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  1. Echoing Blyleven2011, if there is one atom of powder blue in the Twins 2023 uniforms, I'll go full-on Baltimore Oriole's superfan.....
  2. Never thought I'd see the words "Richard Nixon" and "Twins" in the same sentance?
  3. Not that Gardy can pull the Twins out of the garbage can in 2022 but he can make it fun again? Even if the 2022 Twins lose 100 games but Gardy gets ejected 50 times...awesome season! Winning isn't everything in Life? It's the FunFactor(tm).....? Have at it....
  4. Boras: "I know this...the Twins have a new explosion weapon, C4.” C4....Love it!
  5. Correa is not a "rental" as he is leverage strategy? Irregardless of the Twins standing in the Central Division at the 2022 trade deadline, Correa is the entire key?
  6. If you look at all the 2022 combos at the trade deadline...whether the Twins are in first place or the wallowing in the wine cellar, trading Correa should be the Twins key strategy...? Even if CC is on fire..ship him! Fan fun at Target Field for 1/2 of a season..then go for the jugular trade!
  7. An Update: Still, my fellow Twins brotheran, never drop our guard vs NYY? But a casual search just now of YouTube Baseball fan sites has the BB world EXPLODING with reaction to the Correa signing....from BOS to SF! As Rod Serling said: "You've ( we've?) Entered a Whole New Dimension?"
  8. Patience boys....let's give this 72 hours to assure the "All Clear" from another Yankee ('too good to refuse') offer? GS and GU were great additions but NY is mostly likely in a War Room as we speak, preparing to send barracuda trade scenarios to FalVine.... Agent advice to Carlos?: Stay loose?
  9. Relax...it's a 162 game season? There is NO WAY to predict where any MLB team will end up at the end of the regular season based on trades, FA signings, 40 Man Rosters in March? By October 1, the Twins could be in first place or last? It's Baseball? Let's enjoy the greatest game ever invented? Play Ball!!
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