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  1. I was meaning players like Palacios, Steer, or Wallner. DFA'ing Sano will free up a 40 man spot and Steer or Wallner could take it and fill in for Kepler at the same time he's on the IL. Might as well find out if these kids can catch on with the club and be ready to take on a roster spot for next year. Hell with Cave. I don't even understand why he's still on this club since Celestino usurped him.
  2. If the Twins have to eat his salary no matter what, then they should offer that as part of a trade to a contending team who could use a bat off the bench the rest of the way. They should also pay his buyout if it help bring back a "better" prospect. Honestly, it could be hard for a lot of teams to turn down a potential big bat down the stretch for zero cost except a bottom 20 range prospect. If no one bites, then just DFA him because he currently serves exactly zero purpose to this team. There could be at least 5-6 better options in AA or AAA that could use a shot to impress the club for next year. Giving him more and more chances to strike out and embarrass himself is completely pointless now. Let a borderline guy take those ABs and see what he can do with them. Know when to fold a losing hand.
  3. Great article. But I think the next one should be much more realistic and list out which Twins players fans need to get down to Target Field in the next 3 weeks and see for the last time. Because come July 31st the only players moving will be the guys leaving the Twins. There's nothing in this team's history that suggests that there won't be a fire sale at the deadline again this year. Kepler, Polanco, Sanchez, Urshela, and maybe even Sano won't be here on August 1st.
  4. Two straight days of the Buxton BS Show against our biggest divisional competition... at home. Already appears to have been injured at least 3 times on a limited playing schedule. It already appears that even 100 games is going to be far too much to ask. And maybe in those <100 games he hits 30 HRs and all that, but what about the playoffs if the Twins make it? Is he going to miss 2 games each series? And clearly an off day means an OFF DAY and no chance at pinch hitting or running to help out in tight situations. This is already looking like it's just not going to work and even the highly incentivized contract is still going to be a huge over payment and blow up in the Twins face.
  5. You forgot the biggest factor in that equation. Rocco predetermined before the game even started that Duffy was coming in and would get two innings to get things straight. And once it's written in stone Rocco is completely incapable of making a decision on the fly. Don't you find it weird that as Duffy was imploding no one was warmed up, or warming up, in the bullpen. Why do you think Duffy had to get the last out of the inning after giving up the HR? No one else was ready because Rocco never considered the chance that Duffy would come apart at the seams so he didn't know what to do as it was happening.
  6. Dude, this is 100% the FO fault!!! How can you even throw that out there?? The FO is who didn't bother to get into the high end SP market and, again, went straight up dumpster diving again. They also didn't make a single upgrade to the already trash bullpen and, in fact, straight up downgraded it on opening day. The FO only appeared to save themselves for one more year when the had Correa fall into their lap as a trade chip at this year's deadline. I would never call the Buxton signing a win for the FO because they had zero options except to resign him.
  7. It's funny to see all of these comments in here about "freedom of choice" and "personal decisions" and etc etc etc. And as for a Starting Pitcher being listed as the 5th unvaccinated player it's obvious that this is someone injured or who wasn't going to pitch in the next three games. But I can't wait to see how all of the anti-vax sentiment changes dramatically if we have to play Toronto in the playoffs and we don't have our starting RF, a SP, and our Closer in either 2, 3, or 4 games. Me thinks thee Twins fans will be singin' a much different tune if we get to that point.
  8. Some thoughts on Jhoan Duran... His entire Minor League career we was a starter and was clearly successful enough at it to get the call up to The Show this season. So again I have to ask, why is this team always so quick to toss someone into the bullpen who is considered a "hard thrower"? With the lack of stars in the rotation and now with all of the injury issues wouldn't Duran have best been used as a Starter out of the gates and not just thrown into the Bullpen to see if he'll sink or swim?? Every pitching coach and manager he has played for considered him a starter until, of course, he runs into the Rocco-LLama who is apparently wiser than everyone else and who sees a 7th inning 3-out arm that can hit 103 MPH on the gun. Imagine that 13 K/9 and 0.80 WHIP spread out over 40 innings instead of 22. I just don't understand how the Twins need starters, they trade for a high ceiling flame thrower who is a starter on the rise, he could have slotted in right easily over Dylan Bundy and even Chris Archer right out of Spring Training, but Rocco decides "nah, I want him mowing people down in the middle innings so let's abandon his top of the rotation potential ASAP." Ok, so fine, smarter men than I have determined he's a Bullpen guy. So then why is he getting the 6th and 7th innings today? (Don't even get me started on the whopping 59 whole pitches Archer was allowed to throw today). If the Twins refuse to let him be a starter than shouldn't they be taking advantage of his abilities as the Closer???? Yes, Pagan has been league average at the Closer so far, but it's not like we traded for the Padres Closer since he's had a career high 20 saves in 2019 with the Rays and 2 with the Padres. His numbers as a middle relief guy weren't even that great at all in 2020 and 2021. So why continue to use him instead of moving Duran into the position full time. Pagan isn't part of the 2023 Twins plans since he'll cost over $4M+ after arb if he keeps getting saves. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  9. Huh???? Paddack is already making $2.5m this year and is Arb eligible next season. And even with missing this season and several months into next season he's going to be looking at $4m+ next season, and probably $7.5m+ the year after that, bare minimum. Pagan is making $2.3m this season and is also Arb eligible next season, so bump that up to around $3.5m+ next year. And the Twins are paying almost all of Rogers salary this season on top of everything. Even before the injury this was a horrible trade when only looking at cost control.
