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  1. Good thing there are no longer attendance restrictions so all the fans can rush into Target Field...will be interesting to see what trades do or do not happen moving forward.
  2. "It gets late early out there."...as only Yogi could say it. Season is getting some would say gone awfully early, Normally I say you gotta wait until around Father's Day for a true assessment but this team seems to have no life. Not sure how it gets turned around?
  3. Throw all the analytics out the window...overall they are not being good fundamental baseball in my opinion...I am not a great analytics mind but my eyes tell me there aren't playing good ball. Hopefully that changes very soon.
  4. That was certainly one of the reasons to build Target Field per ownership/management. That can't be disputed.
  5. Holy cow I did not know that exact 9th/10th inning stat,,,from the you can't make it up department!
  6. Well done on the article...let's hope for a consistent 150 games played per season...durability and ability. Appreciate the insight within the article.
  7. I was going to say he is as likely to get fired now as them calling me up to manage the team after they fire him but your realistic line is excellent as well.
  8. I like your takes and will add this... This 6 game stretch needs to see a 4-2 record...that would be a HUGE mental pick me up for this team. They can't afford a 2-4 stretch.
  9. I would say yes we do...TK in my opinion would be a no way. Gardy not this season...maybe just maybe he would next year. I could be way off but I think he is too competitive to not be the manager on any team. Terrible loss in Bell's passing away at such a young age. Losing Shelton/Rowson also huge loses. They had some success and other teams wanted a piece of that action. In the end these guys are big league players for a reason. They need to look in the mirror and figure out what is going on. It might be physical or between the ears. You can't fake your way to the big leagues. Time
  10. A very capable team playing incredibly bad ball right now.
  11. Would be great to see him play well and play for 150 games a year. Stay on the field!
  12. Al's Bar in Glencoe as it used to be known was a great little watering hole...not sure if it's the same type of joint now after changing ownership. Played in a softball tourny back in 98. One of the most fun tournaments I have ever played in.
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