-upside prospect, either a SP, SS or CF, has to come back in return. There's no hurry to trade him if the return isn't decent. There will be plenty of time to field offers in the offseason if they can't extend him.
  7. How about a little good news... Baseball America lists both Josh Winder and Louie Varland(!) as part of their weekly "20 notable hot prospects". On Winder: "With a solid four-pitch mix topped by a fastball that reaches the upper 90s, Winder is progressively asserting himself as one of the Twins most promising starting pitching prospects." On Varland: "While admittedly old for the level and playing in a pitcher-friendly league, Varland has nonetheless impressed in Fort Myers’ rotation this year." Wander Javier has been as hot as any player on this week's list but I thi
  8. That's true re: A's DH. But Cruz is at least a 30% improvement if healthy. That's a lot.
  9. Wait... The Twins have a left-handed SP prospect? How did that happen?
  10. Oakland could be a trade partner too. They've struggled to get anything out of DH from Moreland and Lowrie.
  11. The MLB transaction page shows that Dakota Chalmers has been claimed off waivers by the Cubs.
  12. All pending FAs should be on the trading block, except Shoemaker, who should be DFA'd. Happ needs to continue in the rotation to see if he can build back value. I'd understand if the Twins keep Pineda if they extend him for one more year. There would still be two SP openings in 2022. I don't see the Twins trading any core players unless someone comes asking for Donaldson or Sano. The bigger decisions will probably come at the end of the season. Four starting position players are on the IL (6 total), the top two SP prospects have just started their season, and Lewis is done for the year. H
  13. Outs are the most important measure of defense. Simmons gets outs on plays that other shortstops can't due to his range and arm. This year, his above-average plays have well exceeded his errors.
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