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  1. Was cutting Gordon and having Lewis play LF for now considered? I like Nick but he is Nick Punto like both offensively and defensively.
  2. Ryan reminds me a bit of Radke. Doesn’t throw super hard but changes speed and great location. Loved watching vintage Radke
  3. To me Rocco has been dealt a flawed hand with this terrible bullpen, mediocre starting rotation, and so many injuries. That being said the lack of situational hitting in extra inning is inexcusable. Runner on 2nd base and no outs and I think the twins have scored 1 out of 9 times. Win half of those extra inning games and the team is only 4.5 games out
  4. Yes, I think it's going to be mostly radio for this guy too. The upside with that is less time on couch.
  5. Astros going with a soft throwing lefty for five innings won the game in my opinion. I thought he was on the ropes but had the guts to get the mound reshaped, he gathered himself and the Twins could not lay off his breaking stuff. Such a winnable game and such a bummer that the Twins didn't take it.
  6. It was sad to see this one slip away. This team has to find a way to keep taking quality at bats like it did earlier this season and last year. The Brew Crew bugs!
  7. Maybe they can help Detroit beat Cleveland once or twice this year
  8. I think this move gives the Twins a good chance to win the division again. I am going to be against Graterol staying healthy and becoming a star in this league based on his history the past few years.
  9. Glad the Winfield JR declared. He had nothing to gain by coming back and his friends and roomates on the team are all graduating this spring anyway. I would think Tyler Johnson will be the first Gopher drafted (round 2 maybe), followed by Winfield, then Coughlin and Martin.
  10. My hope is that Homer can eat innings and be effective enough to help this team make the playoffs again. My other hope is that a trade or an internal candidate brings a playoff caliber starting pitching because I don't like the idea of Homer Bailey being a Twins playoff starter.
  11. Very nice to hear this news. Here's to Sano building on his nice 2019 season and the front office signing Buxton to an extensoin next.
  12. What a fun way to end a fun season! Loved Jake Odorizzi's tweet. Fleck has really been trying to build relationships with the other sports teams in Minnesota.
  13. I don't think Ciarrocca has his sights on being a head coach. He doesn't seem too comfortable in front of the camera, but I think going back home for him was a big thing. His new contract had not kicked in yet so his buyout I believe was only $50k (would have been 250k in next year). I don't care about the perception of this as much as I worry about the loss of offensive creativity. This was the first Gophers offense I can remember in a long time that was near the top of the conference and country in production. He used the RPO very well and with the exception of Wisconsin (Iowa game was bad defensive play calling in the first half and not finishing drives), the offense moved the ball up and down the field. Also one of the offensive assistants, Patterson, was a play caller and Assistant coach before joining the Gophers staff. There is some speculation that Fleck brought him in, 2 years ago, because he was expecting Ciarrocca to leave. Go Gophers!
  14. Very happy for him to get a fresh start. He never really seemed to have an out pitch at this level, but maybe a change of scenery, some soft shell crab, and a new pitching coach will get him there.
  15. Pretty "Bummed" about these dbacks swooping in. He was my biggest wishlist for the Twins to sign. He is a horse and uses his body well. I think the dbacks got some really great value in unloading Greinke and bringing in Bumgarner for a lot less cash. I thought he was country enough where he would dig being able to fish on Lake Minnetonka and experience the outdoor scene that Minnesota has to offer. I'm not sure how much wine and dine takes place with baseball free agency but if it does happen the Twins are at a disadvantage having free agents come here in December.
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