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  1. If you can trade Miguel Sano for a pair of pants and you don’t have to pay any money to pant’s owner do it.
  2. Rocco got ejected due to his own frustration of keeping all his relievers in too long. It was like he thought the game was over in the fifth inning. Also, DFA Duffey.
  3. Our lower minor league teams are stacked this year! Let’s not take that for granted
  4. We just DFA’ed Vallimont finally and Coloumbe is back but Strotman is still pretty young. His numbers aren’t too encouraging but actually better than last year before today. He’s still more than two years younger than most of the team in St Paul. CES has to prove he can field. 11 errors at third this season??? I dislike power hitters that can’t field at such low levels.
  5. Big bounce back win for Joe Ryan. Hopefully Gary Sanchez can keep this going and who doesn’t love Luis Arraez post game interviews???
  6. Emilio scares me and he is due for regression. His walks will bite him, and Jeffers’ framing and blocking won’t always be there to save him. I trust Duran more, and I’m starting to see Cano flourish. I’d rather have Pagan in less high leverage positions.
  7. 1. I’m so with you that Miranda needs to be back at AAA. Needs some more time. Not too worried long-term. 2. Very excited for Larnach to be back. Should be this week. Who would’ve thought Larnach would be better than Kiriloff this pint last season? 3. Contreras should be optioned this week. Wish he would’ve gotten more of a chance. 4. When Ober comes back Smeltzer will likely be optioned. 5. I want Archer out of the rotation when Ober comes back. Winder should hold onto a spot and we’ll see how Bundy fares next time around. I’d rather have Smeltzer than Archer even though I’m not high on Devin.
  8. First, I think we’re better without early season Sano. Also, I’m really worried about Krilloff and Im not confident he will ever be back to normal with his wrist. Im also not confident on Smeltzer being back in the rotation. He’s a Triple A guy until something drastic occurs.
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