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  1. Is Rocco really making the decision to pitch Pagan again in a game winning/losing situation; I remember yelling at the TV several times this summer over that decision. Isn't this because Falvine has made that decision by not dropping Pagan by May or June. If it was Rocco, I believe he would have been fired at the end of the year if not sooner, earlier in the summer. I certainly would have fired him. Bundy and Archer met expectations, the team just didn't have the relievers to fill 5-6 innings every game they pitched. Was Rocco making the decision to pull the starters by the 6th inning regardless of how they were doing? Why did Ryan get to pitch later into games, often left out there to clean up his own mess of a bad outing into the 7th inning? The third time through the order philosophy. Was that Rocco? Without the front office on board he would have been fired by June. Is Rocco like Sonny Gray and hoping he gets a shot at making these decisions for a different team, or is he fully onboard? These decisions have to being made at a higher level than Rocco.
  2. I agree that it should not be added to the mix of things to keep track of; a participation trophy.
  3. Rocco is young, intelligent, and able to change, and I think he will be a very good major league manager over time; maybe not with the Twins as he will have to evolve more quickly than he has shown so far. He should have benched Celestino a month or so ago when there was a no-hustle out at second. I commented at the time that a guy like Celestino has to show a play by play desire and appreciation for being in the big leagues, like Jake Cave does. On that front, a measurement of success is whether the Twins have to resort to playing Cave in the major league lineup; as much as I like his passion, he has kept himself in the bigs beyond his time already. I think Correa on this team is a huge positive for the development and culture for the young team and he is worth his pay as a SS and as a mentor for winning. I love the support he brings to what was a first year in Minnesota and the positives he has for beginners like Miranda. Buxton is a dilemma, could be the best, but maybe really can't stay on the field for a season. If he can't run the bases or hustle for a fly ball without injury and continues to hit like Sano on the low, outside breaking ball, maybe accepting that he isn't going to reach greatness is the way to go.
  4. My wife and I are watching the game on two different tvs; she's in the bedroom and I am in the living room. There is wind and what appears to be a storm brewing outside. The game is entering the bottom of the 9th and the electricity goes out. Waiting for it to come back on and I get my phone and tune in on the Bally App; 13% charge left on my phone. My wife can hear the game from upstairs and comes down to join me on the couch. We are watching the end of the game, 8% charge; will we get to the end? When the Twins win, we are yelling, "Yea, the Twins beat the Yankees, the Twins beat the Yankees," like it is the 87 World Series
  5. The Twins have 3 major leagues starting players in the line-up today - Arraez, Correa, and Miranda. Urshela and Gordon should be reserves, but probably can't even get on the field for the Dodgers, which the Athletic today says are the best team ever. With no money constraints, I could care less about the Dodgers and how "great" they might be and I might watch the World Series to see them get beat, but I doubt I will have any interest. For me, it is hard to figure if it is Baldelli's fault when he is working with the pieces he has to work with. Celestino gets thrown out going to second base because he is admiring a home run that doesn't become a home run? He should appreciate every day he gets to play in the majors and play like Jake Cave; he should be on a bus to Witchita!
  6. Announcers must be given parameters about what they are allowed to say on air. Gladden on the radio will tell it like it is a little more and criticize a player when he screws up. Last night Correa looks at a 93 mph fastball that couldn't have been centered any better if you had a tape measure and a slide rule. Then proceeds to swing at two unhittable pitches and no comment. An inning later Ryan leaves his slider in the middle and Morneau says, "Not too many major league hitters will miss that pitch." I would love to hear some analysis of why Correa might have let that pitch go.
  7. Please don't compare Miranda to Cave; that is a curse worse than anything. I like how Jake plays the game, but him being on the major league club is the story of the 2022 team, injuries, injuries, injuries.
