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  1. Some tough calls- I like Smeltzer (injuries have hurt his development, or he'd be a no-brainer to be on the 40 already) and Faria is a useful guy, especially in this "rushed" month. Not sure that I'd want to pay in DFA's for either guy though. If we could end up with either guy in AAA that would be a win. I like Vallimont and Strotman; they would get sucked up immediately. A team with fewer 40 man issues will "probably" suck up Faria and/or Smeltzer, though they might become available when the actives go back to 26. Would we want them then, though (I would say yes for Smeltzer)? Cave = bye bye, thanks for the (mediocre) memories. Garlick vs Rooker is easy for me; but the FO probably still wants Rooker to prove them right. Finally, the unmentioned D. Robertson is a guy I really hope we can retain (probably will pass through waivers unless somebody loses an IF to injury this week); I think he's a great fill-in IF to get by for a couple of weeks if one of the starting guys get hurt, I'd like to see him at AAA providing additional help for Lewis and others to get ready for the bigs (more than I'd actually like to see him in the bigs, cuz that would mean somebody broke, lol).
  2. I lot of good ideas; my preference would be for Larnach to start in AAA and learn to hit breaking/offspeed a bit more, have Kirilloff in LF and late defense at 1B for Sano. Garlick does starting vs LH in LF, and the 5th OF is somebody (pref LH bat to fill in for Kepler/Buxton/Garlick vs RH type situations). Who? Mid-season I think Larnach comes in to do that and freshens folks up a bit. Ideally Martin as well, at which point Garlick would have to move on. Rooker stays as AAAA help, Gordon goes for a bowl of soup to somebody or is released, sadly (he's sooo almost the perfect guy, and the Twins just might keep him as the 5th OF/emergency inf). Celestino gets the bulk of CF time in AAA, with Martin alternating between SS and OF with Larnach in a corner with Rooker. Lewis stays as SS, probably starting in AA and finishing in AAA. Wild Card = Derek Fisher. Will get play there = J. Miranda; who played a few games there in AAA and I expect to look like Arraez out there (yuk, lol). So I guess I see Garlick and Miranda (Gordon?) as the Opening Day 4th/5th OFs, with Fisher maybe forcing one of them off. I can't Cave anymore; if he agrees after clearing waivers to a minor lg contract, fine (somebody might take him off waivers, but...)
  3. I actually bought a Dodge Durango from Falvey (in CT); it was a good deal on a bad car, but cheap enough to make it worth it for the time I owned it. In much the same way, I think the Twins are too risk-averse when it comes to big dollars (think of what we did just to get rid of JD salary, IN CASE he doesn't do well to open the season) to make me think anything good is coming. More moves, yes, will the owners spend more money? Yes, some, but not what is needed for legit contention, as they hope to strike gold.
  4. Gatormandd

    Bring on the kids

    I see Kirilloff getting a lot of time this season at 1B and RF, with Kepler sliding to CF to rest Buxton on occasion. I see Martin coming up in May, at the expense of Gordon, and Larnach coming up for an injury to the OF/DH crew. SS is the problem, with the defense we'd be better off with another season of Simmons (I'm twitching as I type this). The wild card would be Lewis coming up in May also and being able to play SS at least as well as Gordon, or whatever "old reliable" they find in FA. This is the fun part, as I'm optimistic about the bats. The pitching? I don't like to see guys get pounded in the majors for no reason, I'd prefer Winder, Balazovic, et al get some aaa ips. That leaves Bundy, Ober, Ryan, Dobnak, and one of the older kids (ex Strotman) or a resign of someone (Pineda, Albers, trade for Odorizzi, whatever). I'm not expecting much, sadly...
  5. Maybe, not in the manner of "I'm going to deliberately play bad", but in the "this team stinks, I'm in a slump and the fans are killing me, maybe I'm better off somewhere else" type of way. I don't have access to any personal opinions/discussions, but unless there was an injury I just don't understand the complete lack of hitting.
  6. "This isn’t necessarily a call to trade Royce Lewis. We have to assume that nobody knows what to expect from Lewis’ future better than the Twins. I would say however that if they think Lewis is another player without a sure position to add to a list that already includes Austin Martin and Luis Arraez, it may be time to start considering getting creative with how to address their needs in the rotation and the middle infield." = CONCUR, I would even go so far as to trade 2 of Lewis, Martin, Arraez for 1 legit SS or legit SS prospect who we could sign to an extension (I have not researched who fits that bill)' If you wanted to try to get it done cheaper, I'd risk Lewis for Nick Allen of the A's, who has the floor of 2020 Andrelton Simmons at rookie prices.
