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  1. Sigh...at least I can still listen to the extraordinary Jon Miller, radio voice of the SF Giants on streaming KNBR..
  2. Guys/Gals: Using analytics to dissect the Twins 12-24 record is as useless as trying to find a fart in a tornado? This is a BAD team. Use our limited time on Planet Earth to make good things happen... Go Twins 2022!!
  3. With a team this awful, can TD start a petition to bring back Ron Gardenhire for just the balance of 2021 to have some fun? BRING BACK GARDY! BRING BACK GARDY!
  4. Problem the Twins have is three fold: 1. Bad team...duh? 2. FSN aka Bally's is a Black Hole on streaming platforms. Losing the younger generation Big Time ( I'm ancient btw) 3. Does anybody feel safe going to downtown Minneapolis at Target Field anymore? Recipe for a.......Relocation? Now I'll eat some lasagna... Tommy.....
  5. With the FSN mess, there essentially is no TV market for the Twins heading into the 2021 season..
  6. John..I'd go further and say with a few more external moves (SP/RP?)...the 2021 Minnesota Twins are looking downright dangerous? Seriously dangerous to the American League...
  7. I'll keep it short: 1. Left-hander MLB pitcher: + 2. Consistent 5-6 innings/start: ++ 3. Durable: +++ Grade for 1 year @8M: A- ps: in honor of our beloved Tommy Lasorda (RIP), can FalVine lure Doug Rau out of retirement?
  8. In 1988, I visited DodgerTown in Vero Beach, FL for a Spring training game between the Dodgers and Oriole's Standing along the RF line, took this picture. A few seconds later, LaSorda turned to me, extended his hand and said "Hi..I'm Tommy LaSorda". I was flabbergasted. Never forgot. One of a kind in baseball...what a guy! Thanks Tommy...Rest in Peace.
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