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  1. Buxton scores; I'm already thinking of the bottom of the 10th. "We need more runs; there's no way we can hold Cleveland with our bullpen." Then Kepler hits the home run and I'm really excited. "I wonder who Rocco's gonna throw to get three outs. Certainly not Pagan". Then sure enough, there is Pagan, standing on the mound with his silly Mohawk sticking out from the bottom of his cap and I'm yelling at the TV, just like someone on this post says. Walk, passed ball, single, run, and there on the TV is Jharel Cotton warming in the bullpen and I realize there is nothing to do but watch the ravaging. No way Cleveland isn't gonna win this game. Falvey and Levine must be watching the same game as I am, or is there an alternative universe they exist in? Read major league trade rumors and our old friend Sergio was picked up by the Blue Jays, hate that idea, but neither I nor the team can continue to do this. The offense has got to be about ready to quit and I can only imagine what Correa is saying about signing with this group. Even Dick Bremer got dangerously close to being negative after the game.
  2. I don't follow MLB TradeRumors closely enough to know if there are relief pitchers out there who have been waived, available as Rule 5, or whatever, but to have two relief pitchers available in the top of the ninth in a game where your offense has kept coming back (and the night before, as well) is not to be allowed. I was glad Duffy wasn't a choice, but why is he still on the team? Someone in the Northern League, if it still exists, would be happy to throw an inning. If you cannot play everyone on your roster, someone is doing something wrong. Celestino should have caught that fly ball, and what are we doing playing Gordon? He makes a mental error every game he is in. If Correa is keeping a pros and cons list of resigning with the Twins, the cons are getting a lot of weight on their side.
  3. In my opinion the Yankees series showed me how far the Twins are from a really solid team. I also think there is a reasonable chance that the Twins resign Correa for next year. I believe that the only way a 125 million team can compete with the 200+ million is by "hitting" on a couple, at least one, trade like the Joe Ryan one, which make Correa as a trade piece very valuable, as well. Can't see getting much for Lewis now that he is injured again (same knee, I'm assuming), and we need Larnach and Kiriloff long term to stay enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyable, maybe that is what I'm looking for; very frustrating to see "the big boys" (Yankees/Dodgers) play a level of baseball we can't approach, but am watching all the games again this year and feeling the excitement of the Twins being a good team.
  4. Theilbar dancing on the head of a pin. If he falls off he never sees the majors again. And he stays at home instead of getting vaccinated. There's a story in there.
  5. Who would you rather have up to bat? The new Tony Gwynn or a non-hitting rookie followed by .240 hitter that feels like a .080 hitter. Twins needed a pinch runner on second when Arraez came up to bat. All in on that tying run, leave Jeffers in the game to catch rather than pinch hit for him. I KNEW the only chance to score was with Arraez up and a runner on second. Duffy!!! How many people were hollering at the TV besides me when he was allowed to pitch to the next guy after giving up the tying run? Nobody warming up in the pen? Have been giving Rocco the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore. The scale has tipped.
  6. Max is a bright surprise. I had just about given up on my favorite player and decided he needed to be traded for a nearly worthless piece, but then this happened. I noticed he started to hit a few balls through the shift which was one of my top frustrations with him and then things started picking up. One game he got a hit to the left side of 2nd base and the next at-bat they were playing him nearly straight away. I think, don't keep statistics well in my head anymore, this may have been when he started to do much better. I love the "new style" of baseball where they work for a basehit and Luis Arraez - type players have value.
  7. #4 Garlick wore out his chance when he was 10 yards off on his angle to catch what (I think, it was a few days ago) turned out to be a homerun. Can't hit, can't field; agree that Twins have had adequate time to be "done with Cave and Garlick".
  8. Another question needing an answer, Why is Garlick being put in the outfield as a "defensive substitution"? If Larnach can't become better than Garlick defensively, we've got nothin'.
  9. After 4 games it is obvious I can't, or will not, get a real answer to why Sano is so predictable; it looks like I'm watching a replay. I would love to have someone that knows how to hit explain to me the exact pattern of each at bat he has taken this year. Not necessarily in this order, but most likely: Swing and miss at a low outside breaking pitch, Watch a hitable pitch, waist high across the plate or 4" inches outside for a strike 2, then the never varying breaking ball low and outside. It is hard to watch and I cannot understand why it happens over and over again with no change. I played high school baseball and could never hit a curve, but this is different. What's going on?
  10. Sano's at bat in the bottom of the ninth made Duffy's pitching look like a masterpiece. Low and outside, swing and a miss, strike one. Down the middle at 93 miles per hour fastball, takes looking, strike two. Low and outside, 2 inches from the ground, misses it by 2 feet, strike three. Not looking forward to 40% at bats being exactly like this. Pitching is holding its own so far, no more Duffy as closer.
  11. Cave!!! You forgot Cave. I can't believe Rocco will leave Cave behind.
  12. I tend to agree with the front office of the Twins that signing these high annual salary, long term contracts don't work out over time. Isn't that why most people on this board were complaining about Donaldson? I don't remember the response when he was signed, but I know I was excited. Let's evaluate Berrios in 7 years to see how big of a mistake it was to let him go. I would like to see an article about how past long term signings have turned out. I'm sure Falvine has this information and is basing their decisions on it.
  13. Rortvedt is Drew Butera and he will play 30 more years as a back up catcher and leave with a career .099 batting average. I don't know what Sanchez will be, but it will be fun to see and a better chance that Rortvedt provides. We can't bet in MN yet (legally), but I would bet Urshela has a better year than Simmons if he is allowed to play short and better than Kiner-Felafa, as well. My opinion is that this will prove out as a good trade, but likely only if they get Story, as well. It does us (the Twins) no good to rid themselves of Donaldson's money if they don't spend it on ball players, and I'm getting a little concerned this isn't going to happen.
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