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About this blog

This is my first blog. Let me know how you like it and give me feedback what I can use for my next blog.

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Part of the Future (Pitcher's Edition)

This post will be about which pitchers some of whom were on the big league team in September and some others who have been on the big league team previous years.  The first pitcher I’ll talk about is Jorge Alcala. This one is easy Alcala will be a part of the Twins bullpen in 2022. He can even have a high leverage role going into the season with how good he pitched at the end of the year. Alcala didn’t have the best 1st half of the season. Alcala was put on the Injured List on August 9th wi

Who Is Or Isn't a Part of Next Year's Team (Hitter's Edition)

This post will be about what hitters I believe will be a part of the 2022 Twins team that hopes to rebound after a 2021 disappointment of a season. There’s some rumors that the Twins might rebuild next year. I don’t think that will be or should be the case because the Twins have some money to spend.  The first player I’ll talk about is Luis Arraez. I believe that Luis stays on the MLB team next year. There have been some rumors that Luis gets traded in the offseason for some pitching that t

Why Am I a Twins Fan, And a Little About Myself

This post will be about why I am a Twins fan and some memories of the Twins, and a little about me. My name is Levi Hansen, I am 24 years old and I am from Rochester, Minnesota. I went to high school at Mayo High School and graduated in 2016. When I was in high school I knew that after I graduated I wanted to go to college and major in something that involved sports, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to go for. My senior year I decided I wanted to go to school and major in Athletic Trainin


BaseballGenius123 in Entry 3

To Trade Or Not To Trade (Pitcher's Edition)

My next blog will talk about what pitchers the Twins should consider trading. The Twins won the last game in Seattle on June 16 and swept a 3 game series against the Rangers June 18-20, they also won the first game at home against the Reds in Walk-off fashion thanks to Miguel Sano’s 2 run home run, but lost the 2nd which was the last game against the Reds. The Twins enter June 26th 12 games back of Chicago White Sox and last place in the Central and 12.5 games back of a Wild Card Spot. I think i


BaseballGenius123 in Trade

To Trade or not To Trade (Hitter's Edition)

To Trade or Not To Trade The Twins enter the month of June as the team that is underperforming what predictions had them being their record is 22-34. As things look like right now they will probably be sellers come the trade deadline which is July 30th. This blog post will be about some players the Twins could trade. I will also say my explanation to “If I were the GM would I trade them” and what positions the Twins will need to get for them, and if I think the Twins would trade them. The T
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