  7. The FO of the Twins have been hamstrung by parsimonious owner's since they traded Rod Carew away. That is what they should just do now; as it's embarrassing to nickel and dime players who KNOW they will get 20% more somewhere else (maybe in geographical locations more appealing than the Twin Cities, just saying). If they want an object lesson in how things should be done, they can trade him to Oakland, and watch the A's either sign him for an innovative contract, or flip him for more than what they give the Twins. If they just want to do what they normally do, they can trade him to the Yankees for Gary Sanchez (aka Aaron Hicks for JR Murphy- I almost cried in anger that day). More seriously, perhaps they trade him to the Yankees for one of their decent SS prospects and get GIl back. The problem the FO will find is that other teams "know" the Twins are inept with ownership money, so they "know" a player like Buxton is essentially on the market, even though the FO is playing coy with an "extension". The only way they get close to value (see Cruz, Berrios) is to wait till the deadline, and hope enough suitors create an auction-like environment. So I WON'T be shocked to see Buxton in uniform to start the season, without an extension.
  8. Well, if we are not winning the WS next season , I think we look ok down the road there. I assume Martin eventually, with Larnach figuring it out in time to replace Kepler in right in a couple of seasons. Kirilloff can help out there some (lf/1b) (Depending on how much Donaldson can play the field which will affect Sano's DH time). Arraez does the same thing, some 3b, some lf, some DH. IF Lewis can stand at SS and not be horrible, all is well. Until then, Gordon (who can also do some LF) will be in the mix at UT. Finally, I'm a fan of Garlick as the 5th OF who hits LH on a squad who doesn't hit LH in general, now that Cruz is gone. Kepler is still needed, at least until we figure out what happens with Buxton. I assume Kepler will stay regardless unless the Twins can get a rebound pitcher on a good contract in trade, which will flop, but it's what the FO does, lol.
  9. If Healthy, Rogers would solve a few things: 1) Buy out Colome, and let him go, as even a cheaper "show me" contract with incentives will get you right up to 5M when adding in the buyout- so either just sign him or let him go. I'm sure he'd take the contract if offered, so we couldn't get "lucky" with him declining his side of the option, most likely. I sort of agree with the rest of it, I think they might try to keep Thorpe, Smeltzer, and Strotman, whether by minor league FA, or spring training invite; I don't think any of them are all that (I had hopes for Thorpe), but we could use some filler while Balazovic, Winder, and possibly Duran (maybe pen) get ready, I see Jax being that kind of guy in AAA this year, unless they make a (I would think pretty good) middle reliever out of him), the rotation to start being FA signing, kinda FA signing Pineda, Ryan, Ober, Dobnak (!?). Primary Pen: Rogers, Alcala, Minaya, THielbar, Duffey, one long guy (Dobnak, Jax, Barnes), and one more short guy (Moran, Duran(?)) Health, an ace and a SS who can hit his weight would do a lot for this team, overall. I thought it was good going into 21', and I don't think it needs to be blown up now. It might not be 23' till it really gels with the SPs, but if we can get the lineup to play more often than not, I think the franchise is in good shape. Buy an ace this season, and see what's needed for a real run in 23 (new closer, maybe another SP, and of course at some point we need a SS, lol = I expect Martin to be a LF and Lewis to be a super UT/Merriman type, leaving us with nothing there in the short term future.
  10. Kirilloff, Arraez, Larnach hold the fort till Martin comes up (as a LF, sadly). Spend any FA OF money on... Buxton! His defense covers most of the issues with LF (especially with Kepler in RF); Martin and Larnach should man the corners down the road, with Kirilloff at 1b and Sano at DH (after Donaldson's and Kepler's departures in 24 by my speculation). Rooker/Garlick may be able to hold down a 5th OF spot, Gordon may earn a super UT spot. No matter what, the team (which does NOT have an unlimited budget, lol) needs pitching- starting pitching and a legit closer type, in potential if not resume. SS comes next, I'd almost take Simmons back on the cheap, while Lewis gets ready (or not). Shame about Wallner, hopefully he's OK, I had some hopes for him getting involved in the 22 conversation at some point...