  10. Two things of random here I'd like to contribute about the current state of the game of baseball. 1.) Do you know what made players like Hrbek, Puckett, Gaetti, Oliva, Carew, & Killebrew great? Everyday they showed up they knew what position they were playing. Even Carew and Killebrew, who played different positions, didn't randomly jump on a weekly position carousel and just "get in where you fit in." Whether you want to believe it or not, a majority of professional athletes excel through a strong mental routine and consistency. This isn't a real life version of MLB The Show 22 where you just sign free agent or draft blue chips players and then just move them to an entirely new position based on what day of the week it is. Yes, players like Nick Gordon have no choice but to play where he can fit in just so he can actually play, however, this was the 5th overall player taken in the 2014 draft (9 spots ahead of Trea Turner). Imagine where he and the Twins would be right now had he been given a shot to just play SS and concentrate on succeeding and excelling there. Instead, the Twins just said, "Whelp. we're outta options on this guy but we don't want to lose that league minimum salary so let's just throw him in CF today and LF tomorrow and maybe SS the day after that. Let's keep him guessing every morning." Royce Lewis was taken as the First Overall Pick in the 2017 Draft as a SS. We've been playing him at SS his entire time on the team. I have yet to see any evidence that this is not the position he will excel the most at. At worst, he should spend some time at 3B until SS is open full time. He does not in ANY WAY belong at 1B or anywhere in the OF. Again. this isn't MLB The Show. I understand Urshela has one more year of Arb control, but I missed the part where he is in the Twins 2023 plans at 31 years old and probably looking at $9m in Arb. This is the guy who should be losing ABs and playing time right now. Lewis has 1/2 as many hits as Urshela in only 1/3 of the ABs and he has 2/3 of the HRs and 1/2 of the RBIs. 2.) Speaking of clearing some room on the 40 man roster, this is the ideal time to release Miguel Sano. Why? He is on the 60 day IL right now (assuming he rehabs in that time). And if another team wanted to pick him up on waivers they would be on the hook for about 75% of his $9.25M salary and his $2.75M buyout for next year, or $9.6M, for someone who might now be back until July. And even when he does come back, do you really think another team wants to take up a 40 man spot on someone who might very well still be in his yearly early season slump and pay the salary of the Strike Out King who is hitting an amazing .093 when he comes back? This is the time to send him down to AAA and let him run out the clock on his contract since there is zero change the Twins pick up his $14M option for next year. Best case scenario, someone does claim him and the Twins have some more money to use around the Trade Deadline, or next best case he gets a month an a half of kicking ass at AAA and we can actually package him in a Deadline deal to add some rental pitching help. Since he's not coming back next year one way or another, why not try to pass him through Waivers right now based on his current IL situation? 3. (Added another one real quick) Speaking of knowing what your role is everyday, Taylor Rogers should have been the Twins closer since 2018. But since the Delicate Genius Rocco knew better, he's played bullpen roulette since he's taken over and Rogers bouncer around between innings. So... any idea on what's happened with Rogers since he was traded to the Padres and they made him the closer on Day One??? 14 saves, 0.56 ERA, 0.56 WHIP, 18K/2BB, and the Twins are paying $6.5M of his salary to do that for someone else. Thank you.
  11. "As for me? It's May. We had Smeltzer going against Bieber with no Correa. I think this one was pre-tagged for an L, and I'm glad we were able to make it close. Let's move on." Wow. Just. Wow. So because the game looked tough ON PAPER let's not try all that hard and just mail it in for all of the 23,000 suckers who made the mistake of paying money for a game that Rocco deemed unwinnable ON PAPER. If that's the acceptable though process the fans allow the Twins to have why stop with benching Buxton? Maybe let Sanchez try his luck out in Left Field since he played there a few times in Little League? Maybe Jeffers can come out of the bullpen for the 7th inning? Maybe if the future the Twins can set up a promotion where games that pre-tagged as tough ON PAPER tickets can be 50% off. Next time the Yankees or Dodgers or Astros come into town the Twins will allow you to come out and watch a wasted game, but.... you'll only pay $15 to do it!!!
  12. I still do love the daily comeback that "it's too early in the season to worry", and it's only April, relax. It almost reminds me of the same comebacks last year all the way into late May from people who seemed to be under the belief that the season was 12 months and just "wait for the weather to get warm and then watch out" or "wait until you see all of the brilliant trades the front office makes that'll get us right back in the mix of this weak Central Division." For context on the whole "it's too early" to worry about losing some winnable games here and there, last season on April 30th the Twins were 9-15 and already 6 games back. On May 13th they fell to 12-23 and were 10 games back. The Twins would never be under 10 games back again the entire season. You can say that the season was over for the Twins by game number 35, but really it was over by game 26.... in the "weakest" division in baseball. So this assumption that wins and losses in April don't really matter is BS and this statement should be retired because it's just wrong.
  13. That's awesome that you really believe that these patches will do anything to lower ticket prices or your cable package. Prime example, if you get a jersey with the Motorola patch on the sleeve, do you get a discount on the jersey? Do you get a gift card to Motorola? Nope. You get the same $200.00 jersey made for $1.50 in China by children but now it comes with a big gaudy tacky eyesore on the sleeve. These ads will never have any direct effect on reducing the costs put onto the fans. If this was even an option, why don't we get a coupon or something from Target every time we buy a ticket? All this does is make Target Field and the Twins look like a softball league playing at a field located next to a trailer park. It's classless and disgusting to allow these patches.
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