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  1. Do any of them have to make the Major League roster by a certain date or be released?
  2. What about Adrianza’s homerun against Verlander to win the game 1-0? Seems like that should have made the list...
  3. Whatever RISP is he should start sharing it with some of the others....quite a few of the others...
  4. All Wilson does is hit, and he scored from second on a hit to the pitcher...Molitor is a genius
  5. ....radar gun turned up a few notches to try intimidate opposing hitters??
  6. What is "normal" BABIP with the outfield we have? Serious question, it has to be much lower than it would have been the last coupla years?
  7. The better your system is and the more prospects you have is going to drop the number of players that come straight form AA considerably as your lineup will already be filled with young guys trying to make their mark...this is a good thing
  8. Which would be easier, or which would Pinto be less of a liability, LF or 1B? Or is that hard to determine?
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