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  1. I’d put Kepler #1 here. As good as Buxton has been, the resurgence of Kep has been absolutely outstanding, and in my mind, a big reason the Twins are where they are in the standings.
  2. I’ll keep it relatively simple: 1. Kyle Garlick should be on the roster now that Kiriloff is out 2. I could see Archer preforming very well this year, and I think Paddack will do better than what we saw. However, I don’t expect Bundy will be much more than a #5 guy 3. As others have said, this lineup is way too streaky. Urshela needs to be the everyday 3B, while Arraez DHs. I wish Rocco would be more comfortable playing Areaez in LF, it would make it much easier to get him consistent ABs. 4. As for our catching tandem, I think Jeffers and Sanchez should be about 50/50. Sanchez has surprisingly looked pretty good behind the plate, and has earned compliments from our pitchers so far. He also is looking pretty good at the plate. Could be someone that Twins fans come to love I think.
  3. In my opinion, there is nothing Upton does better than Garlick. Garlick stepped in in CF when Buxton was hurt and while it wasn't great, it wasn't terrible either. Garlick is slightly above average playing corner OF, and demolishes lefties. Upton is below average everywhere, and while I know he is a bench player at this point, I still would prefer that we pass on him. On a different note, Garlick would've been nice to have up for this Dodgers to see if he could crack Heaney or Kersh.
  4. I like Gary Sanchez and Gio Urshelas walk up songs. You also missed Dylan Bundy with his Colt Ford!
  5. This gave me flashbacks to last years first two weeks. Heartbreaking loss, especially after getting all fired up about Buck. Duffey shouldn’t be closing ballgames for us and that’s that. He has shown he is a good set up guy, and he should stay in that role. To me, early on I want to Alcala and Pagan closing, and if Duran has a couple more good outings start working him in there as well. Hopefully Rocco learns from today. Starting off 0-2 is not great, but forget about it and end off the series at 500.
  6. This is spot on. It would look great with the addition of a true #1. I really think the Twins have to make a trade to get an ace, especially because this front office saw how things went last year.
  7. I don’t think many were overestimating his value at all. At least for me, I’ve never really liked him. Even when he was healthy he topped out at ~90, with decent to below average off speed stuff which doesn’t play up out of the bullpen. Now with the injuries/dead arm, he tops out at 86 with no movement, which is a recipe for disaster.
  8. I’ve been saying this since last year when they claimed him. Good hard fastball with a good slider, just needs a little better control.
  9. I’ve been saying this exact thing from day one of the off-season. I don’t care if Montas is more expensive, he’s our guy over Manaea. As for Trevor Story, lock him up long term. Question marks surrounded Lewis before the injury, so I really don’t think he’s our future SS. I don’t know that I would be eager to trade him either though, because it seems like his value is at an all-time low. The other option, and honestly what I think is more likely is that we don’t sign Story, and acquire Montas and Andrus, with Andrus being our SS. You could always send cash in the deal, and skip out on Andrus all together. There’s lots of different routes the Twins could take, but judging by the rest of the off-season I think they still have a few tricks up their sleeve.
  10. Here you go (In my mind Donaldson takes majority of DH ABs, Arraez starts at 3rd) LF- Resign Garlick to platoon with Larnach RF- Kiriloff/Larnach SS- As much as I hate to say it, Simmons 1B- Sano Backup C- Rordtvedt as #3, try Garver/Jeffers platoon again Backup IF/OF #1- Garlick Backup IF/OF #2- Gordon
  11. I really like signing Kevin Pillar. He’s not gonna produce a lot at the plate, but most outfield backups don’t. What he will give you is an amazing glove at all 3 positions, good speed on the base paths, and a lot of heart. The dude gives 110% every time he’s out there, and I think he’s a good veteran presence to have alongside Buxton for Larnach and Kiriloff.
  12. Adam Wainright was very good last year, and signed an extension in 2021. I agree with the rest of the pitchers though.
  13. I’m actually a big Garlick fan. When Buxton got hurt, he played an adequate CF with a solid bat. He is a plus defender in the corners, albeit not great. Rooker isn’t a plus at anything, although the dude can mash baseballs a long way. I think it’s clear Garlick beats it out, but maybe starts the year in St Paul. You might be able to trade Rooker for something similar to the Jake Cave trade, and hope whoever you get back turns out as good as Luis Gil did.
  14. I like Knebel, with Bradley as a fallback option, I find it highly unlikely they sign Graveman, but I like that too. I think you sign one of these three, and call up Ian Hamilton from AAA. We need most of the money for SP, so if we can rely on our AAA arms with only one or two big signings that would be great.
  15. I wouldn’t complain if do either thing. I agree he would make the team better, but if they don’t plan to move Arraez for pitching it’s gonna be tough to find ABs. Then again, you can count on Buxton and Donaldson being hurt
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