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  1. Maybe they did it to spite him for tanking and wanting to go to a contender?
  2. Despite the contract, he needs to be platooned, starting only vs RH, then coming in late in games a LH started to face RH and play D. I agree he'd have more value doing this as a CF, and then would get the precious rest with the platoon idea, letting the 4th, letting Celestino play and justifying his spot. We don't know "for sure" about Larnach and Kirilloff vs LH, and I'd really prefer Buxton be on the squad and Kepler moved for an upside pitching piece (ie gamble, a trade of problems if you will) but we will see what management wants to do. I also feel the same way about Arraez, the lack of def and inability to hit LH take away from his great bat (mostly bavg now that teams position against him better, reducing his XB) vs RH; I think we have the troops coming to replace them. I do hope they don't give one of them away and pay half of Donaldson's salary to move him for a meh pitcher....
  3. Toussaint isn't Shoemaker, but I think Hernandez is, due to the injuries and tendencies. I like Touki a lot, I just don't know how to value him in a deal with the Braves, though they'd probably bite for an OF, depending on what they do with all of their rentals currently on the roster. I tr.ied to post the other day about getting a fill-in SS to fill the roster for 23, and spend big money on a SP1, Ober, Ryan in the middle somewhere, and try to go cheap/lucky for another middle SP (one of these guys or resign Pineda), and then let #5 be in flux (Jax, inevitable bargain-bin pickup) until the rest of the kids can work their way to the rotation- Balazovic, Winder, Stotman, etc, with one of them filling the spot after the AS break. I like Javier, but Houston has learned it's lesson, I think, and we won't want to pay the price needed (They'd want Buxton, basically).
  4. I think "Baddoo Bashing" may have the FO a little gun-shy about creating any potential 40-man roster issues, the good news is that (I think/hope/sacrificing some KFC that it happens) they are going to set up for the Astros/Cubs/2021 Orioles plan of going all youth, so the 40 should be properly flushed this off-season, scabs will be signed to pitch innings, and as the youth gets ready to roll, said scabs will be flushed. I don't see the Twins competing until 24, so there will be trades to move out most of the regulars (Buxton, Sano, Kepler, Arraez) that they can get a prospecty-return on as well. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, but a refocus has been needed since the FO was afraid to pull the trigger on an ace this season, and nickel-and-dimed it with two crappy SPs; instead of getting one good one and finding anyone (couldn't have been much worse) to rotate through the 5th SP spot (kinda like what we are doing now, lol. I would use a military analogy, but it would be in bad taste (though pretty darn accurate, sadly) when discussing the FO "strategy".
  5. Isn't the call-up period next week? I think we can wait without cutting anyone, lol. I know the twins don't want to have Polanco blow out an ankle at SS; but with that in mind all the more reason to give him 1-2 days a week off, and let Miranda and Arraez get a start there. Do the same thing at 3b (call it 3 starts) with the same guys. Let Sano and Astudillo play 1b/UT, as they will be battling for the last roster spot (I like Sano, but if he's destined to be a DH/1b/3b reserve, let's get him back in the groove with some games at 3b also). Arraez in left some is fine, and we've probably given up on him hitting LH this season, so there's abs for Miranda there. Finally, let Rooker play some, but we are pretty sure at this point he's not a superstar in coming, so let him, Garlick and Refsnyder fight for that last OF spot next year and don't sweat it. C- Garver, Jeffers, Astudillo 1B- Kirilloff, Sano, Astudillo 2B- Polanco, Arraez, Gordon SS- FREE AGENT!/trade acq 3b- Miranda, Donaldson, Sano DH- Donaldson, Sano LF, Larnach, Rooker/Garlick/Refsnyder CF Buxton, Gordon, Kepler RF, Kepler, Kirilloff Rooker/Garlick/Refsnyder That's 16 guys= Refsnyder AAA/cut, Astudillo AAA/cut (he's fun, but), Trade 1 of Sano or Arraez, and one of Larnach or Kepler to upgrade pitching/SS. We have Martin/Lewis coming, but you do have to give something to get something, even if it's just an average mlb ss or a #3-4 SP or setup guy (I don't trade for rp's myself, but). OR Trade Buxton in the offseason for as much young talent as you can, give away Donaldson (you won't get much with the contract) and bring up the kids!
