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  1. Concession prices are a joke. I haven't been there since '19 but if my memory service me correctly a craft beer was about $12 or so that year. Other concessions are super expensive as well. Mpls isn't quite a must be destination these days either. I used to have season tickets the 1st few years of Target Fields existence as well. Just not the desire to put in the time etc. like I used to. If I am out and about the radio is always tuned in during a Twins game!
  2. I could hear TK saying something like...Yeah that one right there is a play ya gotta make...Im sure the guys that handle that will show him that the next time they take infield/outfield. Gotta have that one in the big leagues Dick.
  3. I bet there is not a current announcer who appreciates/enjoys it as much as Richard (copyright Tom Kelly) even after all of these years. He has certainly seen it all highs/lows. Hopefully if he is near the end of his career he can see some significant highs which would be great for all of us! I really enjoy it when Kaat is on with him and they reminisce about the game from those days compared to now. Very entertaining conversation!
  4. For my money he seems to have a difficult time with pitch recognition. I wonder what % of his strikeouts over the years are swinging on sliders out of the zone? Obviously hope it clicks but we as fans have been saying that for years now.
  5. For S&G'S I put $20 on the Twins to win the Division at Diamond Joe's while driving back from a work trip down in Des Moines. $20 gets me $118. I doubt they win the division but think a solid 2nd place finish should be in the cards. They should be fine in the field and scoring runs. Pitching/pitching/pitching. Lets go!!!
  6. Great article and opinions. I am not sure if games being shorter in duration is the answer for attracting new fans to baseball or not? Maybe it is. What I see Target Field being is a big expensive bar during beautiful weather days with a baseball game going on in the background. It would be interesting to know what % of people there are hardcore baseball/Twins fans or just there to be there. Appreciate the thoughts/time on the article. Well done!
  7. MLB is already down in the pecking order of popularity. They are toast if the this drags on much longer. It very well may be too late already! I have said it in previous posts. We have great town team baseball in MN which is a lot of fun if you like baseball. I am fortunate enough to play in an over 35 baseball league. The owners/players are either clueless/exceptionally greedy or don't care about the fan base or a combination of the three. As much as I enjoy the game of baseball I'm done with them and their attitudes.
  8. MLB is in big big trouble if they don't come to an amicable agreement and soon! I don't see the beginning of the season being spared. They are already down in the pecking order in terms of popularity. They truly could care less about the fans. Great thing that we have excellent town ball in Minnesota. Super popular where I live.
  9. MLB talks about attracting more fans to the game...if they (owners/players) mess this up forget about it! I love baseball but I might be done with them all too. I can enjoy town team ball of which I myself play in. They better think long and hard about it.
  10. Gotta be worth picking up to ole rotary phone and placing the call...just don't call during peak long distance hours.
  11. Fair point...they have the family section I do know that. I have never sat there so don't know how much the concessions are there.
  12. Its not so much the price of tickets at Target Field that are expensive but the concessions are a joke. I say that as a former season ticket holder. The 'family section' within the ballpark could be a good start to get the family experience back in the game. Have super reasonable concession prices within the section and see how that works for folks? It certainly couldn't hurt.
  13. It was interesting to see the MVP bonuses baked into the cake. That tells me Buxton is very focused on staying on the field to prove to people he is that MVP candidate that wants to be the 150/game a year player. Overall a good deal for both franchise/player. Now it is time to get some pitching! WIN TWINS!
  14. Great job to all involved fun to read all the opinions and stats etc...Id take Mauer in the 2 hole and Puck hitting behind him. Sign me up for that!
  15. I bet it was the 7 years that the Twins didn't watch to touch. My guess is they were looking at 3-4 years with similar $$$/yr. I am with you my friend...should have been able to accommodate that!
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