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  1. Hitting the ball hard is good in that it obviously has a better chance of making it through the infield or finding the gap. But there is WAY too much emphasis put on speed and launch angle. "Hit 'em where they ain't". Which is also why I think putting on the shift for professionals is ridiculous. These guys "should" be able to get on base almost every time with the shift on.
  2. Maybe since he actually got a game winning hit we can fool another team into taking him in a trade
  3. Having half a year of "bad" Sano to have potentially (hopefully!) half a year of "good" Sano is painful. We trade so many players some of whom I wish they had not, but I wish we had traded Sano. It is the same every year. By the time he comes around we are out of playoff contention. People see his monster home runs and wonder how we can get rid of him. Too inconsistent for me. Put the pitcher in to bat right now and you would have pretty much the same results.
  4. I am glad the Twins finally won a game. They could easily be undefeated at this point if things had fallen the right way. That being said I am disappointed. I know I am in the minority, but I hate watching a game where all the runs are via the home run. To me that is a boring game to watch. I realize that is where the league has gone. Watching players either hit a home run or strike out makes for a long uninteresting game. At least for me. I want the Twins to win any way they can, but baseball in general is coming down to me just looking at the scores and standings to see what the teams have done.
  5. I do not believe Buxton wants to be a Twin. Can't blame him totally. He sees dollar signs by signing somewhere else. He feels dis-respected by the Twins. Considering the amount of time he has been on the field for the Twins I understand a deal that is heavy on the incentives. It is tough to know if it is fair or not without knowing those incentives. I think we have seen the last of Buxton (and Berrios also). If we are lucky, one more year. But I personally think we should try to cut the ties sooner rather than later on both, with the hopes of getting a decent return. Probably the best hope for that is an off-season deal.
  6. I have never been a Sano fan. I realize "if" he does hit the ball it can travel a mile. But that seems like a big "if". He strikes out far too much for the little gain you get. 40 home runs is a lot if he gets there, but is it worth all the outs he makes and the questionable defense? I know there is the worry that he will be another David Ortiz. We gave up on one and don't want to give up on another. But Sano has never shown he can be a consistent contributor. I also realize his trade value is low at this point. BUT the organization should keep their eyes open. We have many young prospects in the organization that could take over first base today and contribute at least as much as what Sano is doing.
  7. I agree it is a fantastic situation to have both so close to each other. Plus fans have easy access to see future Twins stars. I hope it doesn't ruin what make the Saints the Saints though. Going to a Saints game was one of the best baseball experiences you could find. High quality baseball at a reasonable price with a fun atmosphere. While it "could" mean increased attendance for the Saints because they are associated with the Twins, I believe it is more of a positive for the Twins than it is for the Saints. The Twins will have easy access to their players. The Saints already pulled in a ton of fans. They have had many a big name player on their roster over the years. They always put on an entertaining game. I hope this association doesn't make it so the average fan will not be able to see the Saints play ball.
  8. While Cruz has definitely been a huge plus in the lineup over the past couple of seasons, I feel this is the easiest place for the Twins to save money without a major hit to their offense. We have quite a few good young bats in the system. They "seem" as if they can hit for power and average. Again, not as much as Cruz has in the past couple of years, but not an automatic out. They would be an inexpensive option so we could spend money elsewhere. plus it is a reasonable way for the Twins to give every day players a bit of a day off. While it is unknown how these young players would perform in the big leagues, it is also unknown how much longer Cruz can play like a 20 year old. I think it is a good move.
  9. There is a ton of luck involved. - Players have a year where they play above/below average. - Free agents are a roll of the dice. Consistent performance and age factor come into play - Minor league players also a roll of the dice. Minor league performance does not always translate to the major league level. Both positively and negatively. Bottom line is hindsight is 20-20. If we could remake some of our decisions over the years based on what we know now ... we would be in the midst of a dynasty!!
  10. Clippard - definitely sign May - probably sign if the cost isn't outrageous The rest I think we can replace internally for the most part. Cruz is great but I think one of the easiest to replace. He also can't keep it up forever! We do need a good utility man for the infield. But I think we can get at least as good internally as how Gonzalez and Adrianza played. Odorizzi was a no-op this year. If he comes back on a cheap one year deal that would be OK. And Romo and Hill are replaceable. This frees up some money for a good free agent at the position of choice or generally helps to lower the payroll in a year that will for sure be one in which the Twins like most teams will cost cut.
  11. Any team and professional baseball player that does not take advantage of the shift is foolish. When you have teams that put on the shift 40% of the time, you are setting yourself up for a lot of baserunners. Why isn't it taken more advantage of by the offense? Ego? Most professional hitters can place a ball wherever they want within reason. The home run is instant scoring and highlight reel material but is not team play. Especially in the playoffs when you have elite pitching and hits are at a minimum you need to take what you are given. As much as I despise the Astros and their cheating ways, you have to give them credit for taking advantage of the shifts. I know I am old school, but wish the Twins would go back to basic team play.
  12. I guess it shows it isn't just the Yankees that beat us up in the playoffs. Plus we now own the record in all of major league sports for the longest playoff losing streak. We're #1??? Not sure if these are positives ...
