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  1. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.
  2. We’ll reasoned but I don’t buy it. Life is too short to write off 2022 before it starts. Sign Buxton. Re-educate Kepler and Sano. With pitching, promote, innovate, and let the competition begin. Falvine need to earn their keep after this year. Put them on notice. Win or pink slip.
  3. My fear is that Falvine trades Buxton for pitching. I think the team's first priority should be to sign BB to a long term contract. He's come of age. His last injury was a hit-by-pitch: could happen to anybody. His dazzle will draw fans like me on a regular basis to the stadium. He's worth 15/mil a year, which is what his agents say they want. We haven't won a World Series, or played in one, since 1991; there's a reason for that. Yes, Mauer wasn't worth what he got, and an injury that reduced his effectiveness was one reason, but Buxton can be transformational in the lineup and in center field. Just do it, guys, and figure out the pitching on the fly.
  4. Day game. I watched, gave up, ran errand, came back, we’re up, blown save, figures I thought, but this time Polanco came through again. Nice. Even nicer if the take Yankees down.
  5. Gordon at short tonight instead of Simmons? Too bad the team didn’t gel like this earlier.
  6. Keep The B Boys and Kepler. Build around them with young talent and FAs. Consign 2021 to the ash heap. With FAs, avoid has beens. Let the young pitchers finish out the year. Give Happ and Shoemaker their check and send them home. Ditto Columbe. Figure out if Rogers is the closer or too unpredictable.
  7. Jeez. Think he’ll get some ribbing about his performance Sunday?
  8. My guess? They'll shop Donaldson to see what's on offer. It won't happen. They'll keep shopping him on the hot stove if they give up on 2022. It's entirely possible they'll call this year a fluke and shop those with expiring contracts instead. That gives them a year beyond the pandemic to get the prospect assembly line up to speed. If they bet on the fluke and keep offense close to what it is, minus the one year drop ins, relying on prospects to come on up and play good ball, they'll spend their tradecraft on pitching, which this year is a disaster. I agree that building around Berrios and Buxton makes sense. The question is still whether Buck can stay on the field and whether he signs long term. When it comes to bargain basement FA pitchers, the Twins are snakebit. It's not rocket science. It's not a cure for cancer. Most of us were very happy when they signed Donaldson, though, and gave them credit for a job well done.
  9. It's a disappointing season. To say the least. Almost everything that could go wrong after the first seven games did go wrong. Biggest disappointment is Sano. After that, the pitchers you name above. We still don't know if Buxton can stay healthy. Berrios is a free agent in a year. Kepler regressed. I haven't bothered to watch a game in weeks. How much the pandemic year has to do with all this is uncertain, but every team is in the same boat. For Falvey, the big question is whether to build next year's team hoping to compete or blow it up with 2023 in mind as the next competitive window.
  10. Depends on which Sano stands at the plate. The one who swings at anything low and outside? Yes, I could get him.
  11. I don't worry about spring stats. I do worry about the new hitting coach and whether he's capable of addressing each player's tendencies and straightening them out when they need his assistance.
  12. I'm excited for the team this year and hope we don't hit any speed bumps on the way to full vaccination status in the state and country. I've been waiting for Hulu and Sinclair to make a deal, but it looks like tomorrow I'll drop Hulu for AT&T live tv or tune in on the radio, which would be a neat throwback. Play ball!
  13. Thanks for the analysis. An 0-18 playoff streak is almost unimaginable. The improved defense will save runs, though BB and JD have to show they can stay on the field. I'm excited about the season. In the playoffs, I fear that the lack of an ace and a near-ace, unless they emerge as such, will be a stumbling block. But I'm hopeful.
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