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  1. Glad to see Gordon getting a chance to play and delivering. The late break on Garza Jr's pitches was impressive. Very good well played game
  2. Since so many players had a bad year I hope the hitting coach has a bounce back year
  3. What I keep hoping for with Strotman is that his control is back next year. Velocity comes back before command. Walks were not a problem for him before the surgery. Next year is an important year for Strotman
  4. I saw Thorpe several times in spring training when he was young. Hit 95 pretty regularly and touched 97. He is not that guy anymore.
  5. Is Joe Ryan at Triple AAA? Do you expect him to get a look in September?
  6. If you do not put Dobnak on the 40 man does the team that selects him have to take the contract also. As bad as he pitched this year I doubt anyone would take him if they have to pay the contract.
  7. I saw that Shane Greene signed for one year 1.5 million prorated it is closer to 1.2million. Why would he not be an option for our bullpen? If the front office did not consider that then I think may as well start planning the tear down.
  8. Astudillo may be the second utility man. Gordon and Blankehorn optioned.
  9. Worth the risk on a one year deal. The ankle injury and mental health struggles could certainly explain the down year. Last year which was by far the worst of his career is better than what we have been doing at shortstop defensively.
  10. Did they play? It says postponed on the scoreboard
  11. Over- easily. It will help Eddie to play for Francona who will not let him continually do the over aggressive (some say stupid) stuff. I think he has his best year ever.
  12. I don't see how Rosario grades lower than Kiriloff for this season. I think Grossman is average which should make him a C. I agree Benintendi is a bit of an unknown but worth a shot for KC. Thanks for the article.
  13. 18 Games!!! Do you think anyone would be interested in getting together to talk Twins? I could rent adjoining suites at the ballpark. I do it once a year anyway for work. I think it is about 18 per suite so 36 total.
  14. Since Hamilton and Waddell cleared waivers and we were able to keep them I wager one over the internet dollar that it will be a Gibaut.
  15. I always wonder when a name is revealed to a local beat writer if there is not a motive. Like the Twins have an offer out to Ozuna so it gets back to Cruz. Do they really want Shoemaker? That would be fine with me. Or is there someone else that they want to know there are other offers in play? I guess we will find out.
  16. Would love to see Shoemaker fill the fifth spot. Thanks for the write up
  17. I think Cave will be the back up until Buxton gets hurt. Then they call Broxton up. Neither Cave nor Kepler were as good as Broxton defensively in centerfield and moving Kepler over hurts us in rightfield also. I think he is Buxton insurance.
  18. Nice list. Looks like we still need two more signings. One starter and one reliever will complete this roster nicely.
  19. Your article shows why you have to keep going year to year on the contracts. You will get left paying too much on the last one. Look how many had very good years but were done within two years after a very good season. I remember watching Willie Mays play that last year for the Mets. It was very hard to watch such a great player hitting about .210 and such a great fielder struggling in the field. But his last games were in the World Series so maybe we can hope for the same for Nelson Cruz.
  20. I appreciate your point. It is a good one. I just think you have the wrong guy. I think the two best back ups just signed. Almora and Legares
  21. If the Dodgers would trade Price and send the money from Boston what would that save the Dodgers on Luxury tax. Does the portion that Boston pays count on Boston's luxury tax total or LA? Does anyone know? That is the value to the Dodgers. If they resign say Justin Turner for 2 years 24 Million and they are in the 50% luxury tax bracket it would make sense for them to consider moving Price. If money is no object and it may not be with the Dodgers it would be hard to put a trade together. I doubt they would trade Gonsolin or May
  22. I agree with Lew Ford. I think Price is available
  23. Fair Question. I think they are really different type of pitchers but both can be effective. May is more dominant. Colome is more consistent. If you need a strikeout it is May. If you need a double play Colome. I am just glad we have one of them. I think we still need one more reliever and one more starter
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