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  1. Do any of them have to make the Major League roster by a certain date or be released?
  2. What about Adrianza’s homerun against Verlander to win the game 1-0? Seems like that should have made the list...
  3. This and the fact that with the rainout last week didn't we need to juggle the rotation a bit?
  4. Hopefully Mike is as good as Jake at throwing baseballs ....
  5. Not disagreeing with you I just picked a post to quote to add my two cents about Pressly, (to some I am sure 2 cents is an overpay). I think if the Twins knew they had the Pressly that he has been for the Astros they wouldn't have traded him for what they did. Whatever Houston was able to do with him in my opinion is akin to what the Twins have done so far with Martin Perez. I have to believe there are 20 plus GM's out there scratching their heads wondering why they "missed" on Perez. Houston knew what they were getting with Pressly more accurately than what the Twins knew when trading him. You win some, you lose some... In my recollection Pressly caused much consternation on these boards with his "straight" fastball. Now with his "tweaks" or "coaching" with the Astros he is the one that got away. All of this being compounded by the fact that the Twins are doing well and our glaring weakness is back end bullpen. I am over losing out on Pressly and excited about what we have going this season and look forward to seeing progress from the new regime. I know it is purely hypothetical and not how it works and why can't we have both... but how many here would trade Houston's Pressly for our own Martin Perez?? Go Twins!
  6. What about Punto, Hocking, early Cuddyer, Danny Santana....
  7. thinking the Blue Jays will need more than 6 to win this one today.. lets go get em boys!
  8. Do they have to pitch "to him" for him to hit homeruns?
  9. beside that beautiful hair what does Motter have that isn't redundant with Petit....he at least seemed competent with the bat
  10. Whatever RISP is he should start sharing it with some of the others....quite a few of the others...
  11. All Wilson does is hit, and he scored from second on a hit to the pitcher...Molitor is a genius
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