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  1. Yep, the questions 'How does a team that was on the cutting edge of analysis and implementation of advanced data suddenly become one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball? And does that have anything to do with the fact that the most outspoken hitter on the substance topic is playing 3B?" have crossed my mind quite a few times this spring. I can't prove anything either way, so I can't/won't officially have that take. But I do wonder...
  2. Solid 'on the fence' on this one. There's nothing really wrong with your argument and the case made. On the other hand, I'm not so sure we need to think rebuild at this point. There is a ton of veteran talent and some impact rookies on the horizon, particularly on offense. The pitching is a mess, but probably a fixable mess. You can look at Berrios as a potential jackpot for a return, or you can look at him like a cheap upper-tier pitcher on a one year deal for 2022. If I didn't believe they could retool and bounce back in 2022, I'd be totally with the idea. But as it stands, I'd rather start thinking about how to fix the staff for next year. With a few tweaks they could be good again and having Berrios would help.
  3. I'm wondering if it's the new ball doing something to his command.
  4. He has been an All Star in the last 2 full seasons because he dominates the first half. We're not actually going to know if he's different until August where he has a career ERA of 5.57 and hitters slash .273/.353/.448 off of him. He's been Bizarro Johan Santana having his bad stretch late instead of early. If he avoids hitting the wall in the second half, then yes I'm ready to say he's found a new gear. I hope he has.
  5. Is it fair to give up on that slider that he came up with in Spring Training that was supposed to strike everyone out? Was that just hype?
  6. I talked to a friend who's a White Sox fan about him after they signed him. Paraphrasing his take, 'He puts 2 runners on like every time, but he gets the job done.' So therefore I've set my expectations at 2003 Eddie Guardado. He'll be fine. But I will likely switch to radio and go for a walk or turn the game off and await my mlb.com game over notification when he pitches the 9th with a slim lead.
  7. Yeah, I see it now. I got caught up in the comments of this thread.
  8. One point of reference for me is that he played in the Pac 12 in 2018 just like Trevor Larnach. Larnach 21yo - .348/.463/.652 - 19hr Vaughn 20yo - .402/.531/.819 - 23hr He's pretty talented. I have my doubts he'll take Uncle Jerry's low-ball extension offer before the first MLB plate appearance though. So I assume he's in AAA till at least June unless something happens to Abreu.
  9. We'll see. But he's still got his speed so I'm not so sure how much that negative factor comes in to play. https://twitter.com/fsnorth/status/1373421889847169025?s=20
  10. Fair. But it still looks to me that the hope is getting an average bat at best either way. To me the bat part is the smallest part of this role. This is the guy who is coming in to pinch run for Nelson Cruz in late innings, replace Arraez in LF if needed, and is going to get spot starts as players need rest. I think I'd rather take the plus outfield defense instead of the hope of an ok bat. I know Cave did well defensively last year, but I'd still prefer Broxton's track record. If you have an outfield of Buxton/Kepler/Broxton with Simmons and Donaldson on the left side of the infield in late innings, that's pretty dreamy for pitchers.
  11. I think I'd rather have Broxton in Cave's role, honestly. His defense grades out better, he can play CF well, he'd make a good pinch runner, and expectations for their bats are a wash.
  12. It did create ill will that all but ruled out the possibility of extending him when he was putting up MVP numbers though. Of course he would take the Cubs offer if they were top bidder in free agency. That's basically the point, If you treat players like commodities, that's the depth of the relationship you can expect in return. There's a value in treating your players well. And for the record, I'm aware the situations are different and I said upthread I have issues with Kirilloff making the team. "Nevertheless, he needed to force the issue in March and he hasn't. I do see the potential problem in how much it would sting if he's up with the Twins in April and looks lost at the plate like Aaron Hicks in 2013." I think the service time thing is a consideration, but it's a dicey subject and the Twins need to be careful on this one.
  13. I live near Chicago and I've been seeing the Kris Bryant story play over the course of these last few years. The bridge burning is definitely a thing. Most of baseball decisions are just business, of course. But it is in an organization's best interest long term not to go about all interactions voiding all human considerations. Especially when you're the Twins and you've repositioned the team as a place where everyone likes each other, stays loose, enjoys playing for the manager, and listens/collaborates with the analytics team.
  14. The issue with this is that St. Paul doesn't start playing till May 4th. Also, it's not that great of a long term business decision if it burns the bridge, creates a general animosity and distrust from the clubhouse, and reflects poorly on the organization to the public. Nevertheless, he needed to force the issue in March and he hasn't. I do see the potential problem in how much it would sting if he's up with the Twins in April and looks lost at the plate like Aaron Hicks in 2013.
  15. What exactly is the case for keeping Jake Cave on the team other than everyone seems to like having him around in the clubhouse? It seems to me anything his skill set offers can be done better by either Rooker/Larnach/Kirilloff or Broxton/Garlick.
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