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  1. Can they piggyback Archer and Sanchez when Mahle comes back? Try and save the bullpen a few innings
  2. Rogers gave up a run tonight. His is 3.86 also. He got his 28th save
  3. I like having Gordon on the team. If he is ever an everyday starter I think something has gone wrong.
  4. We need more articles like this. Gordon just hit his first home run
  5. Doc, Are you going this week to the Saints - Stormchasers? I should be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday but will miss Balazovic
  6. The headline says 4-15. Thought you may want to fix. The lineups will be interesting. Hope Buxton is back.
  7. During the broadcast they mention Smeltzer had a herniated disc in his neck that affected his left elbow and the feeling in his fingers. He was definitely worse last year than the year before. He looks much better than anything I remember last year.
  8. The bat is where there will be some bargains at the end. I would like to see them acquire two more SP. If they really have 33 million left they should have enough money. You know they won't spend much if they add a reliever or two.
  9. Saw him pitch in the College World series both years. He was not the same guy last year. I would have to see him pitch well this year before I would consider him.
  10. I believe Kimera Bartee the player lost in 1995 just passed away this week. Nice to see you mention him in your post
  11. I agree about targeting Glasnow. Hope a pitcher or two develops this season and add Maeda and Glasnow for next year. Not sure about the rest. Don't know much about Walls,
  12. How about taking on Elvis Andrus contract along with a pitcher from Oakland. Andrus can start the year at SS and hope Lewis is ready by mid year. Either Andrus rebounds a bit or you have to replace him mid season. We need the pitching
  13. I agree that the Buxton contract made me feel a lot better about the off season. Not a lot of room on the 40 man roster for how many free agents we need to sign with the 48 Million. I do not see as many easily removable guys as most years. May have to trade a couple off the 40 man first.
  14. If the Twins trade with the A's I wonder if they would take Elvis Andrus as part of the deal to lessen the prospect costs. Twins need a stop gap shortstop and I think he is owed about $7 million after Texas pays half the salary. I would imagine Oakland would like to unload that contract
  15. Have to resign Buxton. There is plenty of room in their budget. If he is traded Twins would have no shortstop, no centerfielder and not enough starting pitchers. Will not matter how many home runs the Twins can hit with that poor of run prevention.
  16. Twins have options this off season. If you can trade Kepler, Kiriloff or Sano for pitching then absolutely bring Cruz back. Cruz has been our most consistent bright spot the last few years. Otherwise I am in the pitching needs to be the priority crowd. Enjoyed your article. Thanks
  17. This is my favorite article each week. Thanks for the recaps
  18. Glad to see Gordon getting a chance to play and delivering. The late break on Garza Jr's pitches was impressive. Very good well played game
  19. Since so many players had a bad year I hope the hitting coach has a bounce back year
  20. What I keep hoping for with Strotman is that his control is back next year. Velocity comes back before command. Walks were not a problem for him before the surgery. Next year is an important year for Strotman
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