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  1. Had he been signed for say 3 years at 10.5 per and we cut the cord after this year he would be higher up that 'worst ever' food chain...given it was a 1 year deal and it was an horrible year at the plate and not great but not sub-par in the field I can't go with worst ever.
  2. According to Cody's article the most the Twins would be on the hook for is 30 mill...IF they pick up his option years. If they did that you would believe he would be pitching very well at the time. Good value for that many years of good performance. If not you cut the cord if things don't work out and you are out 9.25 in guaranteed $$$...they were probably hoping for him to be a 5th starter type. If you get league average or so performance out of him in that role that is a bargain.
  3. Very interesting....something to follow for certain.
  4. Not only can he be but if I were Rocco I would hope he would embrace that role. Super solid ballplayer, You know what you are going to get from him day in and day out.
  5. I don't see the Twins paying Berrios what he believes he should receive. For what it's worth I think he wants out and a fresh start with a new team. Given Bucks injury history if the Twins offer him a 'fair deal' as viewed by both the Twins and the Buxton camp I would get that deal done. It would likely involve some arbitration type negotiating but I could see that deal getting done. He is certainly a fan favorite. We all know the injury history. If I am the Twins I would be willing to take that risk. If he happens to shake that bug and start playing a 140 games a year elsewhere that would be painful to watch.
  6. I thought somewhere along the line years ago Jim said payroll should be around the low 50's% range of revenue?
  7. Good thing there are no longer attendance restrictions so all the fans can rush into Target Field...will be interesting to see what trades do or do not happen moving forward.
  8. "It gets late early out there."...as only Yogi could say it. Season is getting some would say gone awfully early, Normally I say you gotta wait until around Father's Day for a true assessment but this team seems to have no life. Not sure how it gets turned around?
  9. Throw all the analytics out the window...overall they are not being good fundamental baseball in my opinion...I am not a great analytics mind but my eyes tell me there aren't playing good ball. Hopefully that changes very soon.
  10. That was certainly one of the reasons to build Target Field per ownership/management. That can't be disputed.
  11. Holy cow I did not know that exact 9th/10th inning stat,,,from the you can't make it up department!
  12. Well done on the article...let's hope for a consistent 150 games played per season...durability and ability. Appreciate the insight within the article.
  13. I was going to say he is as likely to get fired now as them calling me up to manage the team after they fire him but your realistic line is excellent as well.
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