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  1. I’ve always been a big believer in velocity, admittedly too much even. That’s why I was sad to see us deal Robles at the deadline for nothing, get rid of Graterol(that ended up a good trade) and now lose Colina for nothing. I really do think signing high velo guys is the only way our bullpen is competent next year. Not saying we need everyone to throw 100+, but one other guy that can match Alcalas velocity would be great. Also, before Rogers injury he was consistently 96-97 with the sinker, and I remember very distinctly on opening day he hit 98. If that development continues for next year, I think it will turn out very good.
  2. Yes, Hamilton and Thielbar. Hamilton has been lights out at AAA, and he features a upper 90s fastball that has touched 100. He also has a good breaking ball. Thielbar has been really affective against lefties, and both would absolutely get picked up by someone. I agree with Stashak, Smeltzer, Thorpe, and the rest though.
  3. I really hope so. Especially because he likes it here so much. Wether they contend or not, I see it as a perfect fit. Good veteran armor mentor the rookies, great clubhouse guy, and not to mention he’s a pretty solid pitcher.
  4. I think there’s 0% chance Refsnyder is on the 40 man at the start of next year. I think/hope Rooker is traded, which allows us to keep Cave, and Garlick. Maybe Cave is removed and offered a MiLB contract. Garlick is a competent CF backup for a few games, and if Buck is out for an extended period of time Celistino looked legit at AAA. As for Astudillo, I could see it going either way. If it’s a retool year, I think he stays but if they try to compete unfortunately I think he goes. I also think there’s a good chance Kepler gets traded, which would allow another outfielder to stay.
  5. I feel like this is as much a innings limiter as anything. A bummer but you can’t be too cautious with a guy who has the injury history he has.
  6. Agree with the first three, but I think Gant sticks as a 5th starter as well as Dobnak and Stashak and Jax go to AAA
  7. I think Gant is a starter next year given his effectiveness before injury and the current starting rotation situation. So I think the bullpen goes like this: AAAA Long reliever Garza Jr Minaya Thielbar Alcala Duffey Rogers Quality FA set up/closer
  8. I would love to just add those to the uniform set, but it’d be too many. In my opinion, those come back and the baby blues go away. I know everyone loves them, but it’s just too much blue for me,
  9. For me, it’s easily the navy blues. I think the gold is a prefect addition to them. Then would be the Friday night reds, then home whites, and in last place the powder blues. I get it’s a throwback, but it’s just too much for me. Maybe pick two or three games to wear them each year, but I’d rather have the cream pinstripes back as an alternate! As for road jerseys, I don’t really have a preference. Both look clean and crisp to me.
  10. Inspired by the recent article mlb.com Do Hyoung Park published about jerseys, what is your favorite Jersey the twins currently wear? https://www.mlb.com/twins/news/twins-starting-pitchers-choose-uniforms-home-road
  11. This is most likely going to happen for another team, but I think Jake Cave goes back to 2019 form. I have a feeling it’ll be another Lamonte Wade situation, where he’s traded for nothing/released, and goes on to be a quality 4th outfielder for someone else.
  12. Agreed. I think Kepler is moved for pitching so Kiriloff is in right with Sano at first. That being said, I don’t know who. Reunion with Eddie Rosario? He should be cheap, and as much as we hate his blunders, he is beloved here, and I think the feeling is mutual.
  13. Good all around win. Very much felt like 2019 all over again. Count me in for big Mike to return next year!
  14. Completely agree. I love Caves hustle, but he’s just not as skilled. But. As we know, the Twins would probably replace him with someone of the same skill level, and I think he’s good for the clubhouse. From what I’ve seen, teammates like him and he’s always in a good mood. Plus, can’t argue with the beard!
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