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  1. Fair point. They were quiet in July last year with relievers. I was sloppyon the wording but the Braves do prioritize top tier bullpen depth. This offseason for example they already had Will Smith, Luke Jackson, Tyler Matzek, and AJ Minter but they still acquired Kenley Jansen and Kirby Yates.
  2. I'm glad the bullpen is the top point. The way playoff baseball is now played, dominant bullpen depth is more important than top tier starting pitching. The Twins fanbase knows playoff success via Viola/Blyleven, Jack Morris, and Johan Santana. But right now a starting pitcher's job in the playoffs is to merely get through the order twice, unless it's a blowout. The Braves don't hoard relievers in July every year coincidentally.
  3. I'm going to speculate that the velocity on all of his pitches improving from last year has something to do with a mindset that he's only going out there for 4. It seems like the options are for him to throw 93-94 for 4 innings or 91-92 for 6 innings. Option A gives you a much better chance to win a game, so that appears to be the game plan. I'm fine with this. I'm actually wondering if you start seeing this more often with their scrap heap signings.
  4. There's some optimism on his statcast page. They've got him with an xSLG of .444 which means there's bad luck in his .303 SLG. He barrels the ball pretty frequently too at 8.7 barrels/PA. There are only 25 MLB hitters better than that. For catchers he's 14th in hard hit %. So if he ever does fully figure it out he could be in the top 5 offensively. It's really tough to make sense of his chart on statcast. Whiff and chase rates are solid. BB% is very good. But he's a disaster on K%. Overall, it looks like he long runs into an average major league catcher with a hot streak likely on the way. And he can frame. I'm not really buying the alarm sound on him at this point.
  5. I considered that when they signed him. They basically gave him Colome's 2021 allocation in the 2022 budget. But at this point I just don't know. In theory, when you transition to the pen you start throwing harder and narrow your repertoire down to 2, maybe 3 pitches. There's usually a heavy reliance on one off-speed pitch to pair off that (harder) fastball. Bundy's issue is that all his pitches are sub-par. So what becomes the focal point pitch?
  6. Archer's last 2 starts were good after that article on him. Buxton's had 2 good games since the article calling for him to go on the IL. Let's go!!!
  7. I went looking for an extra bat for fantasy baseball on StatCast yesterday. I tried sorting data a few different ways. I was pretty shocked to see him #9 overall when I sorted by barrel/PA.
  8. Injuries and Covid happen. If you think there's a roster crunch issue, usually just waiting 48 hours for the issue to resolve itself is the best solution.
  9. Thing I thought but didn't actually want to post yesterday: Like the opposite of a slump immediately following a nice Fangraphs article, this existence of this thread probably means good things for Archer's start tomorrow.
  10. Donaldson made $10m more than the second highest paid player on the Twins in 2021. In New York, he's got several other highly paid vets on the team. Donaldson being the main force behind getting MLB to take foreign substances seriously combined with his perceived clout must have been awkward in the clubhouse. It had me wondering last year if his dialing up the criticism and the sudden up and down ineffectiveness of the pitching staff was more than a correlation.
  11. I'm not a big fan of aggressive platooning, but I must admit they've found a nice rhythm here. I give Garlick a lot of credit because what he's doing - getting 2 PAs at the beginning of a game when a lefty starts or 1-2 PAs in the back half of a game when a righty starts - is tough to do mentally. Garlick has handled it really well.
  12. I think I net-like it overall for that reason. You definitely have to string hits together. And also, lead off walks are huge (see the 9th inning on 5/22 and 5/23). But with strikeouts not coming down (yet, at least), the advantage pitchers have is a bit excessive. My stance on the shift ban issue went from neutral to solidly in favor assuming this ball is here to stay. If the strikeout rates remain high, hitters need a little help with the balls that are hit in play.
  13. Really hard to feel the 'Rocco can't manage a bullpen' thing when it's May 23rd and they've won all but 1 game when they've scored 4 or more. They haven't lost many games they should have won. That's a credit to the bullpen and its management.
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