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  1. Miranda? He's adequate in the field. Right now the Twins have too many wannabe's and mightbe's and couldbe's . In my opinion, it would be better if their AAA club was on the other side of the country; it's too easy for the team to play whack-a-mole on an everyday basis with the minor club across town. We lost a game against the Guardians in the ninth inning because an adequate center fielder was playing instead of Buxton, who should have been out there for defensive reasons if he wasn't in the lineup. Try Miranda at DH, by all means, against righties and lefties both; let the man play consistently. The FO and Baldelli feel they have an embarrassment of riches; the result is a team whose identity is so fluid that I sometimes feel it's still spring training.
  2. Very disappointed to see Kepler's name on this list. My estimate of his functional intelligence quotient just took a hit. Get Vaxxed, Max!
  3. I’m enjoying the ride. Hitters are spraying the ball. SP are going 6 strong. RP are holding and saving. Still need to score more with RISP, but getting it done with the Buckster in a slump is impressive. Of course, the schedule is a blessing and their wins will be equity when they play the tough teams.
  4. A lot depends on whether Pagan irons out his histrionics and settles down to give good weight. If so, we have him now and both next year. FO have faith in the farm. This is a country built on farms, so I’m content to see how things develop.
  5. We saw how unready the Twins are for postseason when the Astros shut them out twice in two days. And the Yankees are red hot, too, right now. The Twins' job now is to get to the postseason with three quality starters, which is very doable, given the farm, and the ability to score, consistently, more than three runs a game. Arraez is fine; he gets on base. We've seen that one-run homers aren't sufficient often enough. The team also needs to manufacture runs and get on base so that a dinger nets more than a single run. Many on this thread are right about Larnach and Lewis, who will be back soon if his bat stays hot at either OF or Ist once he gets in some time at those positions. Kiriloff looked good yesterday; he'll figure it out if he's fully healed. I was astonished Miranda wasn't sent down or have I missed something? He may have been the Twins' minor league hitter of the year in 2021, but he needs to go down and figure it out before he comes back up. Yesterday we saw what this team can do even when Buxton doesn't get a hit; everybody else did their part when the Buxster was walking instead of hitting. I'm enjoying the season; we're winning when we should. We just haven't figured out to win against the league's elite. I'm thinking we'll get there.
  6. Bad move, boys. Miranda's batting under .100. He's still with the team? Winder back to long relief after his efforts as a starter paid off big time? Lewis sent down with a +.300 average and power to spare? A team barely nudging the needle on offense needs Lewis so long as he hits. Sending him across town to cool off? Worried about climate change?
  7. Very frustrating to watch him work. Potential always there. He isn’t smart at the plate. He’s instinctive and streaky. He’ll never figure it out because he doesn’t think. Given his power, nobody wants to give up on him, but the meter is running.
  8. Good game. A little more life or lift on that last flyball out and it’s a walkoff.
  9. Mauer and Morneau in their prime. Those were the days my friends. If Correa and Buxton can come close (or do them better if healthy all year), we’re in like Span when he was known as Flint and will have fun in the sun.
  10. Well done. I won’t quibble but hope you’re right about Gray. A healthy team with bounce back years from Kepler and others will field and score. It’s the pitching that will decide where the team ends up.
  11. Nice article. Sano can be an enigma. If he had the discipline of David Ortiz, he could be a monster on the diamond. But too often he seems like that guy driving the car behind you who's on his phone and rear ends you if you have to make a sudden stop.
  12. It's exciting to get Correa, if only for a year. I think the offense will be fine, though a lot depends on Kepler, Sano et al rebounding to complement Buxton, Correa, and Polanco and those three staying healthy. I know almost nothing about the former Yankees. Defense should be okay. If the young pitchers come through, the team can compete. Correa is a rah-rah sort of guy who knows how to win (and cheat!). He brings attitude to the clubhouse. I have to high five the FO for all the moves, but it’s pitching that will matter most. Correa, though, is a linchpin. I just hope he stays away from garbage cans.
  13. He’s utility at best, barring a surprise. I hope our FO isn’t done wheeling and dealing after sending Donaldson and the new SS to the Yanks. We had a good defense on the field for what? 12 hours?
  14. Hard to know about Kepler. His upside is still up. This year, 2022, should tell the tale. I thought he had figured out lefties, but last year he regressed. He plays hot and cold. But what else is new on the Bambi Squad?
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