  13. In this forum I have expressed my displeasure with both Sano and Berrios. Immediately afterwards they seem to have both gotten on track and are playing well. I will use my power of looking foolish and do the same with Rosario! We have a lot of great outfield prospects waiting to be promoted. Rosario currently seems to be somewhat of a liability in the field and on the base paths. Since we are pretty much guaranteed to make the playoffs in this unusual season, it seems like it would be a good idea to bring up a Larnach or Kiriloff and see how they fare at this level. I do not believe it would be so terrible to cost us a playoff spot. And I don't even think it would make that much difference on where we are seeded for the playoffs. There are enough double-headers that we could plug and play a lot of them in and see how they do.
  14. Berrios is overrated in my opinion. He has that often used ugly word: potential. But reality is he cannot be counted on. He puts together a streak of games that make you think he finally turned the corner and will be an elite pitcher. Then he turns around and puts together an equally terrible streak of games where you are dreading every game he starts. It is difficult for me to say it is a maturity thing. I think this is just who he is. But is is a scary proposition to throw him out there in a must win situation and you are just hoping on the flip of a coin that you get the good Berrios.
  15. I've never been a Sano fan. Yes, he hits the ball hard. Yes, if he connects it "might" go out for a home run. But he is almost a guaranteed out. He strikes out a ton. Home runs are nice but I don't think they outweigh his lack of defense and lack of on base percentage. When you add into that the off field problems he isn't someone you can depend on. Buxton has had a lot of injuries it's true. It does make him someone you can't rely on. Right now. When he is on the field he is a difference maker. Defensively he is at the top of the list. Offensive statistics might be streaky but above average. Injuries are something you hope are just a fluke. I would take Buxton over Sano any day. And if we look back in the future and say we lost yet another David Ortiz type .... oh well!
  16. This is what I don't understand about baseball today. You rip a guy apart for having a phenomenal average because he has no power, and applaud him when he makes outs but hits it hard. Rod Carew would never play in today's league. Sad.
  17. Not a fan of it. If you get off to a slow start as the Twins and almost any other team have done, your season is done before it starts. While it helps that they will add more teams to the playoffs, it is just playing the games to say baseball exists. It will really mean nothing.
  18. At this point it seems like eliminating the season entirely is the best way to go. What does a 50 game season really mean? Why do it? The short season doesn't really give you the "best" team. Baseball is a marathon of ups and downs. Don't reward the team that gets out of the blocks fast. That being said they should take the time to fix their problems. Both owners and players are being greedy. Both make a ton of money for a game. Yes it is a business but most fans would give anything to have baseball as a "job". I can't put the blame on one side or the other. Each have their agenda and are trying to point fingers and put the blame on the other side. All it boils down to is money. And the fans and the entire game lose.
  19. The DH is not a real position. While I admit it is painful to watch some pitchers hit, it is part of the game and strategy. It also speeds up the game. More chance for the out! Expanded playoffs. This is a tough one. Too expanded and the regular season means nothing. The NBA is ridiculous with the amount of teams. Unless you are the Timberwolves it is hard to understand how you CAN'T make the playoffs. They need to figure out how to make the season NOT go into November though. Watching baseball with a parka on is just not right. Especially when it is the players wearing them! Neutral site World Series. NO WAY! This is part of the magic of baseball. Parks are vastly different. You build your team for your park. As with football it is an unfair advantage when a random team just "happens" to play close to home. The Rose Bowl in college football was a good example. Pac-12 was basically the home team sine the Big10 had to travel so far. Unfair advantage.
  20. There is WAY too much emphasis on home runs. Not everyone needs to be a power hitter. You need guys that can consistently get on base to give you that chance to score. Just relying on home run (or strike out) players won't get it done. Yes, a home run will give you that "easy" run but the best only give you 40-ish home runs a year. If you have a bunch of guys who get on base a third of the time you can manufacture a lot of runs.
  21. Too many teams in the playoffs is a joke. Why play the regular season. No matter the format you will always haves teams that tank. I dislike the one game playoff, but adding a round of playoffs would extend the season far beyond what it should be. Baseball should not be played in November with players wearing sock caps and mittens. There "WILL" be a snow-out some day and I don't want to see the World Series moved to a neutral warm site like football. Reality TV. WHY????? It is also ridiculous for teams to pick their opponents. And all for gimmicky TV special revenue. Matchups based on records is fair. It gives at least a little meaning to the season. It is crazy changes like this that will definitely ruin the game.
  22. I watched both play. Kirby definitely has the edge in personality. He was a leader through enthusiasm. Killebrew was a leader through his play. He showed others how the game should be played and to have respect for it. His home runs were mammoth ... as were his strike outs! As far as greatest position players go I would put Oliva and Carew above both of them. They could do it all both offensively and defensively.
  23. 6 runs in the top of the first. 2 more in the second. Our "ace" on the mound. Cake walk, right? Wrong!!!!! I hope they figure out what is wrong with Berrios soon. Maybe they need to rest him for a week or two. But right now he is not our #1 pitcher. I am not even sure if he is #2 or #3!
  24. Thank you for pointing this out. I have been concerned about Berrios the last couple of years and didn't know why or have facts to back it up. To me it just seemed like he was over-rated and really wasn't the pitcher we all thought. I hadn't really associated his troubles with first half vs second half. Hopefully he gets it figured out!
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