  11. Maybe they did it to spite him for tanking and wanting to go to a contender?
  12. Despite the contract, he needs to be platooned, starting only vs RH, then coming in late in games a LH started to face RH and play D. I agree he'd have more value doing this as a CF, and then would get the precious rest with the platoon idea, letting the 4th, letting Celestino play and justifying his spot. We don't know "for sure" about Larnach and Kirilloff vs LH, and I'd really prefer Buxton be on the squad and Kepler moved for an upside pitching piece (ie gamble, a trade of problems if you will) but we will see what management wants to do. I also feel the same way about Arraez, the lack of def and inability to hit LH take away from his great bat (mostly bavg now that teams position against him better, reducing his XB) vs RH; I think we have the troops coming to replace them. I do hope they don't give one of them away and pay half of Donaldson's salary to move him for a meh pitcher....
  13. Toussaint isn't Shoemaker, but I think Hernandez is, due to the injuries and tendencies. I like Touki a lot, I just don't know how to value him in a deal with the Braves, though they'd probably bite for an OF, depending on what they do with all of their rentals currently on the roster. I tr.ied to post the other day about getting a fill-in SS to fill the roster for 23, and spend big money on a SP1, Ober, Ryan in the middle somewhere, and try to go cheap/lucky for another middle SP (one of these guys or resign Pineda), and then let #5 be in flux (Jax, inevitable bargain-bin pickup) until the rest of the kids can work their way to the rotation- Balazovic, Winder, Stotman, etc, with one of them filling the spot after the AS break. I like Javier, but Houston has learned it's lesson, I think, and we won't want to pay the price needed (They'd want Buxton, basically).
  14. I think "Baddoo Bashing" may have the FO a little gun-shy about creating any potential 40-man roster issues, the good news is that (I think/hope/sacrificing some KFC that it happens) they are going to set up for the Astros/Cubs/2021 Orioles plan of going all youth, so the 40 should be properly flushed this off-season, scabs will be signed to pitch innings, and as the youth gets ready to roll, said scabs will be flushed. I don't see the Twins competing until 24, so there will be trades to move out most of the regulars (Buxton, Sano, Kepler, Arraez) that they can get a prospecty-return on as well. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, but a refocus has been needed since the FO was afraid to pull the trigger on an ace this season, and nickel-and-dimed it with two crappy SPs; instead of getting one good one and finding anyone (couldn't have been much worse) to rotate through the 5th SP spot (kinda like what we are doing now, lol. I would use a military analogy, but it would be in bad taste (though pretty darn accurate, sadly) when discussing the FO "strategy".
  15. Isn't the call-up period next week? I think we can wait without cutting anyone, lol. I know the twins don't want to have Polanco blow out an ankle at SS; but with that in mind all the more reason to give him 1-2 days a week off, and let Miranda and Arraez get a start there. Do the same thing at 3b (call it 3 starts) with the same guys. Let Sano and Astudillo play 1b/UT, as they will be battling for the last roster spot (I like Sano, but if he's destined to be a DH/1b/3b reserve, let's get him back in the groove with some games at 3b also). Arraez in left some is fine, and we've probably given up on him hitting LH this season, so there's abs for Miranda there. Finally, let Rooker play some, but we are pretty sure at this point he's not a superstar in coming, so let him, Garlick and Refsnyder fight for that last OF spot next year and don't sweat it. C- Garver, Jeffers, Astudillo 1B- Kirilloff, Sano, Astudillo 2B- Polanco, Arraez, Gordon SS- FREE AGENT!/trade acq 3b- Miranda, Donaldson, Sano DH- Donaldson, Sano LF, Larnach, Rooker/Garlick/Refsnyder CF Buxton, Gordon, Kepler RF, Kepler, Kirilloff Rooker/Garlick/Refsnyder That's 16 guys= Refsnyder AAA/cut, Astudillo AAA/cut (he's fun, but), Trade 1 of Sano or Arraez, and one of Larnach or Kepler to upgrade pitching/SS. We have Martin/Lewis coming, but you do have to give something to get something, even if it's just an average mlb ss or a #3-4 SP or setup guy (I don't trade for rp's myself, but). OR Trade Buxton in the offseason for as much young talent as you can, give away Donaldson (you won't get much with the contract) and bring up the kids!
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