  6. I think the Twins have already answered the big question "Can he be a big leaguer?" That answer is yes, even if it becomes an Adrianza-type role. The next question "Can he be an everyday player?" I think can't be answered until he gets a lot of abs in AAA, at SS. I think most people believe he can be a UT guy at 2B and the OF, but that just makes him Refsynder, who hits LH better, which is a better fit with the Twins LH-hitting ofs and Arraez. It will be interesting to see who is left after the trade deadline, but I'd think the plan is for Gordon to get serious abs filling in for whoever departs. If Cruz leaves, all sorts of platoons become possible, and Gordon should get a lot of playing time at 2B and OF. If Simmons leaves, SS is a big hole, if both Cruz and SImmons go, then I think the Twins would want to play Gordon at SS vs RH, and let Arraez get his abs at 2b/3b, with Polanco playing 2b and SS . Refsyders return fills in the gaps. Donaldson has 3b/DH, and Sano DH/CO as needed. OF is Kirilloff, Kepler, Larnach, Kirilloff back to 1B when Buxton returns. Garlick takes on the OF vs LH role, and that's the team. I wonder when Garver returns if Jeffers goes down, to relearn how to hit RH in AAA. Rotveldt is a solid defensive catcher, and can be a working backup C this aborted season, with Astudillo around if we need entertainment. Short samples aren't conducive to conclusions, the players need abs, somewhere. With Gordon's issues keeping his strength down, I'd like to see him get more of a chance to show what he has. I wonder if his medical condition frustrated the Twins enough where he'll get sold off for too little too soon, and of course, he becomes real useful somewhere else.
  7. 1b - Kirilloff, Sano 2b- Arraez, Gordon, Polanco SS- Polanco, Gordon (Needs Upgrading, hopefully we hit on something in the second tier of the "Big SS FA" run,) 3b- Donaldson, Sano DH- Rooker, Sano, Arraez LF- Larnach CF-Buxton, Refsnyder(If he has options left) RF- Kepler, Garlick C- Jeffers, Garver, Astudillo Gone- Cruz, Simmons Total = 15 (Injuries should keep this fluid) SP- Berrios, Maeda, Duran, Balzovic, Ober(Canterino waiting for an opening by June) THorpe as filler for injury, though I'm sure they will sign something "Happ-like" as well. If Pineda is affordable, fine, just live with the fact you get 16-20 starts a season of about 5ip each, though they are usually decent enough outings. Swing- Dobnak RP- Spend your money wisely here!!! You can flush most everything, I like T. Rogers and Duffey the most, Robles depending on contract. I'll help Colome pack; I hated him on CWS, and now he's killing me again, lol. When the dust settles I expect Thelibar, Alcala and Jax to be around, which is fine, everybody else is meh. RPs are so volatile, it's tough to truly "assemble" a pen; for example I couldn't tell you how good Stashak really is, and I don't think anyone else can, either, lol! Bottom line- let go of the old and expensive, get a core that works together so they don't look like the keystone cops in the field, and I still think the team has enough talent (I like Sano more than most, admittedly) to go places, though competition-wise, this should have been the year, it's only going to be harder in 22 with all the other teams in the AL Central on the upswing.
  8. I think the Twins are ok; the Dodgers should be the ones on the hook (Stripling probably would have gone to Boston vice the deal the Dodgers made with the Angels. It will depend on what Boston wants to even things up; Minnesota needs to hold firm on Graterol's value. I think the Sox are pandering a bit to soften the blow of the trade, and "anything" extra they can get will be their attempt to placate their fanbase (lots of luck, lol).
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