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Who Is Or Isn't a Part of Next Year's Team (Hitter's Edition)




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This post will be about what hitters I believe will be a part of the 2022 Twins team that hopes to rebound after a 2021 disappointment of a season. There’s some rumors that the Twins might rebuild next year. I don’t think that will be or should be the case because the Twins have some money to spend. 

The first player I’ll talk about is Luis Arraez. I believe that Luis stays on the MLB team next year. There have been some rumors that Luis gets traded in the offseason for some pitching that the Twins desperately need but in the end I think Luis is a part of the Twins 2022 ball club. However, this can change if the Twins decide to keep Josh Donaldson. I think the Twins can keep both but I don’t think it’ll happen. Arraez is hitting .286/.352/.370. Arraez can either be a utility player or he can be the starting left fielder or 3rd basemen on the 2022 team. 

The next player I’ll talk about is star center fielder Byron Buxton. Buxton is a Free Agent after the 2022 season, but he could possibly be traded in the 2021 offseason. Best case scenario Buxton gets a hefty contract from the Twins. I don’t see that happening because Buxton can probably make more money then the Twins will be able to dish out to Buxton. I believe Buxton played his final home game as a Minnesota Twin and that is gonna suck. The only way I see the Twins being able to extend Buxton is if other teams are afraid of his injury history. Buxton is hitting .299/.354/.629. Buxton has only played in 58 games this year after a couple injuries. 

The next player I will talk about is Jorge Polanco. This is an easy one. Polanco has been the Twins MVP this year after having to switch positions going into the 2021 season. Polanco is hiring .271/.324/.503. This player is gonna be one of the easiest players in this blog. 

The next player I’ll talk about is Josh Donaldson. Donaldson like Buxton has had some injuries this year. I believe the Twins will keep Donaldson even though there has been some rumors of Donaldson being traded. I don’t think the Twins can afford to trade both Donaldson and Buxton in the same offseason. However, if the Twins can somehow extend Buxton I think Donaldson will be traded. If Donaldson is a part of the Twins in 2022 he will split time at 3rd base and DH. Donaldson is hitting .248/.351/..472. 

The next player I’ll talk about is Max Kepler. Kepler has been one of my favorite Twins since his major league debut even though he doesn’t hit for much of an average. Max Kepler can be the Twins center fielder if the Twins decide to trade Buxton. If Buxton is extended I think it’ll be easier for the Twins to trade Kepler for some much needed pitching this offseason. Kepler is hitting .213/.310/.420. 

The next player I’ll talk about is catcher Mitch Garver. Garver has also been hurt like a couple players I’ve named earlier in this post. Going into this year Garver and Ryan Jeffers were supposed to be a pretty good catching duo. That was not the case this year because Garver couldn’t stay healthy and Jeffers wasn’t hitting good enough at the start of the season. I believe Garver will be a member of the 2022 Twins team. However, Garver can be traded in the offseason for some pitching. Garver is hitting .256/.360/.522. 

The next player I’ll talk about is Miguel Sano. Sano has always been the same player every year he’s been in the bigs. He’s got massive power but HUGE strikeout numbers. I think most fans are probably wanting to get rid of Sano because of the strikeout numbers. I believe Sano will be traded. If Sano is a part of the Twins in 2022 he will be an everyday player at first or DH. However I think Kiriloff is gonna be the first basemen and the DH will be different game to game. Sano is hitting .216/.308/.463

The next player I’ll talk about is Nick Gordon. I believe Gordon will be a member of the Twins in 2022. The reason I think this is because Gordon has proved he can play multiple positions. That is a big reason I think he will be a member of the big league club in 2022. Gordon is hitting .245/.298/.365. 

The next player I’ll talk about is Ryan Jeffers. I think this is a pretty easy one as well. I believe Jeffers is the catcher of the future so Jeffers will be a member of the Twins in 2022 even though he hasn’t been hitting too good this year. He is a really good defensive catcher however. Jeffers is hitting .197/.270/.394. 

The next player I’ll talk about is Brent Rooker. I believe Rooker will be traded in the offseason. I think this is because he won’t be getting everyday at bats. I believe Rooker needs everyday at bats on whatever team he is on in 2022 and I don’t think that’ll be with the Twins. Rooker is hitting .207/.300/.413. When Rooker was called up last year before he broke his wrist I thought he was gonna be a Twin for a long time. But since I don’t think he will get every day at bats in Minnesota that is the reason I think he gets traded in the offseason. 

The last player I will talk about is left fielder Trevor Larnach. Trevor might not be on the Twins opening day roster in 2022 but he will start the year in St Paul and I think he will be down there for a short time. I think Larnach was called up way too early and at first he was hitting the ball pretty good. But he was sent down in July. Larnach is hitting .223/.322/.350. 

Players that will be DFA’d or players in St Paul that will be obviously not on the Twins 2022 opening day roster are: Willians Austidillo (Utility Player), Jake Cave (4th outfielder), Kyle Garlick (outfielder), Rob Refsnyder (Outfielder), Ben Rortvedt (catcher) (maybe backup catcher on the Big league club if Garver is traded.), Drew Maggi (SS, Outfielder), Gilberto Celestino (outfielder). 

Thanks for reading my posts throughout the season. Hopefully you liked them. My next post will be next Friday. Hope you all enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.




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Nice post. I think Arraez will be shopped (possibly in a package with Kepler or Sano) for a High end starter, I do think we will make every effort to come to terms with Buxton, and I pretty much agree with the rest of what you have written.

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I don't think there is a chance in hell Maggi comes back. His weekend call-up and sit was a national baseball talking point that got the Twins a lot of bad press. I would not go back to an org that did that to me.

I know he made as much money in those few days as he did all season, but getting just one AB is priceless (read: far more valuable than $15,000). It's really sad how that was handled.

I hope he signs elsewhere. The Twins don't deserve him.

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Thanks for the update. I think it’s depressing to hear that Buxton might not be back. He’s the linchpin for the offense. If he ain’t back, 2022 = a rebuilding year. 

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