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  1. To Trade or Not To Trade The Twins enter the month of June as the team that is underperforming what predictions had them being their record is 22-34. As things look like right now they will probably be sellers come the trade deadline which is July 30th. This blog post will be about some players the Twins could trade. I will also say my explanation to “If I were the GM would I trade them” and what positions the Twins will need to get for them, and if I think the Twins would trade them. The Twins offense ranks 7th out of 15 AL teams with a .240 Batting Average. This is one of the reasons wh
  2. I believe out of the 8 guys there are 4 guys who are part of the grand future. I believe Nick Gordon is a part of the future. He probably won’t have a starting position on this team but he will play a utility role with Luis Arraez for the next few years. Gordon has shown he can get on base and when he gets on base he can steal some bases and that will help the team going forward. Gordon has shown he can also play a couple positions and that will be huge for the future if a starting player gets hurt. Gordon can go in and play second base or even centerfield. In a small sample size Gordon’s hitt
  3. There are a couple things I want to right now. One of the things I want to see are some trades, the trades I'd like to see are the players who are Free Agents at season's end. The other thing I'd like to see is growth from Kiriloff and Larnach. If the Twins were 50% healthier I think we'd be a couple more games better not much better though because we were not good before the injuries happened. The Walk Off Win against the Yankees was a pretty fun game to watch and in a season where we aren't playing good at all I still enjoyed the Walk Off Win against the Yankees because it's against a team t
  4. I really like what you have for the roster for your offseason blueprint and it’s a much better roster than Falvey and Levine put together. Myself along with a lot of other Twins fans thought the Twins were going to compete for the playoffs with the roster we had. In my opinion to begin the season we had depth on the offensive side of the ball we had Arraez who was the “10th man” and that is a pretty good player to have as your “10th man.” Arraez can play LF, 3B, and 2nd, but we have had so many injuries this year to both the starting positions and the depth we had for the start of the season.
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