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  1. Played exclusively 1B or OF last year, played SS (poorly) for 9 games in 2019, otherwise hasn't played SS in 5 years. Improved but still pretty poor plate discipline. 2014 and 2019 batting lines definitely look like outliers. To echo others, I guess I'd give him a shot on a minor league deal, but not much more.
  2. I agree the comments had the same tone, but the Twins also gave up a top 100 prospect for Maeda, while they gave up a borderline top-20 Twins prospect (from a position of strength) for Odorizzi. So in that sense let's hope Maeda produces even better than Odorizzi.
  3. Isn't the opposite also true then? Say they spend $140M on payroll, but pocket the $10M. Then they actually only spent $130M, since they would have kept the $10M?
  4. FWIW Dan Hayes reported that the Twins wanted to settle, but the Berrios side pushed because it would benefit players in future cases.
  5. Just for fun, if the Twins were to make that trade today, who do you think would be the comparables of the four players they got back? I probably spent more time than I should have on this lol. I know these aren't perfect, but here is my attempt: Brennen Davis (Gomez) - 20 year old top 75ish CF prospect with above average tools across the board. 6'4" frame with plus speed and good power potential - sounds a lot like Gomez. Davis is two years younger than Gomez was at the time, with much less minor league experience, but the profile is similar. Simeon Woods Richardson (Guerra) - fringe top 100 RHP prospect, 19 year old who also is a fast mover and was an 18 year old at high-A. Guerra's out pitch was a changeup if I remember correctly, whereas Richardson is more of a breaking ball pitcher. Beau Burrows (Humber) - 23 years old, top 100 prospect a year ago (Humber was #73 the year before). Both were previously 1st round picks, similar frames and pitch repertoire, both posted moderate strikeout numbers in the minors. Tanner Houck (Mulvey) - 23 years old, both were recent high round college draft picks. Both were fast movers through the minors. Houck has more velocity than Mulvey had, but both had similar K/control numbers. Admittedly, this was the hardest comp for me to find. That said, looking back (and forward), both trades seem like losing propositions for the team giving up the ace pitcher.
  6. With the caveat of Kepler being the preferred lead-off hitter (per Rocco), I think the opening day lineup will look like this: Kepler Donaldson Cruz Rosario Sano Polanco Garver Arraez Buxton Maybe switch Polanco and Garver, depending on how Rocco feels about Polanco's 2nd half last year vs. his 1st half
  7. The trade you laid out is a hard pass. If you switch Sale in for Price, and have the Red Sox eat some salary, I would consider it, but it still seems rather steep.
  8. Both players you mentioned can play multiple positions. Also, Cruz is most likely gone after this year so that will free up DH for Sano and give Kirilloff a shot at 1B. Rosario is also only around for this year and next so there’s more openings than you think. I’m not opposed to your second point of dealing from an area of strength (prospect pool) to acquire high-end pitching, though
  9. He was referring to the LG Twins of the Korean league
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