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  1. Obviously the Twins would want any of those guys. I would love Robbie Ray and who wouldn't love Thor on the team? I'd also like to marry Kaley Cuoco and date Meghan Trainor on the side. Which, of course, is just as likely as the Twins landing anyone on that list. The Twins will do their usual dumpster diving and will be coming up with winners like; Chris Archer, Adam Wainwright, Michael Fiers, Matt Harvey, Jon Lester, etc etc etc. Those are the pitchers you should be breaking down for us. And I'm not trying to be negative... I'm just being realistic based on the Twins history. I'll call it now, the TWINS PAYROLL WILL BE UNDER $90 MILLION NEXT SEASON.
  2. Because.Otherwise.We.Would.Have.Lost.Both.In.Free.Agency.And.Gotten.Nothing.To.Show.For.It. Why would we have kept these guys on one of the worst teams in baseball right now?? Cruz is 42 and it's time for Larnach, Rooker, and Kirilloff to get those ABs. And Berrios was never going to resign with the Twins. Today, his value would have never been higher that it was right now at this moment. There is no way that some team gives us there #2 and #4 prospects for him next year for 2 months work of service. These trades were scores for the Twins and the Rays and Jays 100% overpaid for Cruz and Berrios. Joe Smith has been forgotten in all of this but he is starting for Team USA in the Olympics today and he was the Rays Minor League Player of the Year in 2020. And that's saying a lot for a team that has proven to be the MLB version of the Baltimore Ravens when it comes to drafting. Joe Smith very realistically is our #3 or #4 next year before even seeing what we bring back in Free Agency or in further trades this afternoon. And Austin Martin is one good Spring Training away from being our 2B next season.
  3. Here's what's going to end up happening today (if Berrios doesn't go to the Padres); Dodgers gets: SP Jose Berrios SP Michael Pineda LHP Caleb Thielbar Twins get: SP Josiah Gray (#1) SP Landon Knack (#16) LHP Robinson Ortiz (#29) -or- Twins get; SP Dustin May SP Bobby Miller (#7) LHP Robinson Ortiz (#29) PTBNL LHP David Price ($16m owed in 2022) Overall, the Dodgers just don't have the players that will provide an immediate return for the Twins like the Padres do. Their #2 prospect is a Catcher and there is no scenario where they give the Twins Josiah Gray and Keibert Ruiz. The Dodgers also don't any LHP in the top 25 and a lot of the RHP, according to MLB Pipeline, are not really ready for next year and some project out as bullpen guys. And neither of those factors benefit the Twins. So basically the Twins get May or Gray who both would be MLB rotation ready for next year, but nothing more than speculation on any other pitching prospects after that. And in order to get May and good prospects the Twins might need to take David Price and his contract back who would now be expendable to the Dodgers as he is in their bullpen. So that means that the Twins could be forced to try to find a spot for a 36 year old making $16m, unless the Dodgers kick back some cash in that deal. The Dodgers get a pitcher to cover for the loss of Bauer and a pitcher that could push Goslin back into the bullpen. And they'd get one of the best left handed relievers to solidify their bullpen. And maybe save some money by moving Price. In conclusion, I don't really like the Dodgers as a partner in a Berrios trade. But it could work if the Twins want a quantity over quality trade return like the Rangers just did with Gallo. Discuss??
  4. Here's what's going to end up happening today; Padres gets: SP Jose Berrios OF/1B Matt Wallner (#13) 1B Miguel Sano (1yr/$9.25m) (Maybe $5m in cash for Hosmer contract??) Twins get: SP Ryan Weathers (#1) SP MacKenzie Gore (#5) LHP Jagger Haynes (#17) 1B Eric Hosmer (1yr/$21m) The Padres get their #2 for 1.5 years behind Darvish as Paddack and Snell have ERA's over 5.00 and have showed signs of improvement but the clock is ticking and the Padres are 5 games back of the Giants. Berrios immediately pushes them back to favorites in the NL West and there is a very good chance they could look to sign Berrios long term just as the Darvish contract is coming to an end. And they get to unload a majority of the Hosmer contract for 2022 while taking Sano back to take his place in the lineup for the rest of the season. If the Padres want a pay off for all of the moves they made and the money they have spent to get past the Dodgers, the prospects should be worth it to them since they are young and have tons of other pitchers in their Top 20. Wallner is a throw in that could maybe help out their 1B spot within 2 years. The Twins get Weathers who could literally slide in behind Maeda tomorrow and could easily hold down that spot for the next 5 years, and bonus, he's left handed and meets the Pre-Arb requirement the Twins had. And in Gore, the Twins get another LHP who could push for the #1 spot as soon as next year. Haynes is 18 years old and in the Rookie and is added in for taking Hosmer off the Padres books. But he is a lottery ticket with Weathers and Gore being the score in this deal. Discuss??
  5. Assuming Buxton played 15 seasons, which is as long as Joe Mauer, then he’s already played half of his career when this season is over. And what has he accomplished in that time frame? He has played in 459 out of a possible 1,134 games, or approximately 40%. This one stat alone should end any of this talk about every other team just throwing out $100+ million contracts at Buxton when he becomes a free agent. But because we are Minnesota sports fans we all live in a delusional bubble where we use terms like “one in a lifetime talent” and “game changing” and “top shelf elite MLB player”. So lets look at those 459 games that he’s actually played in: .247 Batting Average .289 On Base % .453 Slugging % .751 OPS% 367 HITS (88 2B, 17 3B, 61 HR) 95 BBs & 469 Ks 67 SBs 14.7 WAR If you were to average numbers like this out over a 162 game season it’s even more alarming; AVG – R – H – RBI ( 2Bs – 3Bs – HRs – SBs – BBs – Ks) ,247 – 80 – 130 – 68 (32 – 7 – 22 – 24 – 34 – 166) WAR – 2.1 Everyone keeps saying how Buxton would be this and Buxton would be that if only he had been healthy. But to say this conveniently sweeps his actual performance when he was health under the rug. When he was at 100% he still wasn’t very good. And take away his fielding ability during the games he did play and you have a guy who very likely wouldn’t even be on an MLB roster most of that time. It’s more than safe to say that we’ve seen everything Buxton has to offer in the exact same way we can say that we’ve seen all Sano has to offer. There might be flashes of quality play, but they are just too few and too far between and will never be the norm for either player. Are you willing to have the “cash strapped” “small market” twins commit $15-$20 million a year to someone who, at best, once played in 140 games, but then never more than 92 in any other season? And what about 2017 when he played in 140 games? A .253 average and a slash of .314/.413/.728 along with 150 Ks against 38 BBs. Yes he won the Platinum Glove and stole 29 bases and hit 16 HRs but, again, is that worth $20 million even if he were able to replicate even those minimal numbers? Oh, and don’t forget the Playoff Numbers he has produced. In 2017 he was 0-2 and left the game early. In 2019 he didn’t play at all. And in 2020 he only started Game One and went 1-4 and struck out 3 times and was injured and didn’t start Game Two but did come in as a pinch runner and promptly got picked off in the bottom of the 8th inning with the Twins down by one run. The numbers just don’t lie, Buxton is a middle ground potential journeyman “have glove will travel” player. It would be great if would could keep him around 3/$35 with salaries at $8m, $10m, and $12m with a buyout of $5m and 2-3 option years at $14m, $15, and $16m which he would have earned if he stayed healthy. This ends up at a range of 5/$60m or 6/$75. That seems much more reasonable.
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