  8. Looking at a three game sweep when Twins go to Houston, Then the same when we go to NYC. That's 6 games; if Chicago and Cleveland are at .500 through those games that puts us 5 games back going head-to-head (.500 against Boston -even with competition). To much to make up at that point and I don't see this team capable of a winning streak.
  9. Tenth inning, ghost runner on second, Thielbar leaves a pitch in the middle of the plate, an absolute bullseye and Texas guy gets a line drive hit. Morneau comments: "He got a pitch you don't expect him to miss and he didn't". Twns come up in the bottom and Buxton and Miranda both get pitches, again right down the middle, 86 and 87 mph, straight as an arrow and they both look at them. Morneau says, "Well, I guess you want to make them throw a strike there". Have some confidence and swing the bat!!!!
  10. It wasn't the number of strikeouts that was so, well striking, it was how they happened with the same three pitches, ending with the low and outside pitch. How a major league player with all the tools available to him could be so consistently hopeless against any pitcher who could throw those three pitches was always amazing to me. Is it really that hard to recognize a slider that is going to end up a foot outside and a foot low?
  11. Bullpen is not "a clear strength" as long as you keep pitching the same people who lost all the games before the trade deadline. Duffy and Pagan need to NOT be used under any circumstances.
  12. Agree with USAChief: " Duffey HASNT been better lately. He's had some better results, but not due to better pitching, just better luck." I think he has just gotten away with his regular pitching lately. I knew he was gonna lose the game against the Brewers and felt sorry for Rocco having to go to him in the 9th. Rocco (Falvey and Levine) are baseball people; they must also watch with a fatalistic attitude. Must be incredibly hard to keep going back to a dried up well.
  13. I have enjoyed this season greatly and the Twins have actually come back and been competitive to the degree where I watch most games to the end. Last night was a first; nothing to do later in the game, turned it on with my bowl of ice cream, watched Jax give up the home run, and switched to Netflix to watch a show. Said to myself, "I don't have it in me to care about another bullpen fiasco." Biggest loss due to front office not doing anything, in my opinion, is making Correa decide that the Twins are not the place for him. I don't believe the "big boys" only care about money, although Trout and Harper may have resigned themselves to mediocrity, and he is noticing the repeated comebacks lost to Pagan's ineptitude. Feel like after Chicago wins one more of the two left that the second half of the season without bullpen help will make the rest of this season something I will pay 1/2 of my current attention to.
  14. Buxton scores; I'm already thinking of the bottom of the 10th. "We need more runs; there's no way we can hold Cleveland with our bullpen." Then Kepler hits the home run and I'm really excited. "I wonder who Rocco's gonna throw to get three outs. Certainly not Pagan". Then sure enough, there is Pagan, standing on the mound with his silly Mohawk sticking out from the bottom of his cap and I'm yelling at the TV, just like someone on this post says. Walk, passed ball, single, run, and there on the TV is Jharel Cotton warming in the bullpen and I realize there is nothing to do but watch the ravaging. No way Cleveland isn't gonna win this game. Falvey and Levine must be watching the same game as I am, or is there an alternative universe they exist in? Read major league trade rumors and our old friend Sergio was picked up by the Blue Jays, hate that idea, but neither I nor the team can continue to do this. The offense has got to be about ready to quit and I can only imagine what Correa is saying about signing with this group. Even Dick Bremer got dangerously close to being negative after the game.
  15. I don't follow MLB TradeRumors closely enough to know if there are relief pitchers out there who have been waived, available as Rule 5, or whatever, but to have two relief pitchers available in the top of the ninth in a game where your offense has kept coming back (and the night before, as well) is not to be allowed. I was glad Duffy wasn't a choice, but why is he still on the team? Someone in the Northern League, if it still exists, would be happy to throw an inning. If you cannot play everyone on your roster, someone is doing something wrong. Celestino should have caught that fly ball, and what are we doing playing Gordon? He makes a mental error every game he is in. If Correa is keeping a pros and cons list of resigning with the Twins, the cons are getting a lot of weight on their side.
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